Findizzle: What’s This All About?

We have had the Twitch Alerts being used to part viewers and their money recently, which, in my opinion, is embarrassing, but it got even worse yesterday.

It seems VL is nothing more than a charity site lately. But as much as i find it cringeworthy of people to beg for your money, when they obviously don’t need it, it’s still a choice of the viewer on whether they want to give or not.

But is this going to be the new ‘craze’


Findizzle begging on VL

So to interact with Mr’s Finesse, you have to give them up to $20 for an hour?

Sorry, but if i’m ever drunk, or drugged up out of my mind enough, to pay a woman to talk on a microphone, i expect her to bring me to at least 3 orgasm’s!

I used to love watching these guys cast’s, i like their music and i like they way they just have fun. But if it’s now becoming a non-sexual version of Chaturbate, then i’ll pass and move along in future.

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11 Thoughts to “Findizzle: What’s This All About?”

  1. Rocky Robin

    WTF.. is this a wind up. Why would any one give money to interact with a caster, reminds me of them living statues who paint themselves and you put money in there collection pot so they move, but them living statues are actually worth paying.

    1. Sadly, it’s seems to be the ‘in’ thing on VL now.

  2. Bob

    When they first came on he claimed she was his daughter.

    1. Omg, please tell me it was just a one off ‘troll’…

  3. VaugnLiveSinkingShip

    Only ever seen them for a few seconds but they have proven themselves to be cunts by e-begging like the others, so fuck them.

    1. Anonymous

      I give to proper charities not moronic casters who are so far up their own arses that they think people want to pay to see them. To those people who do pay you are all idiots whose money would be better spent buying a care package for some elderly neighbour or giving it a childrens or animal charity where it may just do some good.

      Never seen these people dont want to see them. Vaughn is dead to me now anyway nothing but cam and ex cam whores who all look alike and are as boring as fuck with no personality same for the men not an ounce of charisma amongst them.

      Congrats to Mark & Scruffy who with their “if your not in our gang fuck off” mentality has runied what was once a relatively good site.

  4. anon

    She’s always high or drunk during their casts. If they can afford drugs and alcohol they don’t need to be e-begging for donations to fix their messed up vehicles. Findizzle doesn’t even have a valid license, it was suspended for non-payment of child support.

  5. Jeff

    He showed us proof of his valid license the other night in the cast on vaughn so anon is incorrect about his statement. I don’t know them personally so i can’t comment on anything else.

    1. Anonymous

      Jeff so how much money did you give these morons to be asslicking for them so much!

    2. Anonymous

      Actually Jeff you can check clerk of courts website and see that it’s still suspended. Findizzle is a deadbeat dad.

  6. Todd Nug

    And this is where Anonymous above is a fucking dipshit because you do not go through “clerk of courts” to see if someone’s license is suspended – you go to the specific state/county DMV/BMV and type in the name search – What a fuckin’ liar – Also, how the fuck would Anonymous know how to look the dude up unless he knew his full name? Did he look up “Findizzle” too? This couple was sober and nice when they started on Vaughn, the 10/20 hour thing was an actual joke, considering I was a mod in their fuckin room at the time to know this. They’re on ivlog now, well, he is – she isn’t with him anymore evidently. So anonymous above, before you tell your fuckin stupid lies, you might want to have a brain first – Clerk of Courts IN THE USA is used for COURT/JURY/CRIMINAL records and Titles/Deeds, stupid fuck – NOT for driver’s license searches. Just putting my two cents in. Cya.

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