SexyChris: AngelStormee Is Single – Fill Your Boots

I don’t what’s happened this time, as it was only a week or so ago that Chris was posted his ‘marriage’ to Angel on Facebook. But something’s gone tit’s up, and Chris isn’t happy at people’s view that he should get back with her.





So lads, all of you who have been lusting after Angel for months, you are now free to date her, with Chris’ blessings.


Till they get back together tonight…




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3 Thoughts to “SexyChris: AngelStormee Is Single – Fill Your Boots”

  1. gaz

    she is back in his channel already

  2. Dusty Bin

    There either pretending to break just to bring a bit of drama to the channel like a pre set game, or if this is real its like a primary school fall one day your best friends then your not, except with these to wrong uns there married unmarried engaged married single, engaged married, single, dating someone else, taking it steady, married single.
    Lets see what Tomorrow brings.:)

  3. anonymouse

    all the best stuff happens when im at work

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