Christopherwhiledj: Who Is He?

A new account on Ivlog, named Christopherwhiledj, appeared the other day. Who could this be one wonders?

Chris with bib and dummy

Yes, that’s right, it’s Mr While. The same Mr While who claimed he was never going to broadcast on Ivlog again. Yet here he is, back with a new name, a name most noticeably missing the sexy. Has he finally realised that using towels to wipe your bottom, along with never brushing your teeth and only showering when you can smell yourself, is not the same ‘sexy’ by definition as any sane person would know it?

So apart from the new name, do we have any other changes from the ‘sexychriswhile’ he’s better known as?

Oh well. Maybe he’s getting along with the neighbours now he’s become ‘sexy’ less?

Nope! Still a lair, still a drunk, and still a foul mouthed slob. He can’t get his story straight, as usual. First he said he bought his beer from winning £170 on the slot machine. Then he claims he bought it from getting his benefits reinstated. Personally, i think both are lies. People forget that he was also receiving DLA alongside his normal benefits. DLA is completely seperate from the benefits he had stopped, so the chances are, they won’t have been affected, and as such, that probably paid for his £201/210 back to £201, then again to £210 alcohol bill.

Off topic, but is that Brian6 gay? Not that there’s anything wrong with being gay if he is, it’s just an observation. Remember his closeness to FoxmanShawn? Didn’t he send Foxman a Laptop?

Now he seems to have developed a similar ‘closeness’ with Chris. Sends him money, bans anybody who dares to say anything that’s not 100% ass kissing? And now apparently, he’s promised to send Chris £800.

Maybe he just likes younger, heavy drinking men? Or maybe, he’s completely off his rocker?


Brian6 - we won


Hmm, i’m thinking both.





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18 Thoughts to “Christopherwhiledj: Who Is He?”

  1. Ben the Bastard

    It makes you wonder how he comes about getting so much cash in order to buy shit loads of booze, to show it all off on cam as well is not a wise idea. With him in the spotlight now with the SSA, one day and I am not bullshitting when I say this, one day, if he continues to flash shit tons of booze around to everybody, they’re going to be asking questions as to where the money for it all comes from, even have their own suspicon that he maybe doing the double. For those yanks that don’t know what doing the double means, it means working and claiming benefits at the same time which is against the law and illegal and can lead to a massive fine or time in jail or even both.

    But fuck it, blame everyone else for not listening to that kind of advice, Chris is never to blame for any of that..

  2. Katie says

    The DWP is run by wankers they received videos of him and openly know he abuses the system. Their response was dont do it again if we receive any more videos or other evidence you will be taken to court for benefit fraud. So no more dancing or ebegging but showing all your booze you got with the tax payers hard earned money is ok.

    The whole family is cheating the system his mum claims she cant work because of her bad back why the hell not she bends over and cleans chris’ flat ok, carries shopping and can sit for hours on a chair playing on her tablet so she can sit at a desk and do some office work.

    Stephen does live with her he only keeps on his place so they can pretend he still lives there so she wont lose any benefits. Does chris’ real father have a job? I hope chris never has any children because what a life they would have in that family of no hopers and benefit cheats.

    I know a lot of people think anna is a saint but she is more than half the problem, she is leading by example to lazy to work, collaborates with her son on how the best way is to defraud the benefit system. Commits fraud herself the whole system needs a bloody good shake up to stop people like chris and his mum freeloading off this country. The only thing this benefit system does not do is what is was actually set up for to benefit the people who really need and deserve it.

    1. Is that what Chris said the DWP told him, or did you find out from another source? I find it hard to believe they would just pass it up just like that. The DWP will usually go to any length’s to get a person off benefits, even if they themselves have to lie. But like you said, they had all the evidence in video to prove that Chris is not ill, just a manipulator.

      I will be shocked if they have just re-instated what he was getting before, especially this quick. Remember Chris is a compulsive liar, he admits this himself. So if he’s claimed to have his full benefit back after a week or so, i wouldn’t believe it until i saw a letter or something official to confirm it.

    2. AnnaTheScrounger

      Agreed that Anna is as much a parasite on the back of the taxpayers as her son Vile.

      It seems that benefits scrounging is very common in Barrow, and it’s not unusual for multiple generations in the same family to live off dubious benefit claims.

  3. BossHog NY

    There’s more to the story than what Shitty is telling.
    They just don’t say.. Shitty don’t do that again or else. He’s lying about something.
    I agree there’s something fishy about that Brian6. He seems a little creepy to me.

  4. Willow the Wisp

    He more than likely found the bag and receipt in a skip, as you say Chris is a compulsive liar, there will be more to what happened at the dwp than he lets on, no doubt the story will change again soon.

  5. Anonymous

    He really does love showing off what he has bought with “his” money doesn’t he? As for winning on the fruit machine, again, lies! he simply get’s way too much money for sitting on his couch and angel also sends him cash to be his online gf. Same old story, spends it all in one day and then begs on the internet/blackmails angel, the guy needs a massive wake up call.

    1. AnnaTheScrounger

      Chris really hit the jackpot with nutter Angel.

      One wonders how long she’ll enable him — weeks, months, years?

  6. SideShowBob

    Chris Bragging about Getting his money back – in case you missed it.

  7. Nunyaz

    LOL more lies, in case you missed it. Stormee and whatever he has left is paying his way now.

  8. Chris admitting in a Skype call about you know what caused by you know who 🙂

  9. Stormin' Norman

    When is the video above from?? This week??

    1. Yesterday i think. I know Gina was casting on VL yesterday, so i’m guessing it’s from then.

      1. BossHog NY

        Karl,Yes it was, I was watching her yesterday.

  10. Stormin' Norman

    So it does look like you know what has been taken off you know who then…..Unless he is spinning yet another web of lies.

  11. That’s the thing with Chris. He lies so much, i honestly don’t think he knows what’s true and what’s not half the time.

    I do suspect that he is telling the truth about his benefits still being stopped. With so much hard evidence against him, there was no way the DWP were ever going to just let it go with a slap on the wrist. Personally, i think they will be looking at convicting him in a Court of Law for benefit fraud and failure to disclose a change in circumstances. Where he will be telling fibs, is saying he gets nothing at all. By Law they have to give him something, even if its a reduced rate.

    He could also technically receive some DLA. DLA payments are awarded for different reasons than what his normal ESA benefit is for. It’s perfectly legal to work full time and still be in receipt of DLA, as mad as it sounds.

    The truth will out soon i’m sure, but for now, i would keep a check on his local newspaper online, because if the DWP do take him to Court, it will be in his local press.

    But the biggest problem he will have if they do take Legal action, is that in 8/10 cases where a person has been convicted of benefit fraud, it ends in a custodial sentence. Especially when you are talking the thousands of pounds involved in the fraud.

    These could be bad times for Chrissy boy.

  12. Stormin' Norman

    He has taken the P~~s for far too long, I use to enjoy his shows but he has become so one dimentional he is as boring as hell, mind you you don’t get to watch him for long as apart from the usual “donators” he bans everyone….

    Is their still a YT link to watch his shows??

  13. Yeah, Mark still recasts him. But as usual, Chris keeps flagging the channel and having it closed. When i get time, i’m gonna build my own rtmp server and run it through several proxies, so i can just re-cast him 24/7 and he won’t even know where it’s coming from to report it 😉

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