SexyChris Blags A Free Pro Account

3 Thoughts to “SexyChris Blags A Free Pro Account”

  1. IP

    All these site owners are shady scum. They pander and give free stuff while they are small, and screw you later on.
    I remember years ago when VL was young, and how different Mark and staff were.
    I also remember him promising there would never be PRO /Premium paid features – it was one of his selling points as to why you should choose VL.
    I also remembered when he said there’d never be ads.
    If this guy’s site blew up over night, he’d also introduce draconian measures and slap ads all over the place.

    1. Ben the Bastard

      He’s an experimental idiot, who’s day’s are numbered, he’s out to gain as much dough as possible then ditch his community for something else, just as what JTV did.

  2. Ben the Bastard

    To be honest, I really don’t see a problem with anyone getting cock out on any adult themed site that does after all, state in their TOS that no one under the age of 18 is permitted to use the site. If one wishes to get cock out, that’s their choice, not as if they always want to be doing it for porn related streaming. Double standards that!

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