OriginalMushroom Returns

Do you remember the young girl from Canada (i think) the one who smoked weed like we breathe air? Always stoned and had a couple of piercings?

Yes, of course you do! But for those who weren’t around back then, or who suffer with memory loss, here’s a video we posted of her with Irelands Patriot from a couple of years back.


Well after going AWOL for the last year or so, she returned to VL last night. Different hair colour, more piercings and looking a wee bit older.

But still hammering the weed?


Errrr…i think that’s a yes 😉







John eyes_99-165_2nd_optimized


5 Thoughts to “OriginalMushroom Returns”

  1. IP

    She’s been bakc on and off since about November man 😛
    BTW I appreciate the Protection tips tab you put on your page. I downloaded some of the recommended extensions, cheers man


    She’s a very nice person. I’ve always gotten along with her well. She looks so different, but I bet the personality is still wonderful! I had missed her.

  3. Yeah i like her. She doesn’t seem to cause any trouble or do anyone any harm, she just likes a good smoke lol 🙂

  4. IP

    shes an absolute diamon man, a real solid woman, talk to her on skype off cam often. shes adorable and a very nice person, down to earth sweetheart.

  5. Anonymous

    I think her poopie smells quite bad. I wouldn’t want to sniff her poopie.

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