Chris Back At Ivlog

Well it seem Chris has lost his Camup channel, and has miraculously talked Ivlog into letting him back.


Chris banned from camup_


Chris unbanned from Ivlog

Now i’m not here to say whether Ivlog should ban or unban anybody. Everybody knows i’m against banning and censorship, but you can see why a few people are a wee bit annoyed with Cr3am for letting him back.

Is Ivlog heading in the same direction as VL, where casters can do what they want, get banned, then return a few days later?

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10 Thoughts to “Chris Back At Ivlog”

  1. Ha Ha

    I’m the one that got Shitty Chris banned from Csmup.
    I sent the owner Dixie links to all the dumb shit Shitty did to get banned from other sites.

  2. Ha Ha

    i’m the one that got shitty chris banned from camup.

  3. IP

    Lol, he’s back already? Fucking hell.
    I’ve thought about it a bit, and unfortunately, I think all the site owners are the same way. I remember when Mark said there would never be ads, never be a premium paid service, etc etc.
    If iVlog had 5 thousand users tomorrow, Cr3am would slap ads everywhere and ban Chris and others for good in a heartbeat – he wouldn’t need em anymore. That is exactly what happened with VL. The initial wave of casters like Vikki, the Breakers, Ryder, Adambro and others, followed by another new wave of Fox, Joe, Glen etc that took place. Now VL have t_rucker and other ass kissers to take the place, which is why VL banned Chris, Joe, Fox, myself, and others. They don’t need us anymore. They’ll use you to get their site popular and then spit you out. If iVlog could afford it, they’d have Chris banned perma – but they can’t afford that.

    1. VLWatcher

      IP is exactly right.

      VL use every wave of casters for viewers and then discard them. It’s been going on for years.

      Obviously, the challenge for VL is always to find the next wave of casters.

      It won’t be long until t_rucker and his community break some imaginary VL rule and they’ll be on the outside as well.

    2. VLWatcher

      As stated before, VL People section depends on waves of casters they can exploit for viewers, at least for a few months before banning them.

      t_rucker is the latest, but it won’t be long before he breaks some imaginary Vaughn Live rule and he’s banned as well.

      1. Ben the Bastard

        Oh so that’s why it’s always full of tossers, I spend no more than 2 minutes in browsing now because VL doesn’t interest me a bit as a viewer. It’s that shit!

  4. Dusty Bin

    Seen him back on ivlog last night what a Hypocrite that idiot chris is.
    he’s sat there calling Warrbuck for hitting his mum, and people obviously agreeing as hitting your Mum is A BIG NO NO, People either have a short memory or there prepared to ignore the fact chris assaulted his own Mum and step dad and got charged with this,
    and put on Probation.The reason no one said anything about chris doing similar as you cant speak the truth in there as you will get kicked or banned. unless i missed that bit where someone said he did similar.

    1. Ben the Bastard

      Exactly, and what you said has in fact been in the paper incase it has slipped the minds of fellow idiots or for those that hadn’t known this.

      Or in the even the above link ceases to work as it is known too, google search
      barrow court told damaged son hit mum and bit stepdad’s finger

      1. Anonymous

        It makes me laugh that his vilites conveniently keep forgetting that he has hit his mum on more than one occassion not to mention the continual mental & verbal abuse he makes her and steven suffer on a daily basis. What Warrbuck did to his mum was abhorent but the arselickers in his room like angel (who is so creepy its frightening), ruby, starbeam et al need to remember Chris is even worse. As i have said before for the retards in his room double standards morons double standards.

  5. Anonymous

    See vile is up to his old tricks no donations no cam. Happy Hippo sent him a tenner what a fucking greedy little shit vile is. Wish I could load screenshots on here but for some reason i cant i try and it says you are not allowed to copy contents maybe im doing it wrong others seem able to.

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