Joe Dutch VIP’s and IP’s: VL In Chaos

I suppose you could say if you are going to go out, go out in style (or madness in this case)

Not to be outdone by Mark’s humiliating claims that his sites are growing, Daryl the Grandad Gangster, tries to be more bizarre by claiming a video, which is on Youtube and Scuttlebutts, doesn’t even exist!

The following screencaps were sent to our Facebook page, i assume by Joe Dutch. After asking why people should donate to Bubbaganoosh when he threatens to DDoS people (which having seen the video, he’s obviously not being serious) docile Daryl refuses to watch it, claiming it doesn’t exist, it’s all lies.

Hmm, that’s strange, as this looks pretty much like a Bubbaganoosh cast on VL to me.


Bear in mind that Daryl is Staff, this is not quite how you would expect any replies to be…


Daryl and Joe dutch 1

Now we all know Daryl is a troubled old man, but to be so bitter over an honest question?

So we have Mark and his delusions, Daryl and his ‘don’t ever question Bubba’ attitude, all we need now, is some Scruffy senseless quotes.

*All the following screencaps are courtesy of Scuttlebutts Chatbox:

Scruffy blagging about ip's

Errr, how would she know what IP’s are on the Blogs?

But then just to make it more bizarre…

Scruffy blagging about ips 2

Lets get this straight. First she claims she recognises many IP’s from the Blogs (which is a lie)

Then she goes on to say nobody can get your IP unless they are the Blog/Website owner ( which is true)

Then we come to the VIP debacle.  I really can’t be bothered trawling through literally thousands of saved screencaps, but i’m sure you have all seen Scruffy tell casters that they have to Police their own channels, and not mither Staff, ie you control what goes on or who you allow/ban and leave Staff to deal with more important issues.

Scruffy talks VIP bans

Addressing what Miss Scruffy? Are you now dictating who casters must let in their own casts and who they can’t?

VL rules

Hmm, don’t see anything that says as a caster, you must allow VIP’s in?

This place changes the rules depending on how they feel at the time. It’s a shambles. If people don’t want other certain people in their casts,  surely you can’t force them to let people stay, just because they gave you $15?

You see what a joke this place has become now?

Before we finish, lets go out on the ONE thing that really gets under the Vaughns skin. VPN’s!

As above with the Joe Dutch/Daryl screencaps, they LOVE to be able to see everybody’s details, it’s their power grip on you all. If Joe Dutch has used a VPN, they would never of known who the new name was.

They detest the fact they are not in control, see for yourself.

Scruffy talks VIP bans 3

Scruffy talks VIP bans 2

MV bans more VPN's

If they knew anything about Internet Security, they would know that you don’t even need an IP address to see who somebody is.

Personally, i would suggest everybody uses a VPN when surfing the Internet. You have the right to be as anonymous as you wish, f*ck Mark Vaughn and his power trips.

I said a while back that i was going to add a Privacy For Newbies page, and i will get round to it. It will give you advice on how to stay safe and anonymous online, which VPN’s to use and avoid, and the safest Browsers, Email clients etc to use.

John eyes_99-165_2nd_optimized

11 Thoughts to “Joe Dutch VIP’s and IP’s: VL In Chaos”

  1. On da Boooze

    daryl’s not an old man, he’s part of the mongloid species Mark spawned from. Rarely seen on cam … and in fact will ban guests who enter his channel when he plays games on VL People Section mentioning rules state one must be on webcam.

    He can be seen with his creepy grin drooling over sexychris doing a naughty dance in “SexyChrisWhile25 Chugging a Beer and Doing a Sexy Dance For Staff Daryl” video:

    1. Oh my god, i remember that cast. Look how young and healthy Chris looks there. Just shows what heavy boozing can do to you in the space a few years.

      Daryl aside, these were the days when Vaughn was great to watch. Chris was a really nice lad (no, honestly) the Vaughns seemed to keep in the background, and there were some great characters around.

  2. dougie

    Vaughnlive is cesspool and needs to go away.
    I would enjoy to read an article about Privacy for Newbies.

  3. IP

    lol, 5 seconds into the video and i feel i must leave a comment. a1 running from bubba? i donnt know the story, but i call hypocrisy. bubba ran from me for over a year, i drove that motherfucker off of skype, lol. if he wants a battle, tell him to call me. ill gladly rip that faggot to shreds on anyones behalf.

  4. IP

    wow, you arent even allowed to ban who you want now? wow, what a dictatorship. this is nazi germany folks. lol. no banning vips. fuck that, ban whoever the hell you want. as for banning vpns mark is fulkl of shit. he noticed malicious activity go down lol give me a fucking break. ive used the oone vpn for 4 years, it aint banned yet. also, this is how rtarded they are. when they unbanned me they banned me again by mistake thinking my ip was a vpn. this is how retarded they are. they actually emailed me asking for my IP to unban me cos they didnt know what they were doing. this happened on 3 seperate occasions. theyre a bunch of monkeys

    1. Anonymous

      IP if you arnt in the scruffy and mark “gang” they will ban you for even asking a question. I asked why do you allow casters to beg for money and basically blackmail people with im not going on cam unless you send me money. Their answer if you dont like it fuck of and i was IP (sorry confusing with two IPs you and an well IP) banned.

    2. Mark might be able to code (allegedly) but when it comes to the security side of things, he’s hopeless.

      All they do is ban the obvious free ones, but if you have a paid VPN, they can’t tell it from a normal IP address.

      They emailed me once, asking why i was making new usernames all the time. I’ve had 2 usernames since it started lol.

  5. No strings attached

    How do we know the Vaughns are not using a VPN.
    If i personally want to use a VPN i will, i’m not one of there string puppets who they think they can control.

    1. This is it. They obviously use VPN’s, because they admit to visiting the Blogs and rival sites. I know they are not the sharpest knives in the drawer, but you can’t tell me they will risk their own IP’s being give out?

      Just like any other dictatorship, it’s do as i say, not as i do.

  6. Rory

    Can’t agree more with Sean, not being able to ban who you like now, WTF? I haven’t gone onto the site since last thursday, I use this blog to see what the fuck is going on in Shit Central.

    I was slowly becoming more and more repulsed by the site, I can only stand it when I am inebriated. I used to pop on the odd time to say hello to one or two people but fuck that, the site has drastically gone down hill in the last couple of months. I imagine Blogtv will blow it out of the water.

    1. It’s decline has been snowballing ever since they banned all the most watched casters. If you were to go and look at that top bar now, how many, if any, could you honestly say, i would go and watch them?

      It’s awful. I don’t mean to be nasty about other casters, but for me, i want to watch a cast where either a) they make me laugh b) there is drama.

      I can’t find any on there now.

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