Theresa Makes A Rare Appearance

Don’t worry, i don’t think she’ll be back for good. But she did make a special appearance over at Scuttles Chatango last night.

Has she changed? Become less Bitter? Nah!


MS -  keep family out of it

Quite ironic considering how many female casters she accused of being bad Mothers over the years. Oh, and lets not forget the picture of a casters Mothers corpse that she ridiculed and posted all over the Internet.

Or does keeping family out of it only count now that everybody knows hers?



MS -  keep family out of it3

MS -  keep family out of it4

MS -  keep family out of it5

MS -  keep family out of it6

Didn’t Scruffy say she wasn’t welcome on Vaughn any longer?

Oh well, no doubt she’ll be back off on a world cruise with the family again for the next 6 months 🙂

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One Thought to “Theresa Makes A Rare Appearance”

  1. BossHog NY

    Fat-ass Theresa got her ass doxed really bad, That’s why she’s doing MIA act.
    She also lies worse than Foxturd & Joewashy & Warbucks put together.

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