Thundersnarf Is Getting Trolled To Insanity

Old Snarfy has got some troll(s) who appear to be obsessed with him, attacking him in every cast, doxxing him, and making physical threats to him.

Just another day on Vaughn a lot might say, but Snarfy seems to be taking this far too seriously, and i really am starting to worry about his mental health over all this.

He seems to think it’s two certain people, who i won’t name because as far as i know, there’s no solid evidence that it is them, unless Snarfy can prove otherwise? But as with any threat made online, or any other name calling etc, you should just take it with a pinch of salt and carry on your show.

Not spend ages talking about something you say doesn’t bother you lol:



But it’s this bit that makes me worried for his sanity:


He forgot what he said, literally 20 seconds after saying it. Snarfy dude, you need to stop letting these get to you, just laugh it off before they push you to a breakdown.

Also, i noticed you are convinced that Samantha, your Mod, is a Female. I’d be willing to wage a few quid that Samantha looks about as feminine as Randallman does.



First clue is in they use the term ‘faggot’ a lot. I don’t remember ever seeing a woman call people ‘faggots’ as women really don’t care if you are gay. It’s only men who seem to see that word as an insult.


Here’s the next big clue as to who this really is. Who else on VaughnLive do we know that loves to ban people over the slightest thing. Can’t spell, and always sticks up for Warren (Warrrbuck)


Again, i’ve come across women who suffer with bad spelling, but never one that doesn’t know the difference between women and woman 😉



You must realise who this is by now…


Especially with that one above 😉



So she’s a grown ‘women’ who loves to use ‘faggot’ as their main insult, can’t spell, protects Warrbuck from any trolling, and claims nobody can ‘handle them’

Snarfy, say hello to ******











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4 Thoughts to “Thundersnarf Is Getting Trolled To Insanity”

  1. Baboultr

    lol what a bellend

  2. Blundersnarf

    Awwwww, it’s poor little Matty who likes to troll but cries when it happens to him ;(

    Matty boy, you are a sad bastard and a perfect example of a closet homosexual who has no friends and barely ever leaves the house.

  3. SamanthaJane

    Quit trolling you faggot!

  4. Babs

    Thundersnarf thank you for the Lulz <3

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