GG Gets A Helping Hand

We often hear about how loving a husband Gamergirl’s bloke is, and it looks like it’s true. I mean, how many partners are prepared to stand in a dark room for hours on end, stroking and caressing their woman’s wig?


It is GG’s husbands hands right?








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7 Thoughts to “GG Gets A Helping Hand”

  1. IP

    hahahaha, mate you fucking missed me, me and a lady were on skype and casting talking abou her hands for about an hour on ivlog/. it was comedy gold

  2. Anonymous

    Bloody hell her hands are bigger than her head. She really irrates me the constant fiddling of the hair and re-arranging of the boobs.

  3. lol, i never really noticed how huge her hands were till yesterday. I’m a fairly big bloke, but i wouldn’t want a punch off GG, fuck no!

  4. youknowwho

    Come off it, you’d surely not turn her down if she offered you a handjob…

    1. I’m afraid i’m not well endowed enough for a handjob from GG. Maybe an Elephant or Horse would be better suited.

  5. jamie stirling

    wat a nasty bitch

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