If Only Scruffy Had jSteveo’s Class

I’ve said it many times recently, that the Vaughns seem to buckling under the pressure of losing casters and viewers, and the thought of Blogtv.ca opening.

We’ve had the ridiculous, almost borderline insane quote from Mark, that somebody offered $10M for Breakers.tv, then we’ve had the “site is growing” and ‘Servers at full capacity’ tripe. Even claims that the site is growing that much, Marks had to order another 3 – 10Gbps video servers ( even though i’m yet to see them being used)

But probably the most embarrassing thing to spew from the Vaughsoft PR department, has to be Scruffy’s claim that jSteveo “has no class”

Whether you like jSteveo or not, the one thing you could not deny, is that when he did cast on Vaughn, he would always defend the Vaughns when people in chat or Skype were criticizing them. So much so, that Scruffy would often pop in and say how much she loved his casts.

Now he’s moved more to Ivlog, it appears he’s gone from presenting “great casts” as described by Scruff herself, to having “no class”


I agree with every single point that was made in that video. jSteveo asked if you could name 3 casters on VaughnLive, who will have a debate, a debate where you CAN express your views without being banned or kicked, and i can only think of possibly two?

Apart from RealmanPwns and Sirensea, are there any casters left on VL that can take somebody saying they don’t like them without throwing their toys out of the pram?

As he said, if you can only take praise, a Public broadcasting site is not the place for you to be. You put yourself in the public eye, then expect the public to have an opinion.

People like Ryan and the Vaughns, claim that, quoting Ryan “it is NOT our human right to be harsh about others and judge them”

Sorry Ryan and Scruffs, but living in the West does allow us our human right to judge and have opinions. It’s called freedom of speech. If that bothers you, may i suggest you move to Saudi Arabia, or North Korea. I believe they live life how you would like it to be.








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37 Thoughts to “If Only Scruffy Had jSteveo’s Class”

  1. youknowwho

    Freedom of speech is meant to protect you from imprisonment by the government for speaking your mind about their policies and practices. Freedom of speech is NOT the ability to be critical of others, rude, harsh, bullying, etc without repercussion.

    Look at this…


    That is the difference. Nobody has the right to run a hate cast that makes fun of others, it’s not a ‘basic right’ as you would like to believe it is. It’s immoral, illegal, hurtful, causes dissent in the community, etc – what more proof do you need? Every time you speak out against a site’s policies the site’s staff have a right to make you a target. Every time you speak out against another caster and call them a loser, scum, threaten to report them for online income, etc – that has REPERCUSSIONS. I know you believe it doesn’t, but these blogs are the PROOF that it does. Everyone who’s spoken out against Mark, his site, his mother, etc has been dealt with harshly, and you all don’t like it. You think they don’t have a right to treat you this way. They DO.

    1. Ryan, dude! When you said look at this, i was expecting a historical, intellectual article from some well respected website. Instead, i find what looks like a game of hangman produced by a 7yr old?

      Look. The simple fact is, that in the West, you are allowed freedom of speech. That doesn’t just mean against your government, it means everybody. As long as you don’t threaten to harm somebody, or harass them with calls, emails, home visits etc, then you can give your opinion in any way you wish. If you tell lies, then you maybe sued for Slander or Libel, depending on the context.

      But to say you can’t express an opinion on somebody else, is just dumb! If i watch a tv programme and take to Twitter, Facebook or any other Social media and say i think one of the actors is shit at acting, that is my human, legal right under the freedom of speech.

      The same applies if i watch you doing your broadcast on VL. That is no different to me watching somebody on the tv. If i think after watching your broadcast that you are a fool, then again, it’s my right to express that anywhere and how i see fit.

      As long as i’m not threatening you or harassing you in any way, then my opinions are my opinions and there is not a Court in the West that would even contemplate telling me otherwise.

      The amount of times that idiots have come here, or posted in VL, Ivlog etc that this site is going to be shutdown for harassment blah blah, yet to this date, we have never had once single contact from any officials, anywhere in the World, to issue us with a cease and desist notice. Ever wondered why?

