Clips Of The Week 27-03-2016

Some of the clips that you might have missed this week, including a saucy proposition from Renegade Faith, and some psychic revelations from Steelie.


Eyegate Scandal Continues:

The black eye that wasn’t black, or even swollen for that matter, is still splitting opinion between folks as Amy’s Mum drops her in it.

Amy100 - red eye

Amy's Mum

Snarfy: You Should Be Dancing (yeah):

Steelie Makes a Nate the Great Style Psychic Prediction:

Out of 7 Billion people, what’s the chances? Steelie could have a new profession here.

GG: Who Needs A Vibrator:

When you have a finger the length of this

GG - ET - phone home (copy)

SexyChris Scrubs Up Well:

When you are ready for a night out, it’s always good to look your best.

Chris looking rough with long hair 2

Snarfy Rolls Back The Years:

And some hair…

Thundersnarf with hair

Steelie: Gay Bar Reviewer:

Steelie went to gay strip club

RenegadeFaith Takes One For The Girls:

When your friends apartment burns down, a good friend will do whatever it takes to help them out. Even selling off your boobs 🙂

** Disclaimer: I didn’t donate $50 and those are probably not Faith’s breasts.

MichelleStacy: Splattered Brains Are Sexier Than Chris:

Theresa’s back, and slowly but surely working her way back to Queen scum again. But to be fair, this did make me chuckle.


John eyes_99-165_2nd_optimized

4 Thoughts to “Clips Of The Week 27-03-2016”

  1. Doctor Fox

    Her eye is not blood shot either. That’s what you would expect if whacked in the eye, or a cut.

  2. Anonymous

    Chris just…. looks crazy…. always

  3. Anonymous

    LOL.. i stood by my word too.. Brachiale will confirm. And.. those aren’t my boobies… i put my face in my pics <3 ya UKM!!! -Faith.

  4. Anonymous

    bot_ghettofinger ftw good to see him back to casting love his voice- best tech on vaughn

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