Blab: The Future?

With Mark Vaughn claiming VaughnLive alone is costing him around $25k a month (lol) and him being desperate for money to survive, is the future of Social Broadcasting Blab?

Blab is a newish site on the scene. It’s like a mix of Periscope and Battlecam, but what makes this site unique to VL and others, is they operate on a p2p style system.

For those of you who are not familiar with p2p, the way this works, compared to say Vaughnlive, is the busier it gets, the better the quality of the casts are. Whereas the usual casting sites will slow right down or even crash under heavy traffic, Blab will become better than ever. And the best part is, you don’t need dozens of servers like Mark Vaughn (allegedly) does.

Lets compare Blab’s features and VL’s. Also remember Blab is free 🙂


Something that Mark has never been able to work out how to do. Blab has 4 windows for people to join the host on cam, with good quality pictures.


Another of Marks ‘coming soon’ but never arrives, is the much needed phone app for the site. Blab already has an iOS app and is expected to release an Android app very soon.


No $15 a month with Blab just to store your previous cast for a few days. Blab even lets you give the viewer a chance to watch the last show by their favourite caster, just by clicking a start button, cool eh?

Ability To Pre-Schedule Your Cast:

This is another great addition. It lets you literally pre-book your next cast, just by entering a chosen date and time. This then places you in the ‘upcoming section’ so anybody who visits Blab, can check when you are next due to go live. No more posting links all over Facebook, Twitter etc just to let your followers know when you will cast next.

Only The Host Can Ban:

No more Nazi style Moderators with Blab. Only the host can kick/ban you, so you can relax a lot more, without worrying if a Mod doesn’t like you.

There are lots of other features that you can use over there, and they don’t come in and shuffle you, they don’t Police rooms, and you can say pretty much whatever you like, as long as it’s not promoting anything like Terrorism etc.

Here’s a clip from us joining FoxmanShawn in one of his Blab’s. This is classic Foxman, when joined by a French attractive lady , he begins to talk with a French accent.

What follows was hilarious:











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7 Thoughts to “Blab: The Future?”

  1. VLSux

    Specifically, blab uses webRTC for p2p video distribution. webRTC has pluses and minuses, but the most obvious huge plus is that the broadcasters computers are the video servers, which costs blab nothing in server costs, as you’ve said.

  2. Dick Jones

    I don’t even think Mark V knows what direction he’s going on. Promoting Twitchalerts often (i mean comeone even a competitor site name in that service) hints at it lack of innovation to keep with the times. Doesn’t seem like he’s learning anything from these conventions he attends, and is comfortable being stuck in trends 10 years ago.

    Moving forward to mobile and clients for other platforms is a must. Even Ustream has clients for consoles. Lately I have been chilling out on the couch with the Twitch client on TV and think of Cheryl12 when she would procam on sexychris’ channel laying down in bed. People dont want to be sitting at their desks all the time and in most people’s eyes, Adobe Flash is dead. Mark V why dont you move on from your malware flash site? There’s no way in hell he would be allowed onto Google Play Store, Sony Store, or any other service because the bulk of his site is pirated video that they blindly ignore.

    These days, people are wanting multiuser like this procam model Blab is using, or on-the-go Periscope mobile (<- this, know how much shit Steelie gets dragging a laptop for around-the-town streams? why cant mobile be an option like Periscope).

    Hope to see more sites like that and Tinychat, rather than the old dull single youtube stream w/ irc chat slapped on.

    1. You are spot on. He’s not this genius coder/programmer he likes to make out to be. He knows that this VIP debacle has fucked him well and truly.
      What Blab have done is look to the future, how to run a site without losing money, and it’s working. You only have to see Fox and how quick he gets from 4-5 to 200 viewers.

      Mark doesn’t have a clue when it comes to running a business. He had a great site, but his lack of social skills and his ego have killed it. You can tell he’s feeling the pressure with this rant

      He can’t code a working co-host, he can’t code mobile apps, and he’s so deluded, he thinks he can rival some of the biggest websites going.

      He’s cracked! The clock is ticking until he can’t afford his servers and his whole ’empire’ comes crashing down.

      I mean, what kind of professional business man talks about a rival company like this?

      1. Ben the Bastard

        Right, right, nice to know he’s looking at us as being scum, I could very well say the same of how viewers and casters alike are being treated. It takes scum to see other as being scum, enough said!

  3. Anonymous

    blab is already bigger than VL. check out ALEXA

    1. LL Cool J

      interesting re the ALEXA chart.

      Time to wisen up to see Mark’s encouragement of ‘Twitchalerts’ does not benefit any caster. It’s just a carrot-on-a-stick to “Pay the Pied Piper”. After Paypal fees and VIP the caster has nothing to show from their many hours of ebegging.

      Raping the small amount of people in with this extortion is killing the site fast.

    2. But Mark said for every person that leaves, 10 join…..lmfao 🙂

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