SexyChris: Fit For Work And Cleaning Up Vomit

It seems to be legit. The days of cash rolling in while sitting there drinking all day and night, appear to be over for Chris after being told by the DWP that he is fit for work again.

* Full Credit To The Anons Who Provided The Following Video’s:



Anna is right here. They can’t and don’t just stop your money. They have to, by Law, invite you in for an interview, where they will put their claims to you, and depending on your response, they will either end your benefits, or if you deny any wrong doing, they will either drop it, or the case will have to go to Court. An Anon sent in a video of him getting a letter from the DWP a while back, but Chris just threw it to one side with his usual arrogant ” whatever” remark.

Now if that was a letter to go for an interview and he didn’t respond, then that would explain why they have just stopped his money.

He’s not having the best of times lately is he. Even when he has his mate over for a drink and some dinner, it goes pear shaped too.

* Once again, credit to the Anon who sent these in:



The look on Chris’ face when he starts to vomit. He looks at his mate, then back at the webcam with a ‘ is he pretending here’ expression on his face, until he see’s the evidence and realises he’s just threw up the lining of his stomach, all over his floor.

Priceless 🙂








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13 Thoughts to “SexyChris: Fit For Work And Cleaning Up Vomit”

  1. Anonymous

    The idiot doesnt even realise that they are not saying he IS working just that he IS fit for work.

  2. Ben the Bastard

    Calling your man a daft bastard and all after literally throwing out the window, pmsl, He’s one himself for not clicking on that the man was far, far too pissed to eat to begin with. I never laughed so much at how much idiocy that’s came from Chris after watching all that. Yes Chris, your mother is right, everyone is to blame but yourself but well, what do you care, this is karma at work lad, if you can’t take the shit, don’t be so good at dishing out the shit to others!

  3. gaz

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA YES! about fucking time!

  4. Laffin so hard! Chris says ” go out the window the way you come” like is crisis friends vampire? I think real actors couldn’t Perform better than this.

  5. gongshow

    Found out tonight an interesting thing on bypassing no guest streams on ivlog and not worry about his frequent user purges. When trying to access 2 rooms on that site as guest you get this, right:
    “Chat and video are unavailable if you are already logged in as guest in another room! This function is only available for signed in users.” The 2nd tab doesnt get a Guest### assigned and is immune to purges, private shows, and will grab stream when he goes online. Ran across this by accident after he did a purge and I had forgotten another tab was open when he went private. Looking forward to some footage this week to see how his dwp interview goes.

    1. Ah right, nice one 🙂 Although somebody’s probably already reported this to Cr3am by now. I will see if it’s still working later.


  6. Katie says

    Poor Vile was whinging last night about everyone being against him he was asking people not to be nasty to him and angel. Well chris you have been so obnoxious to people that its now biting you in the ass big time. You reap what you sow boy as they say if you cant take it dont dish it out.

    1. Yep. Twice last week i watched him completely open guests, thinking ‘hmm, that’s not like him’ and on both occasions he pulled the same trick. Opens up his show to everybody, begs for money, then as soon as he gets enough money for whatever beer he wants that night, he one by one kicked every single guest and turned his cast back to private.

      Now i was watching the whole cast and no guest said anything bad. It was just Chris using people to get what he wanted, then boom, they are no longer of any use to him, so blocked you get.

      Why, or how even, people still let him manipulate them is beyond strange. On the first night i watched him pull this trick, it was Alvaro who sent him the money to buy a Litre of Smirnoff. When people like Alvaro fall for his tricks, you start to lose all faith in human intelligence.

      1. Katie says

        Cant believe people are still stupid enough to part with their money and subsidise this waste of space. He got over £800 a month and spent the lot on booze plus his begging got him nearly £2,000 in all again all wasted on booze.

        If you have to give your money away people ffs give it to someone who deserves it not this benefit cheating complete vile excuse for a human

  7. Ben the Bastard

    Just to make a point to Chris should he be reading this, I am a jobseeker myself and I am not in the slightest bit jealous of how much he had got from his DLA, if anything along with others, I am completely disgusted in him receiving such a massive amount in benefits each month and it all purely goes on alcohol. That’s an abuse of the system. What he don’t get through that thick head of his is that anyone who does work hard and exceed getting paid more than what Chris get’s off the state on behalf of the tax payer, it is them hard working people that don’t neglet paying their bills and still they can’t afford to booze up everyday in the way Chris does with his benefits.

    It’s also people like Chris, is why the government is clamping down big time on benefits, for it’s people like him that are abusing the system and taking full advantage of the benefit system in order to keep their addiction going, be it alcohol or drugs.

    So Chris the best you can do is accept what is coming to you, get off that lazy ass hole and in order to keep up your luxurious lifestyle that your having, get a job to pay for it, rather than wanting to scrounge off the hardworking people that are paying for it for you. Because the fact is, it is the hardworking people that pay the tax for you to have that privilege of getting any sort of benefits. Money doesn’t grow on trees as your thinking it does.

  8. justaviewer

    Well the thing is the people parting with the money now really are the enablers because the shows are mostly private so the only people falling for it are his supporters and people like Alvaro and also Ruby and Angel are the ones that will want him out his mind on the drink. They wont want Chris getting sober or getting a life, they’ll want to keep him under their thumb, keep him drunk, keep him online, keep him beneath them because thats what most British people do. British people by their nature are bitter. British people dont like to see others get ahead in life, especially if they are down in the dumps, that’s why many of these vultures on these casting sites backstab each other, they’re all in the shithole of life together and together they all be smiles and nice to each other and then hold each other down, all trying to keep each other in line.

    The only sad thing about Chris just now is the big interview on Thursday! It will probably be discussed under a private cast so someone will need to record so we can see what was said to him and the no doubt hilarious reaction lol. Even on that video i just get the feeling that he himself is trying not to laugh with the big grumpy face and IM FEELING DEPRESSED NOW! THE BASTIDS! When it isnt going well, im feeling depressed, ive got bad thoughts! what will i do! I need more booze and he can have all the donations he wants but if they stop his money this week, no way is there enough people around to donate what he will end up losing per week which means what?!!!!

    Back to Mam and Steven’s lol. And it’s only February!

    1. Ben the Bastard

      I don’t think his mother would have him, not in the long term anyway, he’s going to have to book into rehab and get counselling from there. Otherwise, he will never stand on his own 2 feet. It’s his own choice in currently doing what he is doing now by binge drinking, he has to knock it on the head at some point and start making a go of his life by himself, for one day, who is he going to look up too then when his mother is no longer there to put him straight. As it was stated before that people have tried talking to him but he never listened so the time is here right now, for him to learn the hard way.

  9. Bettybagwash

    Noone grassed u up chris. Try reading your letters from dwp. You have no proof videos were sent. Your dosh wash stopped for being ignorant.

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