Chris Has A Genius Idea!

For what was probably the 1872nd time, Chris lost his door keys again. And when a pint down the local is calling your name, not being able to lock your door and go and sup it can be a very frustrating time.

So at times like these, it’s essential you have the brains to come up with a masterplan. And that was just what Chris did 😉



What some people might not know is, Chris is only small. I think he’s about 5ft 3in or something like that, so while he could reach the window from the inside (just about) he didn’t realise that the drop on the outside is obviously bigger lol.

Still, a broken door later, he finally made it back in 🙂




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4 Thoughts to “Chris Has A Genius Idea!”

  1. Anonymous

    He needs to be in an institution

  2. Anonymous

    Angel is still paying Chris and has no intention of stopping, Chris needs to be reported again to the Benefits office, she’s helping him with his fraud

  3. Anonymous

    A normal person would have contacted the apartment manager to use their key but Chris is mildly retarded so his mind doesn’t work well. He thinks he has a right to bash down a door that he doesn’t own and not have to pay for it.

  4. Chris While

    do me a favour… do me a favour… do me a favour…

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