SexyChris: Tax Bloody Tax – Everything Is Tax

The latest installment of the Chris lost his benefits saga continued this evening with a rant at Willsmac (Dude007) and Rach33 (Miss Piggy) where he amazingly blamed them for his dire financial situation.

He was supposed to attend an appointment at 1pm today at his local Jobcentre, to sort out some hardship payments while his new claim is being sorted.

But Chris, decides to wake up at 12.30pm and then refuses to go, because  ‘it’s too cold’ So no money for Chris for a while. Of course, none of this is his fault, so he decides to blame everybody but himself.

Just how he comes to the conclusion that people paying taxes are the reason he was filmed committing benefit fraud beats me.

But the fact is, he will have to get use to living on £73.10 a week if they stop his DLA too. Not only that, the Jobcentre won’t accept his ‘too cold’ or ‘just got up’ excuses if he fails to sign on. They will just sanction him immediately.

The DWP are as dodgy and bent as they come , and if you are not Legal savvy, they will do anything they can to make your life as unbearable as possible.

Chris is going to go through hell. They will threaten him, lie to him, bully him, and do anything they can to be ‘rid’ of him.





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29 Thoughts to “SexyChris: Tax Bloody Tax – Everything Is Tax”

  1. Ben the Bastard

    He wasn’t complaining at all in receiving a lump sum of tax every month. If it wasn’t for tax, he be getting no benefit at all. What a stupid cunt! pmsl

  2. Brokenmech

    Chris it can’t always be everybody else’s fault. At some point you have to take ownership for your actions. When you set fire to your PC, it was your fault. When you used your floor as a trash skip, it was your fault. When you played your music loud and got in trouble for it, it was your fault. When you lost your money by putting your life out there on the internet, it was your fault. When you nearly went to jail because you hit your mom in the face with a mobile phone, it was your fault. When you got pizza’s delivered at your house because you’re dumb enough to give your address out on the internet, it was your fault. The list goes on.. how the FUCK can it be anybody else’s fault?!, you were the only one there!!! you dumb cunt.

    1. Ben the Bastard

      In a way, there is no disputing it, It’s Aneglstormee’s fault. She’s the one who is encouraging him and feeding him with the funds for his drinking habit for him to be in this kind of mood. What is it that is said, “beauty makes a man’s brain turn into jelly” Chris’s brain is that much of a jelly, he’s so blind that in all that time, the person who he loathed most, was the person that was making an actual cunt of him.

  3. It’s because in his mind, people SHOULD go to work and pay taxes for him to sit on his sofa, drinking booze all day and night.

    The thought of anybody complaining about doing so is bullying to him.

  4. Brokenmech

    Correct.. this is what happens when you give your kid everything they want and spoil them to the tenth degree. They take it into adulthood and expect the same because you teach them to be self entitled. Even now his mother is still bailing him out and wrapping him in cotton wool. He is his own worse enemy. He had a nice flat, more money that people work get and he messed it all up cause he just couldn’t keep his big mouth shut. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.

  5. BossHog NY

    OMG, I thought he was gonna start crying… LOL
    The people that tried you help Shitty, You shit on them.
    The asswipes that hurt you, You loved them

    See Shitty, Karma’s a bitch isn’t it.

  6. The Tax Man

    I knew it would not be long before he turned on Rach and Willsmac after all they helped him out with food etc, he always turns on people the ungrateful little urchin.
    And has for the he never grasses… did he not phone the police on Casper for playing Music and also tell the police Casper sniffs gas.
    He should be done for fraud he probably told them he has chronic back pain and is virtually house bound. He’s abused the system and now he has been caught he is blaming everyone else, as for the tax tax tax, he’s never paid any so stop moaning Chris he’s on a male period 24/7.

  7. justaviewer

    Is there any update yet? Is his interview still tomorrow? His cast is still private just now but i heard about him making a new claim. Does a new claim mean he will get his money again or have they stopped it for good or has he said what has happened yet?

