It’s Good To Talk – Except On VaughnLive

I was going to shove this is the ‘ lets all laugh at Mark‘ thread, but after some valid comments from viewers, both on here and other Blogs, i thought i’d give it it’s own post.

We’ve heard time and time again how the Blogs make up stories, we don’t tell the truth blah blah. Anybody with half an ounce of intelligence knows this is untrue. If you are watching a video of a caster doing something live on cam, how on earth can it be made up?

But anyway, whether you believe Scruffy’s lies and propaganda, and you do see us all as this evil group of liars and trouble causers, the one thing nobody can deny, is that we allow free speech. If anybody who is featured on the Blogs wishes to sensibly dispute what is written about them, then they can.

You see, that’s generally what happens when you have nothing to hide. So with that in mind, lets go back a few days and take a look at a couple of video’s taken from Electrojeds cast with Billybobcesspool on Skype.

Now whether you like Billy or despise him, let’s look at this from a neutral perspective, and just imagine that this was your first time visiting VaughnLive and Jed’s is the first cast you see. You don’t know who Jed is, who cesspool is, or who Scruffy is.

* I’ve re-done the video’s so it’s based on the chat itself, more than what’s being said/done:






Hmm. Maybe just me, but it sure looked like she didn’t want Billy having his say. It’s not as though this was a slanging match and they were shouting and abusing each other. It was a civilised debate between two grown men and had absolutely nothing to do with Scruffy. Yet Scruffy was acting like a sulking child, ‘get him off or i’m muting the cast’ which obviously was a lie because she carried on replying to what Billy was talking about. Then to blame Warrrbucks attack on his Mother on everybody but her and her son was hilarious.

I take it the time Mark literally took over Warrr’s cast, sending Warren in to a meltdown didn’t happen then? Or all the times they shuffled him to piss him off was just an illusion i take it?

So, once again, watching that as a first time viewer, would you be inclined to believe that the likes of us are the ones who are vindictive, controlling, trouble causers?

Or the Staff member who decided it was her place to jump into a casters Skype call and do her utmost to persuade the caster to ‘stop giving somebody a place to speak’ just because she doesn’t like them?

Thankfully, Jed just ignored her and carried on with his own cast. But a lot of people would of felt pressured by all the hints Scruffy was giving to stop Billy having his say, and would of just hung up.

Censorship on VL?  lies told by Staff on VL?  casts micromanaged on VL?

Those of you who’ve been around here a while will know that if somebody disputes a story ( 99% it’s Ryan) then i won’t mute him, or ban him. I’ll argue my case with what facts i have, in an adult way.

But then again, i’m not trying to hush any truths up 😉






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4 Thoughts to “It’s Good To Talk – Except On VaughnLive”

  1. VaughnBegcentral

    Jed came across as a pathetic Vaughn apostle once again. He is so tamed he has to refer to Ivlog as “that other site” or “your site”.

  2. Chris The Pedo

    Miss Scruffy aka Lynn Hitler at her best trying to control people.

    I’m so happy i left that NAZI run shithole site.

  3. Katie says

    I have never come across two such vile control freaks as Mark Vaughn and his mother Scruffy. TBH Scruffy is 10 times worse than Mark. She has to poke her nose into everything even when it does not concern her she just like to make it her business. You cannot speak openly or even have an opinion if it differs from theirs. I have lost count of the number of times I have been IP banned in a cast purely for disagreeing with either of them. They dont discuss with you and they slyly IP ban so you just disappear from chat and no one notices.

    They are too scared to have an upfront debate because they dont know how to and too cowardly to just ban you from the room because it would show on screen.

    Now Scruffy is blaming people for something they contributed to more than most e.g. the Warrbuck incident. I also saw Scruffy say that they pushed Vikki to her death sorry Scruffy you really are a sick evil individual.

    I have to laugh at all the asslickers in the room Filly half the time doesnt have one good word to say about the Vaughns but there she is oh yes Miss Scruffy, you are right Miss Scruffy, Miss Scruffy you are wonderful I want to have your babies. Who the fuck is Kingofthecrap sorry cop he couldnt get any further up the vaughns ass if he tried. Come on people get a fucking backbone and stand up for yourselves.

    As the Muppetblog said Jed & Cesspool were just have a civilised debate when Scruffy had to come along and as usual bring it down to the gutter when she and mark reside with name calling and threats so childish and ridiculous for a women of her age i think she is undergoing a mid life crisis. For someone who has just undergone major surgery when did she fit it in because she seems to be in vaughn 24/7 forcing her opinions on people and trying to dictate the way people should think and act. Maybe that is why Niclrc and scruffy get on so well they may just have more in common then i first thought

  4. justme

    What a fucking mess vaughn has become and Mark doesn`t have the balls to tell his mother to stay out of shit.

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