Mushroon: How To Build Your Hopes Up

…then have them cruelly crushed in the space of 15 minutes lol. Now plenty of people must know her, but it was the first time for me.

And it all started off so well. Here was a good looking woman, doing suggestive things while eating a Banana (lets face it, after watching Veronika do her stuff with one, this was a breath of fresh air) and most of all, she seemed up for an ‘anything’ goes chat with the trolls.


Oh well, another chick wanting money to flash her tash. Next!



John eyes_99-165_2nd_optimized

One Thought to “Mushroon: How To Build Your Hopes Up”

  1. IP

    I think I found my new victim.
    IP the King of virgin e-dating. Now if only I wasn’t banned…. lol

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