    1. Chippers

      He had his mom on phone yesterday saying he had the days mixed up or whatever, it was too cold outside to go. But apparently his interview was on Tuesday. Now apparently the interview is on Monday the 22nd. Casper was over today while chris got down to his boxers, cleaned out while shoving his sexy ass in casper’s face alot. I dont know what to make out of those two as he keeps bringing up his dad or if Casper is one of the old men that keep paying Chris late night visits to get their knob sucked off. The two went on about how noisy neighbor was arrested for I dunno what, and for some reason other Chris “gollum” keeps being brought up lately and how While thinks of him as nothing but a sponger and thief; but ironic that he then breaks off in his frequent rants on how other people need to stay out of his money business when himself is a sponge. Gonna be a really interesting week hope to see more juicy footage.

    2. Yeah, he had an interview on Monday at 1pm. He wouldn’t go because he said “it’s too cold and i’m tired”

      He will get money again, but only Jobseekers Allowance, which is only about £73 a week. But what he doesn’t realise is, the claim for JSA will only start from when he goes in and makes the claim. He seems to think it will be backdated, but it won’t. They will only backdate it to the day he goes in and makes the claim, or does it by telephone.

  8. Priti_Patel

    ‘It’s not my fault….’ Tat’s going to go down really well with te WP when they ask him to prove what he’s been doing to find work every two weeks. As will the inevitable swearing at staff, which is why they have security guards in Dole Offices now.
    Nor will Chris receiving money for casting, which would see him getting no JSA at all. No JSA, or incapacity benefit also means no Rent benefits, and also means he’d be liable for council tax. Having to attend a meeting should be the least of his worries at the moment, but in typically arrogant style, this doesn’t seem to worry him.
    He’s going to end up back at his Mum’s.
    His sense of entitlement is astonishing. He gives nothing back, in any sense at all. Not to people who have tried to help him, not to his family, and certainly not the society that has been funding his lifestyle while he laughs at them. Karma is about to put on a big pair of DM’s and kick him firmly in the balls. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy

    1. He can still get his rent and Council Tax paid, even if they stop his benefits. He has to claim nil income and they will still pay for his flat and CT.

      But if he is making a claim for Jobseekers Allowance, which a lot of people are saying, they will make him sign a contract that he doesn’t have to sign. I’m not going to go into too much detail here because to be honest, i don’t want to help this guy out.

      But once he signs it, he’s fucked. By agreeing to that contract, he will be giving them permission to make him do course after course and will ‘sanction’ him non stop.

      Chris isn’t clued up as to how the DWP work, so he will just believe whatever they tell him and sign anything they ask him to.

      His life is about to become a living hell, trust me 🙂

  9. Chippers

    After some time with Casper and bottom play:

    Chris disappears for an hour to come back to show off what he found. Mind you he has no money in the bank and gas heating has been shutoff. Wonder how he manage to afford this?

    1. lol. A couple of people have sent me pics of what he’s been buying since he’s ‘had his money stopped’

      I’m thinking he’s trolling about all this benefits stopped now. Either that, or somebody is giving him lots and lots of money.

      1. Katie says

        Angel is supplying him money in order to keep her “super ops” he was bullying her relentlessly the other day giving her ops to someone else. In the end she said ok you win and miraciously about 5 mins later Angel got her ops back and he went to the shop and got booze. His mum is giving money to for “food” but as usual he spends it on anything but. No doubt there are still idiots parting with their money and sending him donations because they are worried about this shitty little lying cheating cunt

        1. Yep. It’s Angel who’s giving him money while his benefits have stopped. An Anon emailed this in to us earlier. To keep their identity secret, i will only copy and paste the main info needed.

          ‘Today chris has mentioned a few times something about some female
          having to get a part time job so she could send him more money. At the
          time I was thinking the context was him mooching more off his mom. Tho
          it was Angel. After Welshguy kicked everyone from his channel and went
          back to jsteveio’s channel who was party skyping everyone, Chris went
          on a sphill about how he can’t trust anyone anymore. Angel calls,
          mentions the part time job she just started. Chris gets mad because
          she’s not online for him and out working to support him lol.’

          You can catch the clip HERE

          So after spending every last penny she had, he’s now got her working for him, or ‘us’ as she puts it.

          Seriously, what is wrong with this woman’s mind? She has to have some deep mental issues to keep on doing this for a guy who would rather sleep with a bloke than her. But i suppose at the end of the day, as long as he he isn’t scamming some innocent poor sod, then leave them to it.

  10. justaviewer

    Could it be that Casper and others are giving him booze or money in exchange for blowjobs?