      I mean, the contact form is right there on the front page, or if anybody would like to give it their Lawyers/Solicitors, its simple, [email protected]

      But you know, i know, and every sane person out there know’s, that no Lawyer is going to get involved in a site that provides opinions, and/or accusations when backed up with evidence.

      So sorry Ryan, you are wrong again.

      1. youknowwho

        Yes, you can watch TV and say so and so the actor is shit at acting, but you CANNOT say ‘this person is a lowlife scumbag who is mooching off the government’ or ‘this person deserves a bullet in the head’ or ‘this person is a nazi'(it’s considered in bad taste, it’s morally wrong) Talk about going WAY over your head. The little cartoon explains PERFECTLY what’s going on. You little morons are obsessed and jealous that you cannot control website owners and other casters.

        1. BabylonGanoosh

          “You cannot say ‘this person is a lowlife scumbag…'”

          and then

          “You little morons…”

          Karl (and everyone else who entertain Ryan by answering him) you are being trolled.

          Simply stop responding to his trolling. He is not and never has been trying to engage in any form of debate. He is sitting at his desk giggling like a little girl as he trolls, trolls and trolls away.

      2. youknowwho

        And yes, you can say what you would like HERE on your own domain, but if you go on VAUGHNLIVE.TV and say what you would like against staff, it’s not THEM who are in the wrong for wanting to remove you from their site. It’s not them ‘not playing fair’. Do you understand? They have a right to remove who they want from their community based on how they treat others.

        1. Anonymous

          Ryan your mother should’ve done the sensible thing and had an abortion instead of spitting your worthless ass out of her nasty rotten cunt.

        2. MasonFree

          Um, you really do not have the grasp of what freedom of speech is, your kind is what is destroying everyday people’s lives with your SJW bullshit.

          Threatening someone’s life is against the law, inciting hatred i.e. telling people they should harass, harm, or kill someone is against the law.

          Saying “They deserve a bullet in the head”, is merely voicing an opinion and is not a threat, nor is it telling people to commit a crime.

          Get it through your thick fucking skull, seriously sit down and try to figure it out for maybe more than 5 seconds before coming on here and making yourself look like more of a retard than you already do.

          1. The irony is, the only time the phrase “bullet in the head” has ever been used on here, is when Ryan himself, offered to travel to the UK to put a bullet in Christopher Whiles head..

        3. Anonymous

          So Ryan you are saying if Scruffy called Vile a worthless piece of shit who should have died at birth and believe me she is capable of saying such a thing. I have seen her say similar to another caster and I said hold on Scruffy thats not a nice thing to say and she removed me from her site that is perfectly ok because it is a Vaughn doing it. Silly me of course it is the Vaughns can do no wrong in your eyes would be my fault to daring to say anything to the woman you worship lol lol.

        4. Clusterfook

          By your definition, Mark Vaughn should be arrested for that infamously captured screenshot of him saying “Joewalsh should die in a fire”.

          Christ, Ryan, you really are something else,buddy.

          1. youknowwho

            I’m saying that a domain owner can act as they please on their website / domain, just as Karl does as he pleases here. Mark is in control of vaughnlive.tv’s servers, not the site’s users. The entire argument here is that you people and Karl feel you should be able to go live on a website and act however you please without fear of repercussions – it doesn’t work that way. List all the sites we’ve ever used in the past – JTV, Stickam, BlogTV, Vaughnlive.tv, ivlog.tv, justcastnowwhatever.lol – all of those sites and more, NONE of them have allowed the kind of content you guys want to see and think should be okay.

  2. IP

    JSteveo was the biggest bootlicker on that site. He’s only coming out of his shell now because at long last he felt the burn many of us felt and he readily ignored and defended. He’s a slimey politician that plays both sides. He’s the man of many faces, and will do every underhanded tactic to get you banned from sites. I contacted BlogTv.ca personally to ensure I am not prebanned, cos wankers like him are always ass kissers like him trying to get people banned. I could write an essay on this man’s hypocrisy.

