Ryan-HiFi Up To No Good Again?

The following screenshots were emailed in to us earlier this morning. They are taken from Scuttlebutts chatango, where it would appear, Ryan is on his one man mission to destroy anybody who says things he doesn’t agree with…


Ryans threats on Scuttlebutts


Ryans threats on Scuttlebutts 2


Ryans threats on Scuttlebutts 3


With a name such as ‘saynotobullies’ it’s surely got to be Ryan hasn’t it lol. Where he gets this idea that we are going to release peoples information on here, just because he doesn’t like them, fuck knows.

The only person who was ever doxxed on here was Theresa. And that was only because of the vile, disgusting way she’s treated people over the years, that when somebody sent me all her info, i was only too happy to put them up. I mean, isn’t that what she did to people for years on end? Oh, let’s not forget that the day before, she was claiming to give out our Doxx in the crapchat?

That was Karma, and a one off. We have never even doxxed the UK Invasion, despite knowing all their addresses, phone numbers, emails etc. And remember, it was their doxxing and harassing of casters that opened this blog.

So no Ryan, NOBODY’s personal information , ie addresses, phone numbers, emails etc will be published on here, regardless of what grief you have with people.







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19 Thoughts to “Ryan-HiFi Up To No Good Again?”

  1. Nunyaz

    could be that no life sister raper Shawnio

    1. dave

      as I explained to coznowski, I believe it is Shawnio – and I’m constantly being accused of working with Shawnio even though him and I can’t stand each other. Seems that just because both of us spoke out against Scuttlebutt’s blog that we’re both made a target and lumped in together.

  2. Brokenmech

    Ryan since you love Caroline so much, why is she still waiting for you to go visit? how long has it been now… 4 years? I feel sorry for her.

    1. dave

      whether or not I visit, have visited, will someday or will never visit – it’s none of your affair. The personal lives of chatters have nothing to do with going online and having fun.

  3. The Watchers

    Ryan is a Cyber bully himself, he gives it out’ but when its given back does not like it.
    I have noticed this with him, he go’s on about bullying and standing up to bullies, bit odd really when he is one himself.

    1. dave

      please show me examples of me being a bully, when it’s infact me logged in under my account and not someone accusing some anon of being me without proof.

  4. Katie says

    I agree Ryan is one of the biggest cyber bullies while trying to hide behind his pretence of caring. He is also such a shit stirrer i have seen him in mark’s room trying to make himself look to the big man. Ryan it doesnt work you are like a spoilt little brat throwing toys out of the pram when someone disagrees with you.

    In fact you and scruffy make the perfect couple both of you love to try and dish it out but run crying if it is given back to you. The only difference is scruffy IP bans to try and hide the fact she cant answer most of the questions asked.

    1. dave

      I have no idea who you are – are you Jed’s wife Katie?

      1. Katie says

        No i am not Jed’s wife. Is jed one of the vaughn ebeggars so many now on that channel that I dont bother looking at it even when I am not IP banned not that you will ever see this, oh my ive just seen a flying pig lol

      2. Katie says

        No i am not Jed’s wife. Is jed one of the vaughn ebeggars so many now on that channel that I dont bother looking at it even when I am not IP banned not that you will ever see this, oh my ive just seen a flying pig lol

  5. dave

    I am breaking my silence to explain – as I explained to this coznowski guy last night. I am not ‘saynotobullies’. I just want to be left alone to chat and have fun on sites, read blogs, etc. I’m not in it to go after or harm anyone Karl. I knew this post was coming, I was going to head you off at the pass and contact you privately, but silly me thought you’d realize by now that I couldn’t be capable of these things. I suppose I was wrong and should have thought less of you.

    1. anonymoose

      Ryan I thought you weren’t posting here anymore? Katie is 100% right, you are one of the biggest bullies out there and constantly harass and threaten anyone that disagrees or pokes fun at you.

  6. Pikem4n

    Hello All

    Correct me wrong, but after the last time Dave Ryan posted on here after his litle mini meltdown and spat with KD ,did he not say he “was done” with posting on this very site because he was failing with bs?

    I reckon “saynotobullies” is Ryan so it would give him good reason to post back on here!


  7. Peter

    Why are you guys bullying Ryan? He’s a decent hard working kind intelligent guy. Leave him alone you bad trolls

  8. Scuttlebutt

    That was Ryan. Same IP.

  9. ScuttleTards

    LOL them Scuttle tards are so easy to troll and manipulate. I swear they share a braincell between them!

    It’s funny how Scuttles “IT guy” got doxed because he didn’t know how to hide the domain name registrant info LMAO

    Now everyone knows the real name of the guy who put scuttles new blog online

    1. wowsers

      You belong in a mental hospital, Ryan. You are seriously fucked in the head.

  10. Brokenmech

    Ryan is a troll and control freak. Caroline deserves FAR better than this fraudster, her eyes will be opened one day.

  11. dave

    Well, since nobody will listen to reason – I will no longer load any blogs. Poof now the false accusations don’t have to bother me. You can all live in your fantasy world believing that I’m something I’m truly not. Good day, and good riddance.

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