SexyChris Banned From Ivlog

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  1. TrollNation

    Inb4 Chris goes to 😀

    1. lol, i don’t think he’d last an hour there.

  2. Anonymous

    I missed the actual incident but i had been in earlier and as usually he was totally out of it. The noise he was making was unbearable even on my computer and i had a mute button thankfully. I dont blame anyone who lives around this arrogant little cunt to complain about the racket he makes yet he has the audacity to complain about others making a noise. I think he does it deliberatetly to cause problems its so annoying that some people would give their right arm to have a roof over their heads and he has totally destroyed two very nice flats. Ok this neighbourhood might not be the best but thats of his own doing.

    I think Ivlog have been very lenient with him and he should of been given the order of the boot ages ago. He is always mouthing off about Ivlog calling it a shit site and shouting at the Moderators to go fuck themselves. Finally even they had enough with the willy showing again.

    As for Angel I hope its ages before I seen that insane physco smile she has permanently on her face. Poor Ruby will be lost no more pretending to flounce out stating i’m never coming back only to be some other chatter or guest and telling herself how much the room misses her.

    The first time in ages the guest were allowed back in and something interesting finally happens instead of the usual boring room with boring mods saying nothing or telling each other how wonderful they are.

    1. I missed it myself. I was recording him earlier on, when he was showing off his broken keyboard that he paid £15 for lol, but then the cast went a bit stale, so i went mooching around other sites. When i came back to see if it had livened up, all that i got was that message.

      I talked to Amy in her cast and she explained what happened. He won’t get back on Ivlog again, they warned him last time, that one more cast being flagged, and he was gone for good.

      Chris’ problem, is he thinks he’s invincible. He doesn’t care about being banned because in his head, they will always let him back on because he’s this ‘King’ of social casting. As long as Vaughn stick to their word and don’t allow him back, he might finally start to come down of his high horse and realise he’s not this indispensable mega star he currently thinks he is

  3. Ben the Bastard

    Stupid cunt will never learn, but then again, who cares of what he gets up to anyway since I was banned for dishing out his sort of attitude back onto him, Not too keen on that blab so, no chance of hell in me following him to watch him make a cunt out of himself over there.

  4. smoothopp

    where is this asshole casting now does anyone know

    1. He’s running out of sites now. I think he’s still got his Pro account over at youlivenow, so my guess is, that’s where he’ll end up next.

      1. Ben the Bastard

        Who’s running youlivenow? That looks like Mark Vaughns backup video site, lmao incase that other joke of the site goes down either through no users not going there anymore or by some sort of legal actions that he might run away from and become ghost.

  5. Rusty Nail

    Wonder how long before one of he devotees say he was egged on to do it,
    always someone else who gets the blame, he does it to get attention then when people troll him or call him starts crying about it.
    It’s all a game with Chris you can tell as he is always watching the chat when he starts his rants.

  6. justaviewer

    Isn’t youlivenow targeted towards teenagers? I don’t know how they’ll cope if Sexy Chris appears on there drinking and screaming.

    1. That’s Younow. Confusing i know, Youlivenow is run by the same guy that used to run Justcast.

  7. justaviewer

    Hes in Droppin100’s room just now, can he still go in as a chatter despite being banned?

    I know many from BlogTV hated Younow because it was a younger audience.

    1. Ben the Bastard

      youlivenow has got to be the most shittiest site, with me anyway, doesn’t even load up or you have posted a wrong link, either way, I aint viewing jack shit on it!

  8. gaz

    he is on youlivenow right now

  9. menellie

    No Doxing Please****

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