It’s SuperBowl Time

It was that time of year again, a time when the USA has it’s biggest sporting event, when people flock to a television anywhere they can, and a time when half of VaughLive get banned.

Year after year the same sh*t happens. People cast the game live, the reports fly in to the Piracy department of the NFL, and Mark Vaughns email account is smoking hot with official takedown notices on the casters streaming it illegally.

Mark being Mark, he thinks if he moves the casters to Misc, the NFL wont find them….good god!

hennogravey banned for NFL

Cajunflixx banned for NFL

Eddy_compton banned for NFL

They were the ones i caught before i had to go to bed,  so not sure how many other had their channel shut down.

Same thing, same time, next year 🙂

John eyes_99-165_2nd_optimized

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