SexyChris About To Commit Fraud?

Although the door had previously been kicked in by somebody else, that still doesn’t give Chris the right to go in somebody else’s property and just take stuff.

Thanks To The Anon For Sending This In:


I don’t get Chris’ way of thinking at times. He’s broadcasting, and telling everybody he’s just been in somebody else’s flat, taken their speakers, swiped all their mail and opened them, and is contemplating fraud by false representation.

Why not go the whole hog and take a Police Officer with you when you go to pick up the parcel?

You just wouldn’t take Chris on a big crime job would you. he’d probably broadcast it live and get you 18yrs in the slammer!





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23 Thoughts to “SexyChris About To Commit Fraud?”

  1. Trevor

    The police have already been and retrieved the speakers and are investigating the matter.

    I emailed his local police myself.

    1. gaz

      Nice one trev, Hmmmmmph.

  2. Ben the Bastard

    That Creep Angel too in the corner, egging him on. Yea, very nice example she’s really setting on him!

  3. Angelstormee

    Send this video to the police dept, lets get this fucker put in jail and his probation revoked for burglary

  4. PC Plod

    If this is genuine and he did not find this in a skip i will laugh so loud if he gets in serious trouble for it, he thinks he can do what he wants and there will be no come back.
    If he did rob the neighbour i can bet he never wore gloves lol.

  5. Warrbuck

    I screw up and i go to jail, chris robs an apartment and steals mail looking for money and nothing happens. Send this video to the police

  6. anon

    just been banned from his room for saying taking and opening someone elses mail is a bigger offence than taking the speakers so nothing changes in his room banned for telling the truth as usual

    1. Anonymous

      Always are anon as the saying goes he and his cronies cant handle the truth. I really hope that something is done about this but i expect as usual the coppers cant be bothered with real crime like theft and benefit fraud much easier to go after the motorist

    2. MaryJane

      Chris and his supporters are trying to hide his crimes, he’s a horrible human being

  7. Anonymous

    Also find it so strange that apart from being a thief and a benefit fraudster he has also beat his mother, he mentally and verbally abuses her on a near daily basis but he has the audacity to show warrbucks tape and say how disgusting it is and all his vilelites agree with him. Yes it was abhorent what warrbuck did but newsflash ruby, angelstormee and all you other retards who stick up for him, chris did the same no matter how you all try to sugar coat it. Vile hit his mother and on more than one occasion double standards or what!!!!!!!!!

  8. Welshguy

    If this asshole stole from me, then opened my mail? I’d kick his fat, retarded fucking skull in.

  9. Dusty Bin

    There that devoted to the nasty little cretin they think its ok for Rancid Chris to hit his Mum, bite his step dad and mentally abuse his Mum. oh and fleece her for her money.
    They really need to stop kissing his arse.

  10. Ruby

    There’s nothing wrong with opening other peoples mail. Chris did the right thing, he has every right to someone’s mail, he’s disabled and this is what he needs to do to survive!

    1. Ben the Bastard

      So your saying all disabled people has the right to do what Chris does? Drink 24/7, show the cock to the world, beats his mother, begs for money for more booze, treats people like shit in acting more antisocial than myself here? Ruby, get a fucking grip!

      1. That isn’t the real Ruby Ben 🙂

        1. Ruby

          It’s the real Ruby, yes i think chris can do whatever he wants. The entire post office is his property – this IS the real Ruby

  11. Ben the Bastard

    By the way, whatever is going on, whether he licked ass once again or put on crocodile tears or begged, that somehow for some reason, he got his ivlog account reinstated.. Looks like ivlog is not that shit after all as he was mouthing off to be in a stark naked fashion.

