Scruffy Wants You On Your Hands And Knees

Don’t worry, it’s not the disgusting thought some of you are thinking. No, we are talking another one Scruffy’s fetishes, banning!

I’m seriously starting to worry about the kind of life the Vaughns have led so far. The way they need to feel the power to make you beneath them, is a typical reaction to being bullied in the past.

We’ve heard time and time again how Mark was pulled out of School because it was allegedly rife with rape and drugs. But it does make you think, is that really why he was pulled out?

People are highly critical of so called power obsessed Mods in channels, such as AngelStormee. But as much as i’ve seen her ban people for silly reasons, i don’t recall her ever doing this:


Scruffy bans guest then asks them to beg


A guest say’s something she doesn’t like, so she tells them to shut up (very professional), but then, somewhat bizarrely, tells them to beg her for their IP address back. WTF?

At first, i thought she was just trolling. Then she gives the email to contact her, to beg for their ‘IP’ address back (how do you beg for your ip back?)

Still stunned, i’m thinking, nah, she’s just taking the piss out of herself, she’s not being serious, surely?


Scruffy- ones we ban beg to come back


Hmm. I’m sure FoxmanShawn is pulling in more viewers on Blab than he used to on Vaughn? Joe Walsh, is he begging to come back?

No, thought not!

The delusion doesn’t end there though. This was her reply to Jackielee mentioning launching soon.


Scruffy not scared of Blogtv


Arrogant, or simply deluded? Either way, if this Blogtv does launch, i’m going to love seeing the cocky smirk being wiped off the Vaughns faces.

I wonder how many people will be getting down on their knees and begging for forgiveness to Scruffy then?







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27 Thoughts to “Scruffy Wants You On Your Hands And Knees”

  1. Ben the Bastard

    lmao, She banned me, I have never and don’t intend to beg to be unbanned. She just can’t help but keep on shooting herself in the foot. hahahahahaha That’s the most funniest thing I have read yet, the headline should read “The daftness of Miss Scruffy”

    1. Anonymous

      Lol Ben have to agree the only thing I have done is ask why I was IP banned then had my channel closed for merely having a difference of opinion with Scruffy but of course no reply has ever been received.

      I was in GG’s sorry Scratches room and asked Mark straight out but his reply was I dont know of anyone being IP banned or having their channel closed, if it has been then my mother must of had just reason for doing so she doesnt just ban for disagreeing with her. YES MARK SHE DOES and you know it.

      She is delusional if Mark was any sort of a man he would pull his mother into line but she is still breast feeding him it seems and he hasnt got the balls to stand up to her.

      Vaughn is all but dead and tbh a lot of the staff and techs are getting the same if you say one word they dont like wham your gone from the channel.

      I now can’t even be bothered to make up another name and log into vaughn oh and Mark I’m still waiting for you to reply to my FB message about why but I have a feeling hell may freeze over before that happens

  2. TheVaughnsAreCunts

    Deluded, crazy, nasty, condescending, arrogant, old fucking ratbag is what she is.

    Scruffy, please, please, please just fucking die soon and rest in piss.

  3. IP

    im going to beg them for my channel back and see if they say i begged them to everyone on vaughn or fb lol

  4. BossHog NY

    I called Scruffy a banning NAZI cunt and she ip banned me.

    I emailed her saying it wasn’t me, She said yes it was and has my house addy to prove it was me.

    Well thats weird/funny, I live about 20 miles from where my ip addy says I live…..LOL. What a STUPID asswipe liar she is.

    1. youknowwho

      So you insulted her, then lied about it to try to get out of a ban and SHE’s the one with a problem?

    2. Ben the Bastard

      Pity during that conversation I had with her in trying to get it through her head that I had no part to play in what she was throwing at me, surely with me Being in the UK and hadn’t even bothered to ask me where I was from as anybody can read with that conversation I have published in various places, should have looked up the location of the IP which again, was not my IP she had banned but still, stuck to her story non the less in accusing me of streaming porn and in posting the links to porn site. How stupid is that? Surely with her classing herself as the director of Vaughnlive, she would have at least made some effort and apologising that she was and still is in the wrong.

  5. youknowwho

    The site’s rules says no disrespect of staff, meaning don’t say that the community manager’s personal illnesses are all on her head – that is very disrespectful. There is a difference between ‘difference of opinion’ and attacking someone, I guess not everyone is capable of understanding that. If she believes the earth is flat for example, and you don’t – that’s fine. But you’re not allowed to try to publicly shame someone for what you think their illnesses are. I do not understand in the least bit why any of you think this is out of line.

    1. Anonymous

      Youknowwho in no way was i disrespectful to scruffy on the contrary she was extremely rude to me. There was a discussion about whether VIP casters received preferential treatment over other casters and I am not talking access etc but in general. I stated that from what I could see there was clearly one set of rules for the VIP casters and another for those choosing not to take it up.

      Scruffy said prove it so I gave her a recent example and i was met with the words well if you dont like it fuck off then and I was IP banned.

      About 2 weeks later I tried to sign in under my name and my channel had been closed due to violation of TOS guidelines. I have asked for an explanation but received none (again very politely). I can fully understand people saying that scruffy is ruining the site and she is indeed using to settle personal grudges and it doesnt surprise me in the least that she is demanding people beg her to get their IP or channel back. She is a nasty woman full of her own self importance when in fact if it wasnt for the casters and guests vaughn would not exist and the rate she is alienating everyone it will soon disappear and Mark will only have himself because he does nothing to stop her running wild and his mother to blame for their demise.

