Lets Have A Pint With Snarfy

Thundersnarf did a Steelie style cast last night, and treated us to a night out in one of the local bars in his hometown Bristol.

So with Laptop in hand, and the bar open, lets enjoy a night out on the lash with Matt:


Then as the beers flow, along with the Rum and Cokes, the Steelie syndrome hits full throttle 🙂



He ended up absolutely sh*tfaced! The best of it, he had to cycle home lmfao…

All in all, it was a funny cast. Snarfy behaved, got pissed, told some random Italians that he was an Internet superstar and went home. Nobody got hurt (although he hasn’t been seen since) and it was good for a giggle.

Just how a cast should be.





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John eyes_99-165_2nd_optimized

3 Thoughts to “Lets Have A Pint With Snarfy”

  1. Angie2013

    lol merry drunks are funny with the stories they tell. prefer Merry drunks there a giggle .
    Funny cast though.

  2. VLWatcher

    Matt is really not the sociable type.

    The first thing we notice is he dresses in extremely dark colours consistently, a sign of an anti-social personality.

    The second, though perhaps more important, is that we’ve never seen him cast with a real-life friend.

    He’s an autistic, socially isolated weirdo, and I don’t have much sympathy for him, tbh.

  3. BroncosFan

    This guy is a paranoid lunatic, I was trolling him last night and he thought I was Roury_Poury and went on a rant about him for half an hour, lol, I’ve seen him do the same thing about scottyboy74, Scotty was in his cast doing his own thing and was like “wtf, I’m just here doing my own show..”.

    Snarf, you need to leave the house more.

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