  12. justaviewer

    The truth is he doesn’t have many options and unfortunately, i don’t know what Ivlog make off ads but i guess they would want his viewers although he barely gets 20 viewers now. He’s definately had his time. The only people in there now are those enabling him and to be honest, taking advantage of him. You would have thought with most people losing interest in him and these NO GUEST shows that these people would have took that oppertunity to sit him down in private, surrounded by FRIENDS and maybe try get him off the drink, try get him to change his ways, think things through but no, they just keep dangling the carrot in front of him, they do far worse to him than any guest troll could.

    I agree with many of you. Angel is creepy. It’s that smile on her face. It’s not a natural happy smile lol. It is kinda creepy and again, what goes through a woman’s mind like that? She either has to be the biggest troll of the lot, the ultimate troll pulling the puppet strings on a vulerable young man in England from all the way across the pond or she genuinely does love and care about him. Either way there’s a side to it all that just doesn’t sit right, there’s something not right, something a bit seedy and creepy.

    I meant to say this a while ago aswell, i was surprised to see Amy in his casts again and appearing on camera. I thought they had a falling out. Weird and hopefully not a case of another young person in a vulerable position that’s just stuck with the horrible people that mistreat her rather than have the confidence to go out and get by in life. I think Amy might be ok, i think, i hope she is. I hope her personal life is ok. That’s terrible I should think that way but it’s true in some cases right? Sometimes people hang around those or are attracted to people that are bad or broken in some way because they themselves are broken and they can’t get on in life or they have no self confidence or people around them that care.

    And Ruby? I don’t think Ruby is relevant at all now. Too many occasions where she has went back on her word and again I can’t help but feel Ruby is the puppet master too. The middle aged woman with the young boy tied to her strings and she manipulates him to do as she wants. In the real world that might be kinda kinky, i’d love an older woman to boss me about! but of course in the online world, especially in social broadcasting it’s never quite as innocent as that and again it becomes a bit seedy and abusive and personal and there’s always a hint of nastiness there and quite clearly that comes into play where Ruby knows what Chris has done in the past and she and others basically defend him for it. This is going on online right now. I can only imagine, infact I don’t want to imagine the kind of things they would let him get away with in real life and turn a blind to or God forbid, assist him in doing. Scary stuff.

    And to think I used to like Ruby on BlogTV in Pastwit and Pmee’s room lol. Good times. Innocent times lol. And maybe there’s something to be said for that. You hang around with good people, it brings out your good nature, you hang around with bad, it brings out the bad side in you.

  13. Anon

    What is angelstormee even doing with a 27 year old and her in her 50’s. She is up to something while her husband is away on work. Nobody really bothers about chris anymore, he has turned into one boring caster and his wee followers aka Angelstormee, Ruby, Willsmac, Miss (ugly) piggy, pearlnecklace these people are pathetic losers and not to mention Starbeam. They are the main losers.

  14. Anonymous

    Chris seems to attract middleaged women other than AnalStormee what is it wth that woman and her inane grin then there is Ruby who is in her late 40s maybe early 50s whose life is going nowhere and whose only excitement in life is to pretend to be so important on line that she makes up other names and under these names tells the room how wonderful Ruby is, pearlnecklace sounds again like a 50 year old lusting after some hideous retard, starbeam has no idea what she is even doing on this planet let alone in Chris’ room. The decent mods & people that used to be in his room bailed when they got wind of his dubious actions now he is left with just a handful of sad lonely people whose life is lived out on line. Please peeps before it is to late get out and get a fucking life.

  15. Ruby

    blows kisses too you all , love youssss <3 p.s im 41

    1. Anonymous

      Awww poor Ruby in a strop pretending it dont bother her. 41 or 51 you still spend all day and night in the room of a 27 year vile woman beating, benefit cheating, begging scumbag who you and the other vilites defend. Oh its ok for chris to beat the fuck out of his mum and verbally abuse her daily but anyone else they should be arrested and the key thrown away. Come on tell us why its ok for him to do it and dont use his fake disabilities as an excuse.

  16. menellie

    ironically chris says how much his friends are thieves stealing his beer and he goes and does this.

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