    I don’t know what it is with Angel. Even when she is not there she is logged in. She must literally be logged in all the time. How strange is that to leave your computer online 24 hours a day logged into Chris’ room. She’s an odd bird and wouldn’t surprise me if she was sending him money.

    I think others could be sending it too but there’s hardly anyone in his rooms now, even when he’s got a private show there is maybe 30 at the most and we could all name about 10 names right now that are guaranteed to be there. It must be a tiny few that are giving him money.

  11. BossHog NY

    Karl, So thats why that Palisades Pizza Shop number showed up on Shitty’s skype caller ID 310-459-4400. Angel Hitler is working there and Shitty is calling her at her new job.
    That number is in the Shitty wants to silence us post… page 2

    PS, I wouldn’t eat anything that nasty cunt made or touched.

  12. justaviewer

    Someone should call that number up but rather than putting an order in just ask for Angel and then through the phone play a Chris While soundboard full of his favourite quotes lol.

  13. Priti_Patel

    depending on the local authority, claiming No Income can be quite tricky, it instantly begs the question ‘what are you living on then?’ and if the answer is fresh air and Caspers protein, could involve providing bank statements. Random £100’s appearing isn’t going to fill the DWP with confidence in levels of honesty. I don’t know what the cut off point for getting HB with earnings is in Gulag 17, but based on current behaviour, any attempt to question The King of Ming’s divine right to get his own way would surely lead to a full on melt down, which as everyone knows is the best way to win people over and influence them. I think the only question now is whether or not he is going to be disassembled brick by brick, or the whole building is going to come crashing down around him.

  14. Pikem4n

    How Do All

    Well it looks like chris could be up a creek without a paddle, if the benefits have indeed stopped for whatever reason and “signing on” to get Job seekers allowance is going to be an option it will not be a easy process for chris.

    From what i understand that you can claim JSA but the DWP can quite easily take it away from a person if they do not do as the DWP say to do, so that mean’s going to a job center when they tell you to,turning down various courses and JOB INTERVIEWS, not applying for jobs you are told about, not taking part in any interviews you have been invited to, and not taking part in training schemes, if not it’s a case of “no more money for you” and trips to job agencies will be in order, yeah like that will happen….
    You all get the idea,but we all have bared witness to how he reacts,sulks,moans to people about anything and everything (And thats not being nasty in anyway btw chris if you read this, it’s just stating the well known facts and the way you address things & situations!!) They Job center plus will not take any of the b.s that could come from him if it’s “too cold” or ” i did not know what day it was”,ect,ect,ect,and one thing for sure is that getting up early will be on the cards and being clean and presentable too – does anyone think that can be possible??

    I don’t to be honest.

    Pike 🙂

    1. Ben the Bastard

      Here’s a good start for Chris

      Better than nothing.

  15. Katie says

    Well I dont know what is going on Chris had a table full of booze again and was in a good mood. So has he got his benefits back he is saying nothing and his lackie Brian6 was superops and stuck up his ass as usual. Poor Angel demoted again after probably supplying the nights feast of drink.

    Sorry to see Willsmac back in the room after all the abuse Chris gave him but it seems that some people just cant get enough of shitty. Didnt see Rach in there I hope she has more dignity that to let this vile oik get away with his trantrums but I expect she to will be back begging for shitty’s forgiveness. When are these idiots going to get it into their heads he is the one that needs to apologise but while you all pussyfoot around him he will never learn. Backbone & dignity people get some please

  16. justaviewer

    Someones giving him money. Hes not going to the job centre for nothing, i dont think that is lies, hes definately going but maybe he got a crisis loan?i just hope he casts this afternoon and night and you guys catch it because id love to know what happens this afternoon at 1pm lol

  17. BossHog NY

    When Shitty thought Him & I were best buds, He told me on skype that he got over $6K in donation in his paypal account from July 2014 to now.
    $1.600 of that was from Angel Hitler. Shitty was laughing about how dumb some people are at giving money to him.

    PS, Since I found out He records ALL skype calls, I blocked his ass.

  18. Dusty Bin

    Last i heard Angel Stormee was working part time to pay for his booze, but then again we all know Chris likes to earn money in other ways Tex has been there a few times.

  19. justaviewer

    He looks quite chirpy just now, does anyone know what happened at the job centre?

  20. Nunyaz

    Lol Bozmoney says, you can block people but, you’ll never shut me up kiddo! LMFAO

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