I Wake Up And All Hell Has Broke Loose

I wake up, put the main pc on, open Facebook and wow, all i see is different reports about Warrrbuck attacking his Mum and getting arrested!

As i was asleep, i have no idea what started it, but here are a couple of video’s from LiveLeak and YouTube for anyone who missed it:

And this one was posted by Laggie:


Good god, doesn’t look nice at all!







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8 Thoughts to “I Wake Up And All Hell Has Broke Loose”

  1. Ruby

    I thought warrs mum was sonchild! did she dye her hair? ok he needs too be put in prison and punched all day every day for that , i will never ever ever speak to that man again , he is SCUM my stomach turned when he was hitting her off camera and we could just see him pounding something 🙁 poor woman should be getting love and support in her twilight years , lets hope the police put a protection order on her and he cant live there no more 🙁 x

    1. Anonymous

      Ah but if you are the Ruby that is Vile’s friend its ok for him to hit and abuse his mum double standards!!!! I think anyone who abuses their parents are scum of the earth

  2. maddy

    i feel so sorry for this lovely lady whos allways helped warrrbuck she so kind and loving he dosent deserve a mum at all, how hes treated her made my stomach turn hitting her in her own home your meant to be her son looking after her in her later years of life not assaulting her how dare you do that to her, i hope she never lets you back into her home for all of us that have lost our mums and miss them daily this made me feel sick; people would give anything to have a loving mum like warrbucks got yet he treats her so bad its not right so angry hes done this to a kind loving mum who deserves so much more love and respect

  3. Angie2013

    I Hope Warrbucks Mum is ok, sad thing is this is yet another caster who after to much booze thinks its ok to turn round and start hitting his mum. You can tell his mum still loves him though, even though he is a nasty piece of $h!t for hitting her. So sad to see this.
    If Warrbuck does get locked up, they need to give support to his mum as well.


    I agree with the above post- what harm does his mom do? MAN UP WAR! you deffo lost a lot of friends now. go and drink with some real MEN whom would KNOCK you clean out!

  5. Reader

    In the second video, from 7:00 on, it sounds like Warren’s mother is talking to a police officer after the arrest.

    At 7:09 – “The judge is very very upset with him”

  6. Anonymous

    Vile has just been playing the warrbuck tape in his room saying how disgusting it is and all his sycophants are agreeing with him. Yes it was sickening but Vile you did the same to your mum and you keep on with the abuse it really pisses me off the double standards that Ruby and the other arselickers practice when it comes to this vile little cunt.

  7. Anonymous

    funny. this is proof that she actually punched HIM not the other way round

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