Happy Birthday Christopher While

Just a couple of days after he celebrated his girlfriends birthday by buying himself another laptop, yesterday it was Chris’ chance to celebrate….and buy himself more presents.

With Chris, you know exactly how the day is going to pan out. Start of well, all happy, then turn violent and aggressive, then end up so drunk he’ll burst into tears and have a major breakdown.

Still, it’s good to watch 🙂


So we’ve had the happiness, the flirting with Amy, and the cheerful part of the Birthday. Now it’s time for the predictable middle section.


But his meltdown didn’t stop there..oh no!


Although he did sing a song for the two loves in his life.



Happy Birthday Christopher 🙂













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5 Thoughts to “Happy Birthday Christopher While”

  1. Nunyaz

    Hahahahaha great fucking post. Happy Birthday Christy-fur!

  2. Anonymous

    What a fucking jerk.

  3. raoul duke

    what a sad sad user ,using his own ammunition against himself AND!

  4. raoul duke

    angel begged for chriss his mom got nothing she knows hes a simpleton what more heinous savagry can we not forsee fron such an un mannored savage

  5. Barrow Seagull

    Casper cut the internet okayyyyyyy, we believe you.
    The bring it on bitch comments to Mark lolz

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