Chris Is Blocking All Youtube Videos LOL

Poor Christopher. Money stopped by the DWP, Police looking into his admissions of Paedophilia, and can’t find any casting sites that want him.

So what has he got left? Complain to Youtube lol.

This was the first report we received an hour or two ago:


Chris cries to Youtube

So, we put it straight back up, on a different site, see HERE

So, being the little cry baby he is, he then goes crying one again lmfao…

Chris cries to Youtube1

So, as you do, we put it straight back up again 🙂

see HERE

I have appealed on all the cases regarding removal of the Chris video’s, as they are not harassing in the slightest. He puts his webcam on and does his little tantrums. I record them. If he want’s for nobody to see them, he should take his Mums advice and stop casting.

I think the whole Youtube account is blocked now, but that’s no problem, i’ve still got every single video, right here, stored on a pen drive. So all i will do is upload them where he can’t find them 🙂

Chris, you really should be careful what you are doing here, because so far i’ve kept back several video’s of you, because i don’t like to show people in certain situations, ie distraught (genuinely) or cruel etc. But if we do lose our Youtube channel, then i will release every single video i have of you, whether it’s embarrassing for you or not, and you won’t even know where they are to complain about.

You won’t silence Chris, no matter how hard you try. The sooner you realise that, the better you will feel 🙂

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25 Thoughts to “Chris Is Blocking All Youtube Videos LOL”

  1. BossHog NY

    What a whinny crybaby he is. He brought all this on himself.
    As I said before, He’ll get NO tears from me for his downfall.

  2. Nunyaz

    Welp, Lardo got his video freedom from that sister raper Shawnio, so not all is lost.

  3. Brokenmech

    As usual, it’s everybody else’s fault except except Chris. He just doesn’t get it, does he? You’re making quite the amount of enemies ain’t you? So carry on abusing your mom physically and emotionally, manipulating very young females, extorting money off your so-called “wife”, abusing the system etc… and see where it gets you.

  4. The Watchers

    There’s sites you can post the vids on Karl, its not like the videos are lies he streams live himself so if people upload it else where for people to see why’s he whinging, he’s even played videos back of himself that are on youtube on his cast.

  5. Ben the Bastard

    Well don’t Chris, just hope your prepared for karma based payback though.

  6. Ben the Bastard

    (Well done) I meant, Jesus, all this booze I am drinking with watching Chris drinking his booze is starting to take it’s toll on me.

    1. Hahahaha. I’m watching and recording him now and seen him put that bib on, wtf lol?

    2. Ben the Bastard

      Nice pic, lmao, Yea Chris was saying this site is full of shit, I said, THERE’S NO BULLSHIT HERE, EVERYTHING IS A FACT, YOU EVEN PRODUCE YOUR OWN VIDEO EVIDENCE. As usual, someone who licks his ass for him took offence to that and kicked me, not one bit surprising that..

      1. Haha, yeah i saw that. It was Brian6 i think. I recorded it all so will upload it 2moz 🙂

  7. Ruby

    Release them all , show everyone what a lying manipulating user abuser he is.

    1. I’m glad you have finally seen Chris for what he is. The only person Chris cares about is Chris! You are better off without friends like that imo.

      This IS the real Ruby btw 🙂

      1. Katie says

        Ruby I hope you have finally come to your senses only time with tell. Unfortunately you have said so many times that you are done with Chris only to reappear a couple of days or weeks later defending everything he does.

      2. Anonymous

        @Karl, without Chris you have no Blog and no traffic. As soon as Scuttles lost their Warren nobody gives a rats ass about their blog now.

        1. Katie says

          Anonymous Chris may be the only thing you come to the blogs to read about but most other people come just to have a laugh and enjoy a good read about the sites. One person does not a blog make.

        2. I don’t know, i still visit Scuttles and the Woodshed, regardless of who is posted about. I still check on Shawnio’s too now and then, even though it’s always set to private. I just enjoy reading peoples views on others, even if i don’t agree with some of them.

          Also, if Chris does disappear, many of the posts on here won’t be about a depressing, vile, drunk manipulator, so we can get back to the more light hearted humour clips we like to do.

          Chris disappearing, could well be a blessing 🙂

  8. Ruby

    Yes its the real ruby , i couldnt ignore the person he has become , the week he had no money or booze , there was no love you too pieces , no nothing of a loving supporting friend , only a selfish pig of a man who has poor me syndrome , ive known chris for nearly 5 yrs and the man he was when i first met him is long gone , i dont make friends online ever , i do it too protect myself from being hurt , i saw a vulnerable adult who needed help and support a position i had been in once and i reached out too him , i ignored all the shit he gave me and convinced myself he didnt mean it , made excuses for him , he lacks any morals , he,s as deep as a puddle , the love and support i had only went one way , he listens too no advice like ZERO , sadly he,s going too have too learn the hard way , but if he continues too treat ‘friends’ this way he will end up a very lonely man.

    1. AnnaTheScrounger

      Ruby, rant as you like, but we all know you’ll be back loving Chris again, likely in a matter of a few weeks, if not days.

    2. miss piggy aka rach

      i finnished with chris when i realised what a compulsive liar he really is. he blatantly lied to me and when he was caught out (the night he had a go at wills)all because i confronted him about lying to me when i thought we were friends he tried so hard to dig himself out of the hole but all i kept getting was lie after lie again now yes wills has helped chris out in the past but after seeing him for the real manipulative guy he his even wills has washed his hands of him. he has tried on numerous occasions to apologize to me with his empty im sorry i really am but after seeing him apologize to ruby and still go back to how nasty he was i know his sorrys are meaningless and i will never visit or associate with the guy he has become and the chris we all loved isnt no more

  9. BossHog NY

    Shitty only cares about himself. He lets you think he’s your friend but turn your back on him and he’s got a knife in it.

  10. Anonymous

    Chris is only nice to people when he is in need of booze money then it’s bye bye, he doesn’t care about anyone, not even himself really otherwise he wouldn’t spend all his life sitting on his couch drinking…

  11. Pikem4n

    Hello All 🙂

    Let’s see if i can type out a response that is not fuelled by wine like my last posting on here, I guess going by the fact that as a subscriber to the UkInvasion’s Youtube page that the account is active still.
    As i’ve said before IF a caster is casting live on whatever site it is, and they do something newsworthy-whether it’s good or bad for the public to see, you should expect it to “pop up” and be featured on a blog, it goes with the territory we all know that!

    So there should not be any complaining about that, end of!

    Btw Karl, do you really like QPR?- thought you would have better taste! 😀

  12. Nunyaz

    Shitty is gonna be shitty until the day he dies. His Mom already said hes as bad as Dad. Thats faint praise enough…

  13. Ben the Bastard

    He’s sitting there moaning about being bullied, he’s a bully himself, no one wants to hear it, but it’s a fact. I added him on skype late last night, just being friendly in doing so, he bullied me by chucking me back off again because he called me but I had no mic, I said to him that I wouldn’t have a mic until next week but still, he chucks me off. That’s being a bully to me, he also bullied AngelStormee in the early hours of this morning by banning her again for not talking when spoken too. Come Chris, stop it with this attention seeking bullshit about being bullied, be a man that you are and start accepting your own responsibility..

  14. BossHog NY

    be careful adding him to skype, he records all his calls, what for ??? i don’t know.

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