Chris Calls TalkTalk (Fixed)

I felt for Chris in this situation, because i’ve been through the exact same thing. But just like falling over in the street, it’s always funny when it’s not you 🙂

Watch as poor Chris contacts TalkTalk to try and get compensation for the 2 weeks downtime.






They are so useless it’s unreal. I ditched them years ago over constantly being put through to India where some 20p an hour road sweeper tries to tell me my System32 folder is corrupt.

When i’m on Linux?


Sorry Chris, as much as i understand your frustration, that had me in fooking tears lmfao…:-)







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8 Thoughts to “Chris Calls TalkTalk (Fixed)”

  1. EatAFatOne

    That was flippin hilarious. The music was perfect. I dont think it could have been scripted any better. Funniest shit I’ve seen in a WHILE.

    1. I see what you did there 😉 I agree though, when i was watching that live, i was laughing so hard i thought my insides were going to rupture.

      So he spent £7 on a Skype call, to receive a £5 refund lol. Only Chris…

  2. Ben the Bastard

    Indeed, TalkTalk is a joke. I have had only 1 call from them regarding a promotion to extend my contract by someone who also had the same accent as myself, any other time you phone them up, your talking to someone with marbles in their mouths, no matter how many times you call them up for some problem or other. Constantly repeating yourself, what with them not understanding what your actually saying to them. The final straw with them and myself was around this time last year. When there was an urgent situation going on, any other time the landline was working fine but that took the biscuit in it not working when you needed it most, they didn’t even have the decency to know about it in order to let you know their was maintenance or whatever what was going on with them for your landline to not be working yet internet usage there wasn’t any problem considering. Not to mention the major data breach of customer details. Chris, if you had the since, you would have ditched them yourself around this time last year but it’s quite clearly, sense is one thing you don’t have, that your still with them..

    1. I was with them for years and regarding my phone and broadband, never had a problem. Then the one time it did go down, it was down for about 4 months. To be fair, they did send me a 4g mobile router and paid for the top ups, but their so called ‘technical support’ is utter garbage.

      They never have any English technicians, unless you threaten them with legal letters, then all of a sudden you get through to somebody who half knows what he’s talking about.

      As for the £5 compensation they offered Chris, for 2 weeks downtime, i would of told them where to shove their fiver.

  3. Ben the Bastard

    Before anyone blabs out, yes, I do know there are spelling errors, so what, how sharp will anyone else be in writing your opinion at 7am in the morning?

  4. Angie2013

    lol funny call. he was on the phone for ages, his name was Nell and from the tech team.
    yes Mr While i understand

  5. Stormin' Norman

    Priceless comedy gold.

    Clearly the chap he was talking to didn’t speak the queens english!

  6. Brokenmech

    the fact he spent more on the skype call than what they were offering for compensation was comedy gold…

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