SexyChris: I’m Ashamed At Asking For Money

First things that will be coming in to your head right now is ‘he’s being sarcastic that Karl is’ but no, he genuinely said, live on cam, that he feels bad about asking his Mum for money all the time.

Don’t believe me? Watch for yourself. Although a word of warning… don’t attempt to drink or eat while watching the following video’s, as you will be at high risk of spitting the contents of your mouth all over your computer, caused by fits of laughing.



By eck!



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11 Thoughts to “SexyChris: I’m Ashamed At Asking For Money”


    What a little bitch baby Shitty Chris is. He needs his ass kicked.
    Angel Hitler will send Shitty all the money he needs.

    1. anonymouse

      does she even work?

    2. Chris The Pedo

      She either gets SSI or some kind of nutcase/welfare money or its from her mother.

  2. Rusty nail

    Ashamed… Yeh okay he.s a scrounger always on the beg all he does is take take take. He dont care who he gets the money off. I see is hardly has any viewers as well. He was banning viewers the other day for no reason. Saying they dont have a picture there a troll, or they hardly type. Then bans them lol.

  3. Ben the Bastard

    Chris saying he is ashamed of asking his mother for money, he should be more ashamed in asking his viewers for money then kicking or banning them. Sure, suppose it’s not his fault, it’s never his fault for how he is being treated, it’s not his fault either of how badly he treats people himself, it’s all our faults, no matter what.

  4. Don’t take the piss out of him this is a form of bullying and this site is going to be taken down very soon

    1. Good luck with that. See you here next year 🙂

    2. Katie says

      Rider176 you troll chris more than any of us so get down off your fucking high horse and mind the shit

    3. pearlnecklace

      Rider, u hack chris, troll him then lick his ass… 😀 😀 😀

  5. BossHog NY

    Pooooor Asswipe Rider176, Is your man pussy hurting you today ? .

    You troll Shitty more than all of us put together.

    So FUCK OFF crybaby.

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