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  1. Cool hand luke

    ? Can you be more specific, karl?

    1. His Ivlog cast which he had on Private, was being re-broadcast on Youtube and we embedded the stream here. He’s offline at the moment, but is should start up once he casts again.

      It’s a safer way of watching his casts without worrying about over zealous Mods banning anyone just because they are in a bad mood.

  2. Katie says

    Shitty was in full meltdown last night. He waa raging at his mum and stephen and everyone else. Of course as ususal nothing was his fault, its not his fault his money was stopped, its not his fault everyone hates him blah blah blah. Newsflash Shitty it is your fault. You treat people like shit and cant work out why you are so disliked and laughed at.

    He even came into Jstevio’s room saying he had snitched by typing the room was flagged (he never snitches rememeber lol) and was met with a barrage of abuse from guests.

    He kept on and on about shutting his cast down so noone could restream him but it took him ages to actually do this. Everything he casts now I think I will flag his room just for the hell of it.

    Give up Shitty the clown prince you are so last year.

    1. Yeah, i recorded it. I will put it up soon 🙂

      1. Katie says

        Well done Karl I love this blog

  3. BossHog Ny

    I never laughed so hard as yesterday(my gut still hurts). Poor Shitty is having a rough time lately. Shitty gets what He gives = Bad Karma.
    No tears from me for him.

  4. Analyst

    I’m sure Chris will be much happier later this week when he gets his benefits restored. And they will restore them I have no doubt. People think that he’s on benefits due to a physical problem, that’s not the case, the state feels rightly or wrongly that he’s too emotionally crazy to work. It’s mental disability not a physical one. Add alcoholism to mental illness and you have a huge mess. This is Chris’ life, he’s doomed to living at the poverty level, alone, anxious, complaining, bad thoughts, cast out of normal society

  5. Analyst

    I have no hope for Chris, he will eventually end up in an institution. The whole experiment of him living on his own has failed because he has yet to live any length of time without people bailing him out financially, cleaning his apartment, the cops overlooking crimes he’s committed. His whole track record since leaving his mothers house has been dismal, he’s so far in debt to the courts and Council that it’s nearly impossible for him to pay this money back

  6. BossHog NY

    Shitty is back on iVlog. I knew he wouldn’t last long on, They chased off Foxturd and JoeWashy. Shitty was fresh meat for the gammers. lol

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