Whatever Happened To Self Respect?

I don’t know about you, but i’ve had enough of all this ‘give me money’ bullsh*t! If you can afford your Internet every month, buy cigarettes and alcohol, then you are not poor.

I was watching ElectroJeds cast last night, and it was outright embarrassing. Bear in mind, that it was only days ago that Jed and GG made a nice little earner on VL.


Everybody begging in Electrojeds cast1

With neither of them being anywhere near poor, you would think they would be grateful for what they just mugged  collected from their viewers.

Oh no, Jed want’s more, much more…..


Seriously, are these guys so devoid of any morals, any self respect, or self pride, that they can’t see how wrong this looks?

I imagined myself as being a first time visitor to Jed’s cast last night, and instantly, you would think this must be a special charity fundraising show, especially when you hear things like ‘donate some dollars for a Skype call’

‘Sounds great, i’ll throw in some money, just a question though, what charities is it going to’


Talking of asking for money, at least Coco gives you some real entertainment for your cash:

** Warning: The Following Video Contains Nudity And Is Not Suitable For Under 18’s Or Those Easily Offended:

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4 Thoughts to “Whatever Happened To Self Respect?”

  1. Anonymous

    Ewwww hairy armpits bet they stink. I got IP banned from Vaughn for asking why the fuck would people pay casters. Was in Sarahsixtwo’s who then went off on a triade of fuck you. fuck off dont fucking diss gamergirl and a host of others, stfu about them. I said this site is now just a bunch of Mark arselicking VIPs then wham not just kicked from the room but IP banned so I cant access any of the rooms. Lol they really cant take critism of any form how pathetic they let a foul mouth camslut call everyone a cunt and tell them to fuck off, can that woman (i have my doubts that really is female) complete a sentence without the f work in it i doubt it very much. Vaughn is run like a nazi concentration camp now used to be fun in there but now if your not one of the “in crowd” you’ve had it.

    1. Hahahaha, she really doesn’t give a f*ck. Regarding the IP ban, can’t you just reboot your router to get a fresh IP?

      They love that IP banning over there these days. That’s why VPN’s are priceless, especially now. They hate people using them because it weakens their control over you, but f*ck them, i wouldn’t trust Mark or Scruffy with anything real regarding my identity. They claim they have banned over 20,000 VPN’s…bullshit. I’ve never had any of my VPN IP’s banned at Vaughn, because they have no clue i’m using one.

      Completely agree with the Nazi style management too. I clocked Scruffy telling another caster to “email her with an apology and she’ll consider giving them their stream key back” like wtf?

      I don’t think they grasp the fact that, they need us, not the other way round. More and more casters are leaving, even Glensroom and jumped ship to Ivlog. Emotikon_Army was casting on YouLiveNow today too.

      It’s getting that bad, that they had a go at Trish for playing a movie while in the people tab. They don’t want any of the Copyrighted stuff on the home page, because they know they will draw unwanted attention lol 😉

      They can deny it as much as they want, but the top bar is shrinking by the day, and sites like Alexia, which show websites traffic, show it going down and down. But Mark reckons for every 1 person that leaves, 10 are ready to join!


  2. IP

    I’m not even joking, God needs to pull the plug on humanity already

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