      1. youknowwho

        I saw you being disrespectful to her as a guest in the screenshots in this blog post mr. anonymous – you might not think so but it was way out of line. Respect of staff means do not question their dealings with others also….

        1. Man, you was actually doing pretty well with being anonymous the first couple of posts, but you really are giving yourself away AGAIN lol, js 😉

          1. youknowwho

            these are words on a screen, doesn’t matter what or who the source is or where they come from. It’s just logical debating. You can plainly see Guest 752 saying in the screenshots that they believe all of Miss Scruffy’s illnesses are in her head, and she has mental illness issues. That’s a blatant accusation and completely disrespectful, isn’t it? Or do you not agree?

        2. Katie says

          Ryan you saw fuck all now get out of the vaughns asses. Respect of staff does not mean they can run riot and treat people like shit.

          Tell me exactly what was being disrespectful or way out of line in the post you comment on being told to fuck off because of an observation doesnt warrant any respect of any sort kinda like i have for you absolutely none.

          I saw come into a cast on Ivlog troll then run back to vaughn shouting I stuck up for you Mark can I suck your cock now.

          1. youknowwho

            Okay Katie – this “Guest_75232401754: Yes bc it’s a mental ILLNESS — you needed help you never got bc of PC”

            For those of you who cannot read between the lines, what this guest has essentially said is that “miss scruffy, stop being so politically correct, you are mentally ill and all your health problems are in your head”

            Now that is VERY disrespectful, and that’s why the person was warned to get a new IP – it means an IP ban is imminent and coming at any moment for what that guest just said.

        3. WhineHiFi

          Ryan,you really are a sad prick.

          I’m starting to think you will be by Scruffy’s bedside, holding her hand when she passes away.

          1. youknowwho

            This is absolutely insane – you cannot logically debate. Anything turns into personal attacks against the one who has an opposite point of view.

            This isn’t about me, or you, this is a logical debate about whether or not Miss Scruffy is out of line, and she isn’t. Where on earth do any of you get the idea that it’s perfectly alright to voice an opinion that puts any of the site’s staff in a negative light? You can do it here on your blogs, but if you do it on vaughnlive you’ll get dealt with. And then suddenly in your eyes the problem is with them, when you have been the one who behaved badly. This is akin to a 5 year old flipping out because daddy won’t buy the sugary cereal the child wants when visiting the supermarket – then you go and tell your daddy to fuck off when he says no. Positions of AUTHORITY mean that authority should be respected, not mocked. If this 100% logical argument flies above your heads there is nothing more to say.

      1. lol, he just can’t change his style at all can he?

  6. Dusty bin

    Ryans after a Free VIP GOLD. Kissy Kissy Miss Scruffy and Mark.

    1. youknowwho

      sorry, your juvenile taunting and bullying tactics (trying to shame me into changing my opinion because you cannot understand why someone would see something another way) won’t work on me.

      1. Anonymous

        Ryan I was not in anyway disrespectful to Miss Scruffy I had a different opinion on a subject that they wanted open debate on but because I did not share the same view as Miss Scruffy she was the one who became abusive and childish. If she didnt want to hear other people’s opinion why the hell ask for it in the first place. Just because you are the site owners mother does not give her the right to bully other people. Yes Ryan bully a word you love to bandy around. With her current attitude she should not be in any position of authority as she is using VaughnLive to hold and settle petty grudges with people.

        I feel sorry for you Ryan because you need to take off you rose coloured glasses and see what is really happening on VL.

        I understand that you cannot see further than you undying devotion to the Vaughns but I doubt they appreciate it and would kick you out as soon as see your name appear on screen if they had a mind to and it would probably be for no reason at all other than Miss Scruffy felt like it.

      2. Anonymous

        Ryan you belong in a mental institution.

        1. youknowwho

          see, you’re typing to me in an unfriendly and insulting manner. Don’t you see if this was VL and i was Miss Scruffy, suggesting I or someone else belong in an institution is grounds for a ban…

          It’s not ‘telling it like it is’ or ‘exercising your right to free speech’

          1. Anonymous

            I didnt type that Ryan now please answer my question about Scruffys rude and arrogant behaviour and her decision to ban someone because she doesnt like the answer to a question she has asked.

            You totally ignore that because it would mean that Miss Scruffy was wrong and I dont feel you could possibly type anything that was against the Vaughns.

          2. Anonymous

            We’re not on VL, I’ll say whatever I want to you, fat fuck. Grow a pair of balls and man the fuck up.

      3. Ben the Bastard

        How about you get your head out of your ass hole Ryan and start reading stuff of what Miss Scruffy is sending out. This is the reason why people are so pissed off about, stop listening to bullshit son and listen to the other side of the story before jumping into sticking up for the likes of Scruffy.

        Yes, Scruffy is actually a cunt I have you know, I never stepped out of line myself against her or as she has claimed, broken any TOS on Vaughn.

        1. youknowwho

          Yes, you did Ben – you just were too damn drunk to remember. I have seen you on their site many times being abusive to staff and making fun of them. As for ‘Anonymous’ – I have explained that Miss Scruffy was justified in banning the IP of Guest752XXX.

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