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Remember You know, the site that was owned and ran by Portsmouth’s version of one of the chuckle brothers, Steve Swetman.

Well, it’s common knowledge that once he sold it and opened youlivenow, Justcast went down with technical problems and has never been back. Since then, there have been rumours floating around certain sites that Steve deliberately sabotaged it, to stop it being in competition with his newly founded YLN.

Surely those rumours can’t be true can they? I mean, to sell something, take the money, then sabotage it beyond it being any use again, only a scumbag would do such a despicable thing, and as dense as Steve is, surely he’s not that vile?

*Credit To The Anon For Sending This In:

This is a Skype message that Steve sent to the wrong person, as he realises at the bottom of the message. But by then, it’s too late, it’s out there 🙂

Also bear in mind, Steve has a habit of doing the exact same thing, sending messages to the wrong people…

Steve Swetman orders takedown of JustCast

Apparently, it was not long after this Skype message that Justcast did in fact, go down.


The Anon also claimed that Steve is getting people to email all the users on other sites, telling them to go over to YLN. Now this i could 100% believe, as i have seen him pull the same stunt everywhere he goes. Ask him why he’s banned from VaughnLive? Or ask him why he’s banned from Ivlog?

This guys a parasite, he really is.

But it gets better. The Anon also claimed that Stevie boy doesn’t work, and in actual fact, claims benefits so therefore doesn’t declare or pay any taxes on any income he receives through YLN.

So is Steve Swetman, not only not very bright, but a conman and a benefit/tax fraud?

Without seeing any hard proof of the benefit/tax allegations, we can’t say for sure, but i think we can all see for ourselves from the Skype conversation above, he’s not the type of guy you would do a deal with!

And just to show why we call him a ‘chuckle brother’ the Anon states that he’s working alongside James Packer. Yep, the same James Packer that could bore you into a coma after 30 seconds. The same James Packer that calls Mark Vaughn a useless coder ( fair point) but then allegedly codes his own website, the awful looking realityexplorations –  and the same James Packer, the genius, intelligent coder, that did this…

James Packer bans himself from his own website lol

James Packer bans himself

Yep, we now have the fully formed Chuckle Brothers: 2016 style

steve swetman

James Packer


<<< me to you>>>


<<<you to me>>>



This could turn out to be one long lulzzfest folks 🙂






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  1. BossHog NY

    james peckerhead was banned from scuttles blog for awhile for e-begging, then he came back now james is gone or was banned again, i wonder why he’s not on there everyday anymore ?.

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