Pikem4n: Go After Nedrauk Not Chris

I can only assume Gaz was drunk when he came out with this, because usually he’s a sensible guy. But some of the nonsense he came out with the other night was cringeworthy.

Before we watch the video, remember that what is fact and what isn’t. What we do know is fact is, Chris had all his computer stuff, including hard drives, mobile phone and router, seized by the Police. What also is fact, is he’s been charged and bailed to appear before Court in a few months.

Now, unless i’m in the dark here, which one should be ‘gone after’ by the blogs?


I don’t know what he was referring to when he said we are ‘sucking up to’ because i couldn’t see the chat, but if you are seriously trying to say that people should go after Nedrauk before a guy who’s due to appear in Court over alleged ‘illegal’ data on his hard drives, then you need to stay of that booze Gaz, js 🙂








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8 Thoughts to “Pikem4n: Go After Nedrauk Not Chris”

  1. letsstalk

    why do you keep perpetuating this lie that chris has impending court dates and his computers were seized?

    1. Anonymous

      Not lies that is why. He does have a court date and his computers were seized but in typical teflon chris style he just goes and gets himself more computers becuase he does think anything he does is wrong.

      Why do you keep perpetuating this lie that he does not have impending court date and that his computers were not seized.

  2. jacksonhive

    Nedrauk is into young teen boys, that I know for sure because I have seen the young teen boys bodybuilding site he used to have, IT’S DISGUSTING, and he has admitted to having the site to help young teen boys with bodybuilding. Now, I cannot remember what ages they were exactly, possibly 16, maybe 15 at the youngest.

    He’s a really, really weird guy for sure.

  3. Pikeman

    Now then, i thought it would be rude of me not to respond to this wonderful post that i see before my very eyes, and yes i did have a few sherberts last night too :P.

    It takes a big person to hold their hands up and say ” i think i might of made myself look like a twat on my cast last night” sorry about that, just for reference i’ve never called or labelled neddy boy as a peadophile, he’s just a weirdy-beardy type really.

    I should not of said thats the sort of person they should go after, out of order from myself there tbh, i can’t really defend myself here as it seems i am in indeed in the wrong, so sorry to all whom was in my channel who witnessed myself saying such shocking fucking shite tbh.

    Sorry x

  4. Anonymous

    maybe pikeman should learn to spell the

  5. James Brown: Papa's got a brand new bag. Joe Dutch: Foxman's got a brand new set of dentures

    Raveman62 is the one you should go after. That baldy bastard is known to have shagged underage terminally ill patients at Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast while working in clown care. http://imgur.com/bUbctZH

  6. WakeupGams

    Brilliant stuff

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