The Vaughnsoft Empire – 2016

We’ve seen Mark recently come out with statements like “i’m thinking of opening a new site that will rival Facebook” and ” i’m going to re-launch Instagib to take on Twitch” and lets not forget his latest ‘threat’  ” i’m considering starting my own image hosting site to rival Imgur” after they blocked him from using their servers lol.

Now we know Mark talks the talk, but then stops before he can even get up, never mind walk the walk, so obviously you just read it and laugh. Remember the co-host? Or what about the VL app?


Mark adds new vl domain

Also, he said VIP accounts were going to have IRC chat next week ( this was about 3 weeks ago) so as you can see, you sometimes have to take a lot of what comes from Marks mouth with a pinch of salt.

But it was this screencap that got me…

Mark obssessed with Foxman

‘the blackhole of streaming’

VL top bar a ghost town

I can’t work out if Mark Vaughn’s arrogance stems from being a successful online entrepreneur, or just delusion.

So to find out which one, we took a video tour of all the Vaughnsoft websites.


I don’t think it’s unreasonable to say that if Mark tries the ‘ servers at full capacity, get VIP’ trick again, he’s not only taking you for a ride, he’s adjusted your seat and put the seat belt on too!

Talking of VIP’s, has anybody else noticed that those who had it, seem to be no longer renewing after their Month?


Rizzo cancels VIP

Niclrc and Emotikon Army:

less people paying for vaughn vip

I’m pretty sure both of them had VIP status?

It’s sad to see what was once a great, and many people’s favourite casting site, being pulled apart, day by day.

But you can blame the Blogs as much as you want, the harsh reality is, that most of us actually supported VL, even ScuttlebuttsCorner did in the early days.

But you just can’t defend the Vaughn’s mentality much more.

John eyes_99-165_2nd_optimized

11 Thoughts to “The Vaughnsoft Empire – 2016”

  1. Anonymous

    Mark & Miss Scruffy are seriously delusional thinking that have this great website. Newsflash guys if you dont change your attitude Vaughn will crumble and fade away.

    I used to love Vaughn but now its full of asslickers and yes people and if you dare say anything the powers that be dont like you are banned. It doesnt even have to be bad just anything slightly critical and wham your gone.

    I think a lot of people like you say Karl are not renewing their VIP stats. I have always liked Emotikon Army and I am glad she has also ventured into other sites to cast.

    Niclrc I couldnt care if she disappeared from the face of the earth. I dont like people who lie about having breast cancer. I lost my best friend when she was in her early 20s from this killer and for people to just bandy the word around to get sympathy makes me sick. I also have to laugh at the amount of videos and pictures she has of herself all over the cast. That is one women who is so far up her own arse still makes a change I suppose from being on Chaturbate and a dildo being stuffed up there.

    1. I agree totally. You only have to say something like “i don’t think you should do this” and bam, they will secretly ban you.

      By secretly, what i mean is, their new tactic, to stop them looking so butthurt, is to not say anything in the chat, they will just IP ban without saying a word. So you just disappear. No commotion, no questions asked in chat. People just think you have left the room.

      Regarding Niclrc, i can’t even watch her any more. She uses her looks to manipulate people in just about every way.

      Shawnio. The fake cancer. Her Boyfriend allegedly paying no attention to her.

      It’s all for sympathy, to get her own way. Watching people in her casts still fall for it is embarrassing, so i just stay away now.

  2. Ben the Bastard

    Unless the fool can sync this Instagib to Xbox and Playstation for people to stream like that of what Twitch has done, He has no hope in hell in getting off the ground let alone take on Twitch. He will be wiped out into oblivion..

  3. Pikem4n

    @Ben The only way Mark could ever,ever take on the likes of twitch (and other gaming streaming sites*) is to strike up a deal with Well known gamers,Clans,E-Leagues and gaming Software and hardware companies to either stream exclusively with instagib or to sponsor the site.

    He’s not got the funds,resources and links with the formentioned above to even try and rival those sites like twitch or even what live streaming service STEAM offer, so thats not going to happen!

    So he needs to focus on making his product a multi platform one,right?

    Well iam sure i have said this before,Vaughn (and sites like Ivlog,stream-up and youlivenow) are behind the times with whats current and how Accessable a site is not only to computers but tablets and Mobile’s with the last 2 where the market is and will be aimed at for years to come.
    Even the likes of JTV and Ustream had bloody Apps for tablets and mobiles, and that was 3-4 years ago, now It’s periscope,MeerKat and Blab where the cool kids and masses are at!

    Will Vaughnsoft ever join the party? Only party The Vaughns will join is the Monster Raving loony party 😀

    1. Mark lives in a fantasy world. He’s totally out of his depth, and he know it. Take Blab for instance. They have only been around a few months and they have 4-5 x the users the whole of Vaughnsoft has.

      And while Mark (allegedly) pays around $25k a month for servers (roflmao) Blab are using a P2P system, that basically costs peanuts.

      Here’s Marks latest ‘work to be done’ list

      He’s a fucking nutcase lol.

  4. IP

    the site is a true joke. mark just got incredibly lucky, and he thinks its all because of his hard work. jtv and blogtv closing, made his site popular. that is the one and only reason it got big. he’s a fucking retard if he thinks hes gonna take on twitch and imgur, lol. i found it funny when he cried about imgur blocking him, when he bans and blocks everyone on a whim. im really starting to despise this cunt

    1. I’m starting to feel the same IP. His arrogance is making me despise him too.

      I think we should have a Sticky post called ‘lets all laugh at Mark Vaughn’ where we just post his retarded statements and botched ideas.

      1. GAZ


        1. Yeah, am recording Ayyone on Ivlog now. Just waiting for Mark to go live and see what pity party he comes with.

          What’s Chris doing?

  5. Anon

    Mark Vaughn
    5 hrs ·
    Spent the entire day overthinking and over-complicating things. I’m on the verge of something amazing but I need to slow down and be smart.

    1. 666666

      One out of two isnt bad. Mark has the slow part down pat but I dont think the smarts will ever be a problem he has to worry about.

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