FoxmanShawn Gets Invite To Blogtv (Updated)

As most of you have probably heard, Blogtv is making a comeback, much to Mark Vaughn’s displeasure 🙂 and Fox is buzzing that good times are around the corner, and he’s personally got an invite:



One slight problem though!

Hmm. Fox does know who owned the old Blogtv and currently owns the new one that’s coming right?

I think Fox could have a problem here lmao….

On a more serious note, it does seem that it’s the same people who sold Blogtv to Younow, and are coming back with the

And there is Mark, desperately trying to convince himself this comeback won’t happen.

Mark attacks blog tv

And i will laugh so hard when they don’t 😉 and copyright

Oh poor Marky. He must be having panic attacks and nightmare’s over this, because he knows that these guys will totally blow him out of the water when it comes to cash, experience, a better all round site and no Miss Scruffy to go around trying to inflict her Nazi style regime on the casters.

You only have to see what these guys are saying to see the difference in Professionals, and Mark.



And just to piss on Mark’s cornflakes, remember him further up trying to claim it’s nothing to do with the original Blogtv, and it’s just someone who has bought the domain, and are supposedly building a site?

Well he’s half correct. They are building a site, but what Mark doesn’t tell you, it’s owned by one of the same guys who created the original Blogtv:

Mr Oren Levy. The name of the person who owns the domain name.

***Update: CandyRayne quite rightly pointed out an error i made with the owner of the Domain on Foxmans Facebook account:

CandyRayne points out Blogtv error

Yes she is right. I should of pointed out that there is no public name revealed on the latest results. But there is no doubt that was owned by Oren Levy right up until blogtv closing. Then 2 months after it expired, it was re-registered privately. Coincidence? and copyright1

Oh look, there is our Mr Oren Levy, who according to Wiki, is one of the original creators of the old Blogtv.

Just for his sheer arrogance, and idiotic statements, i will laugh my balls off if this comes together. Wonder if he will still be claiming they don’t need Foxman, Joe Walsh, Joe Dutch etc back on VL when everybody moves over to Blog again.

Or what about his scum as he calls them that cast on Ivlog? Wonder if he will be so cocky and smug calling his old casters then?

These guys are true Professionals, guys that will take their time and will launch when everything is working as a proper site should. I really do think they will be back. Will it be the same as the old site? Obviously not. As you can see, the team are looking at what has evolved in the Social Casting scene since the old Blog, and will make it as unique as possible.

$15 for effectively what is a Vaughn Ad-Block? They will need to offer YOU $15 just to stay with them soon.

Oh Karma, we do love you dear….

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4 Thoughts to “FoxmanShawn Gets Invite To Blogtv (Updated)”

  1. Ben the Bastard

    Yes, indeed, lmao, Foxman hates Jew’s but is more than willing to lick Jewish ass to get streaming on a site run by a Jew. pmsl

  2. VaugnLiveSinkingShip

    Wow, I just cannot get over Mark’s arrogance and cuntery, I noticed he always acts like this when he is really mad over something, and the return on Blogtv is a BIG something.

    Face it Mark, you are digging your own grave with your snide comments and your outright vile and unprofessional comments such as, “I hope Joe Walsh dies in a fire”, not to mention dozens upon dozens similar. The Vaughnlive community is nothing but a bunch of your little friends who are exempt from TOS and attract a following of brown noses such as Princealbie and the like .

    I doubt you will still have that goofy shiteating grin on your face when everyone is back on that truely wonderful site, Blogtv.

  3. IP

    Lol, Mark is a proper cunt. I’m just glad I don’t get to see his whiney FB posts spam anymore.
    He is kind of right though, I am going to remain skeptical till something comes out of this.
    This domain being BlogTv’s return… well, I don’t know if anyone remembers this but this exact same domain name was being spewed around THREE years ago, saying it is the return of blogtv. I will say however, the website looks different to what it did look like back then, but this same website has floated about a few times in previous years claiming to be blogtv’s revival.

    Even if blogtv comes back, for the most part I think it’s too little too late. People have lives. People have grown up. It’s been a decent while since blogtv was around, and the people that cared enough checked out ivlog and vaughnlive, and most never returned after a brief stay. Those people that you know of that were casters, in their late teens and early twenties, have careers now. They have jobs, are married, have kids, etc. I’ve come across some people that would cast all the time on blogtv, unfortunately now they won’t give it a second thought. Those days are after, this kind of casting is done for. Casting by its nature appeals to one’s narcassism, in a way. These traits are pandered more on sites such as YouNow. The future of casting IMO is via the smartphones, and none of these sites have been able to tap into that niche. Casting has definitely gone downhill since blogtv’s closure, and sure, some may return for this new site should it come about, but the golden age of casting is gone. Unless you’re a 14 year old girl that wants to cast on younow, there isn’t much left for us other than isolated niche audiences on different websites.

  4. Anonymous Tip

    Just for the record and from a reliable source.

    Foxman did NOT get an invite. NOONE did and NOONE will until the project is confirmed as a “Go”.

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