Whirlwind Pops Over To Blab

With Foxman having success over at Blab.im and VaughnLive (or just Vaughn as it soon maybe) on a downward spiral, i suppose it’s understandable that some will be pissed.

But considering Whirwind, only a couple of days ago, was claiming that VaughnLive is constantly growing, he sounds a bit desperate to bring an old caster back:





Wouldn’t be that even Whirlwind can see VL nosediving in casters, viewers, and popular shows would it?

Personally, i think Fox would be mad to ever consider going back to Vaughn. He’s pulling in good viewing figures over on Blab. He is making new friends and can feel free to say what he wants. Just for showing his ass as he did would of resulted in Scruffy in his room, demanding he makes a public apology to her, then banning him anyway if he were back on VL.

And before people start attacking him for the way he spoke to the young lad, they obviously troll each other and you can see it doesn’t bother the lad, and fair play to him for that. There are far too many sensitive people around these days. I mean a name is a name, whether it be you’re a ‘dickhead’ ‘pedo’ ‘fat c*nt’ or ‘ ‘n*gger’ ‘cr*cker’ ‘yid’ or whatever.

If a name upsets you, you really do need to find some happiness in your life.






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4 Thoughts to “Whirlwind Pops Over To Blab”

  1. IP

    We all know Fox would give his remaining 3 teeth to be back on VL, and that’s unfortunate. If VL was to sink right now at an even more rapid rate, and they unbanned Fox, he’d be right over there to ‘save’ it. I really hope blab blows up though, so I’ll give Fox a nod of approval for that one, hopefully he can make it even bigger, and we can watch VL crumble >:)
    I think Whirl’s analogy about the new house was apt though, and I agree with em. I hope Fox wakes up one day to 5 million blab views, that’ll keep him there

  2. IP

    @ around 12 mins in the first video, Fox talking about pride. Hahahaha

  3. VaugnLiveSinkingShip

    Christ, It’s painful listening to that vapid prick Foxman, he was lulzy about a year ago, not anymore. And that Wirldwind cunt is another oddball, piggybacking off of Warrrbuck, tsk tsk tsk.

  4. Anonymous

    good ole Foxman. “trust me, I will never cast on VL again, that site is 2012, fuck them” … 5 mins later : “hey Whirlwind, I would love to go back to VL” 🙂

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