IamSonchild: The Illuminati Broke My Audio FACT!

She’s threatened ISIS, took on the NSA agents, and told SexyChris he’s a pig! So it’s no surprise she’s become one of the worlds most wanted.

With such giants as the FBI outwitted and the Worlds most psychotic Muslim extremists quaking in their boots, i suppose there was only the most powerful organisation on the planet that could attempt at silencing our Anita.

The illuminati allegedly silenced Michael Jackson, put the fear of God into his daughter and have also allegedly disposed of anybody who threatens their power.

So there was only one option left to win the battle of illuminati v Anita:

Delete her audio driver…..


pi 1

pi 2

pi 3

pi 4

pi 5

hubby trying to fix my music application, he’s getting specs”

Isn’t she just wonderful 🙂

John eyes_99-165_2nd_optimized


2 Thoughts to “IamSonchild: The Illuminati Broke My Audio FACT!”

  1. Analyst

    this is a classic paranoid schizophrenic. People assume that paranoid’s are on the fringe of society. This isn’t true. A psychologist testifying in a mass shooing case in 1998 described the typical paranoid schizophrenic’s life and this subtype can often function fairly well in society but are plagued by delusions of persecution, for instance the gov implanting chips in their head, radio waves tuning in to CIA channels, gov agents following them etc. Otherwise they can function day to day and may appear rational. He went on to say that once you have the delusions without medication for a few years they tend to become part of the person’s collective memory and nearly impossible to uproot. Non-paranoid schizoprenics tend to be very disorganized, they can’t function rationally in society and you can easily identify them.

  2. Analyst

    Source: Kipland Kinkel psychologist testimony 1999 which is a fascinating read. http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/kinkel/trial/bolstad.html

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