SexyChris And The Ivlog Banning ( Corrected)

Edit: This video was what Chris was broadcasting on YLN this morning and i’ve been informed it was in actual fact, the video of his banning from Ivlog. My mistake and i apologise for the incorrect information:




  • This was the Ivlog banning video that Chris played on YLN.


As disgusting, arrogant, vile and downright nasty as Chris can be at times, they need him, more than he needs YLN. It’s just a carbon copy of the last site he made ( same layout, same code, same 4 casters, and same hairstyle and same failure.


comb over












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13 Thoughts to “SexyChris And The Ivlog Banning ( Corrected)”

  1. gaz

    cheers karl, he is a vile little cunt, i have grown bored of the little shit, everyday its the same 10 people, same songs and him getting plastered crying and screaming about how he loves willsmac etc. he cant go 5 minutes without talking about his cock or asking someone to shag him. he has broke up with angel for the 3849748th time apparently he banned her

  2. Brokenmech

    This was a recorded video he played on youlivenow this morning. It’s what got him banned from iVlog, not youlivenow which he’s still using.

    1. Ah, that would explain why he’s still there lol. My bad. I just caught the rant and thought he was in trouble with YLN.

      Thanks for the heads up, i will adjust the title now.

  3. IP

    I’ve never once done a thing to this fella. He better shut the fuck up before it’s too late. He has some retards like Rach talking to him about me, I think. That weird fucking old hag that I rejected countless of times cos she’s fucking creepy. If this cunt keeps name dropping me then I will do something about it, seeing as I get the blame for the lot anywya. Never once even went to that website, barely watched him on ivlog, and I get messages all the time about this retard mouthing off. He best shut up if he knows what is good for him. This repulsive cunt will get a huge wake up call if he isn’t careful.

    1. I wouldn’t take it to heart IP. Whenever something goes wrong, he always blames the same 4 people. BillybobCesspool, jStevio, Subarachi and yourself.

      Oh and usually, me too 🙂

  4. VaugnLiveSinkingShip

    Oh just fuck off and die already you parasitic little cunt, Chris.

  5. anonymouse

    vaughnlive is dead and really shit without chris

  6. Anonymous

    Lol he was on cam up last night another site in an attempt to get more viewers. Funniest thing was angel couldnt get in so she must have been shitting herself that chris was wanking over some other woman on there. I never knew so many sites existed but found some right muppets (no offence Karl) on that site that used to cast on vaughn.

    1. Haha, no offence taken, that is after all, what the site is about 😉 But yeah, i recorded a bit of his cast on Camup last night. Sounded like he was getting pissed with people defending AngelStormee lol.

  7. Ben the Bastard

    Who was that cunt replaying that DVD of Chris last night? It was that wiggling the cock DVD that was apparently posted to the DHSS, fucking prick banned me because I requested it to be uploaded to media fire or somewhere for a free for all downloading of a copy of it.

    1. lol, i didn’t see that. Which site was that on?

  8. Pikem4n

    It seem’s the Phrase what goes around,comes around spring’s to mind and i think a lot of people were expecting this to happen on ivlog at some point (and maybe will happen again ,elsewhere!), chris had been sailing quite close to the wind on different occasions thats for sure on ivlog, but i reckon some quarters thought he was invincible!!

    Chris did make a (kind of) Valid point about others being nasty towards him and nothing happening against them (Although Last week IP did call Chris a Molester,which did make his channel go off air briefly after a visit from the Moderator btw! tut tut IP ! ) But Chris is no saint either, lets not forget he has done similar to other casters and people he has called friends , been pretty nasty and rude towards them too and let’s not forget the way he treats his mum and steven too, always blaiming others when it’s not their fault.

    This has happened before, and it’s not a case of if it will happen again, but when it will happen again, sorry to say 🙁

    1. Hey Mr Pike, how’s you?

      Chris is beyond any chance of changing now. Like you said, wherever he goes now, it’s only a case of when he gets banned. I’ve long given up any hope of ever getting the old Chris back.

      Chris really does need to learn how to set up his own rtmp server and get a cheap webhost where he can embed his stream. Would take like 20 minutes to get it up and running, but unfortunately for Chris, you have to pay your bills, so that’s that one out of the window lol.

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