More Evidence That Trolls Are Needed

As you are probably aware, another Social Casting site has gone. Uvlog was taken down a few days ago, after a couple of years of trying just about everything they could to be a success.

I feel for Mark (the Uvlog owner) because he was a good guy. He listened to what people wanted, gave them what they wanted (most of the time) and was respectful and polite when dealing with his casters issues.


Uvlog closedHe spent a shit load of money on that site, but in my opinion, the one thing stopping it from ever working, was because they were ultra strict on any trolling going on.

Yes, there was plenty of casters over there, but enter any of the channels, and bar the odd one or two, the casts were dead!

Basically, it was no fun. No drama. No reason to go out of your way to visit.

Drama attracts big audiences. You only have to look at some of the biggest, most viewed tv programmes, and you will see the ones with the most violence, most arguments, just also happen to be the most watched 😉

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5 Thoughts to “More Evidence That Trolls Are Needed”

  1. Anonymous

    Have to agree you only have to look at Vile’s site on Ivlog so boring these days hardly anyone chats. The cast can go an hour or more with not one person chatting, ive gone in there left it open gone away done stuff come back and still not one word typed. In the old days when guests where allowed it didnt even need Chris the room would be full of chatters having a laugh.

    Yes of course some trolls are downright nasty but most including myself like to have a laugh and here I have to say I stopped by Rach33’s cast on saturday night on Ivlog she was casting as MissPiggy. Trolls had been calling her that so good on her for making fun of the name and using it. The cast was full of fun, I havent laughed so much for a long time. Good to see Vizzy back and on top form interacting with the trolls and coming out on top. I always thought Rach & Vizzy in a cast were a great combination.

    But yes Karl a site with no trolls, no guests allowed and constant banning makes for a very dull and boring cast.

  2. We used to have disgusting online flirt casts with Rach and Vizzy back on Vaughn a couple of years back (before she met Willsmac i must point out) and yeah, they are fun. They don’t get easily offended on their own casts, which puzzled me why Rach was becoming so kick happy in Chris’ room.

    I didn’t know she was back casting again, i’ll have to pop in if i catch her on next time.

    But yeah, no guests = no trolls = boring cast 9 times out of 10. By trolls, i don’t mean people coming in and just making silly threats, but the ones who bring sarcasm and humour to the cast, like Foxman gets and RealmanPwns used to when he used to have guest chat on.

    Adambro is a perfect example. It’s only when he allows guests in, that the trolls then start him off by asking him what he’s been up to that week, that’s when his imagination kicks in and he comes out with some truly hilarious stories. When guest is off, he usually just sits there gaming. Without trolls, there wouldn’t be an Adambro cast imo.

  3. Anonymous

    Karl that doesnt surprise me i nearly spat my beer across the room when in answer to ravemans perving on her vizzy replied “john i dont get in bed for less then 9 inches 2 inches just doesnt cut it” classic.

  4. Angie2013

    Trolls can bring a laugh to a cast with some of the stuff they say, not all trolls are nasty.
    It’s good to have a cast you can go to where you can have a laugh, and not get booted out minor things.

  5. TrollNation

    I think reality is dawning upon Chris and even he, ignorant plonker that he is, has sensed that he has killed his room.

    It wasn’t long ago that 100-200 viewers were commonplace in his room. Now it’s (lop off a zero) more like 10-20.

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