Chris: Why Are People Nasty To Me?

I’d forgot all about this until Lulu dropped the link in the chat. Now if you are Ruby, Angelstormee or Brian6, there’s no point in you watching this next video, because obviously you’ll claim she deserved it and Chris is God blah blah blah.

But for those still on planet earth, watch this video of him ‘talking’ to RenegadeFaith. Remember, Chris is the victim in life, and he can’t understand why people hate him…

*Video courtesy of Paquet90:

Faith is the sweetest person on cam sites. She literally wouldn’t hurt a fly. But because she had the nerve to ask Christopher if the rumours were true, he wanted her to go and cut her wrists.

Yeah, you’re right Chris, i just can’t fathom why anybody would be mean to you???????








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5 Thoughts to “Chris: Why Are People Nasty To Me?”

  1. Ben the Bastard

    No Chris, your jealous of me because I really have got better things than you, I got a 40inch HD telly set ontop of glass telly stand, a black leather sofa, nice comfy bed, a 16k sound system powered by a 960 watt amplifier, (2 hoovers) an i3 PC with a GTX 750ti, 8GB of ram with an HD monitor, a decent microphone all set on a good sized computer table. Laminated flooring and seeking a job to earn a decent weekly pay cheque so I can buy more decent stuff. Non of my stuff was payed for by the tax payer and that’s the way all good things should be received by.

    1. Anonymous

      Yes take note all you people who defend Chris as he boasts that he doesnt have to work for anything that he gets.

  2. The_Maze

    yes you did hit your mum Chris, you got took to court for it.
    WTF re him an Menellie

  3. Anonymous

    Of course his ass lickers are going to say its Faith’s fault. Chris wouldnt know the truth if it came up and bit him, I hope Faith realises by now that YES he did hit his mother and stupidly Steven is paying the fine for him. I would of just left him to pay it himself, default and be put in prison. I think Anna and Chris know they are onto a good thing with Steven and milk him for all they can.

  4. CrapMoStank

    Your mother is too soft on you Chris, she needs to stop putting up with your crying over this and that and get you to stand up for yourself. You need jail time Chris, perhaps one day that will happen but remember this. Never ever pick up the soap for anyone else. Yes, I am nasty but no where near as nasty as you have been towards myself and others you you or your dumb ass mods have blocked from viewing your stream, blocked mainly for not even so much as speaking a single word. It’s your own fault for this Chris, nothing to do with I or anyone else, including Mark Gronan.

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