Chris v Mark G – The Clear Version

After going through the video from the actual broadcast, it was so distorted with Chris deliberately screaming and shouting over Mark’s voice to stop him asking awkward questions, that you couldn’t hear half of what Mark was saying.

Luckily, Mark recorded it from his end too 🙂




I think it was Trevor from the Dwelling that raised a good question. He refused to answer on this call to Mark, and i suppose you could say he was too busy ranting. But has anybody actually heard Chris explain what the charges are? I haven’t.

I wonder why he’s so reluctant to tell us what he’s been charged with? And please, before anybody pipes up that he said he’s not been charged, you don’t get taken to Court, without being charged for an offence/offences.

There was a certain part in the phone call where Chris gave away how he thinks he’s going to, and i quote “get out this” and believe me, he’s in for one big shock if he thinks he can manipulate the Crown Prosecution like he does his Mum, Angelstormee and Ruby.

That’s all i can say on that matter, as i don’t want to jeopardize the Court case in any way.

But, i would be interested to hear him tell just what it is he’s being taken to Court for. Not that i’ll hold my breath on that one 😉








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10 Thoughts to “Chris v Mark G – The Clear Version”

  1. rach33 aka miss piggy

    i just love how mark is so calm and chris is on the verge of either a nervous breakdown or a heart attack but as usual chris has to get somebody else in the call to give him support he starts his own shit but cant finish it nothing ever changes 😀

    1. Anon

      wasn’t that long ago “miss piggy” you were in shitty’s room slagging ukmuppets off, but now u never seem to leave here.

      1. rach33 aka miss piggy

        anon i used to like shitty but i woke to the realisation that shitty will never ever change so i washed my hands of him (we all make mistakes) and they are there to be learned from

        and for the record i never slagged muppets blog of so try again

  2. The_Maze

    Chris was like a raving lunatic, he totally lost it.
    Bit strange how Chris ended the call quickly at the end.

  3. Brokenmech

    prepare your anus, shitty, prepare your anus.

  4. AngelStormee

    Chris got his benefits cut off for the second time

    1. Not the real AngelStormee

  5. Anonymous

    menellie repairs pcs for money on the side no different

  6. magic

    menellie works on the side and claims disability benefits !

  7. Anonymous

    Maybe if Chris didnt flaunt it in your face that he doesnt have to work because the stupid tax payer will support him, get up and dance about, move furniture and lift heavy objects while he and his mum claim he cant walk without the aid of a stick due to his bad back (which btw I have never ever seen), claim benefits for around another 15 fake disabilities, spent all the money on booze while still boasting about it people might not have got so pissed off about it and let him alone. But of course the Shitty supporters will all claim he is a saint or a god and still worship this lazy vile woman beating foul mouthed piece of dung.

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