    1. youknowwho

      For once I agree with IP

    2. jstevieo

      ……………says the man who shared how he set his alarm clock for some ridiculous hour to be the first if not one of the offered discounted VIP packages [pre gold/Or] … i have to agree with Karl and unsuprised the issue /point is completely lost on this base developed white knighters for the downtrodden & consumed voids ,confronted by my existence , hunkering for acceptance from the Alpha like licking puppies hoping you,ll puke to feed them , unable to fathom the concept and point made , too busy doing what they do best …annoying pseudo/psycoJackRussels nuzzing ankles and growling . this most recent goal post change of i getting anyone banned off VL is almost as failworthy to forget & tru LEAD Zeppelin of fail trolling …as my proposed extradition to canada , having had a nefarious effect on Brads tragic premature demise …even the dead are fair game for the examples of interweb “social”casting , its like im back at work at home .

      1. IP

        lol this dude is so fucking dumb. stop smoking crack. i never had a VIP account on VL ever. you’re just straight out lying now, and you look like more of a fool than usual. what a fucking fool.

  3. peckerhead

    that’s so funny going on about scruffy and losing traffic. so funny, when Ukmuppets is going through a similar drought with Sexychris gone. Nobody cares about autistic ryan, jsteveo’s not controversal. With chris gone I rarely even visit this blog anymore. Thanks Mark Gronan!

    1. Katie says

      peckerhead i disagree i still visit this blog and it doesnt bother me one bit that unsexy chris has gone, your world might revolve round him but mine doesnt.

  4. Trevor

    I don’t have much time for IP, but he’s bang on the money here.

    JStevieo will gladly talk about Chris While being a Pedophile all day long (and I don’t like Shitty While any more than any of you do) but I’ve seen him ban many people that bring up the allegations against Mark Gronan in his room, and then say “we’re not here to talk about Mark”. How he can talk about someone being a Pedophile on the strength of some screenshots (that I suspect might be fake) and hearsay, but then go onto ban people in his room for daring to mention someone, who has been investigated by the police, is a fucking joke and JStevieo for that reason has no credibility at all.

    My problem isn’t with Mark on this, if he didn’t do it then that’s a pretty fucked up thing to go through. If he did do it then I hope they can find evidence against him and charge him for it. And that’s all I’ll say on that.

    And just in case you’re confused, I dislike Shitty Arse While with a passion and was overjoyed when he got his benefits taken away. Chris While is a complete and utter Cunt, who deserves everything he gets.

    Don’t even get me started on Scruffy.

    1. IP

      drinking so cant be fucked up with grammer but let me outline just a small bit of his hypocrisy.
      1) talks smack about the vaughns, but was their biggest bootleg supporter. (he messaged mark on fb to get me banned).
      2) he actually donates money to casting sites as a form of financial leverage, and calls in favours later.
      3) he says that we are arrogant (i am, but yolo it’s for fun in character) and that we are conceited. 5 minutes later he said ‘they’re jealous of my long flowing head of hair’. ‘shawnio is jealous because he wants my life’. he engages in the same narcassicm the very people he hates on do.
      4) he will say he doesnt want recognition for his generouisty but is constantly trying to make himself look good. ‘well i sent in money to colt myself but i did it anon because i dont want the recognition. charity is charity’. then why mention it, you dumb fuck?
      5) he prides himself on being direct. he’s the most passive aggressive person ive ever met
      6)he says he calls it like it is. but he flip flops and changes sides

      he tries his best to create this favourable public image, but he changes sides so much you can’t talk him seriously. 5 months ago he berated james anderson for imitating me, now he’s changed it to berating me for imitating him. lol. he cant keep shit straigh, he’s a flip flopper. he says anderson is using me for viewers, and anderson doesn’t even case

      tldr steveo is a scumbag slimey politician that needs a new hobby collecting stamps or something

    2. justaviewer

      I agree with you and it’s the same with so many others and we could be here all day naming names.

      Do you know what it comes down to Trevor? From Jsteveio to Billy Bob to Chris While, Nathan and Mark Gronan to Warrrbuck, infact everybody, i’ll tar them all with the same brush. All of them are not nice people. The one mistake you can ever make on any casting site is to think anyone is your friend. They all have very nasty sides to them and some like Jstevieo are good at playing the good side, they know how to play the game and come across like a friendly middle aged man, I’m just like you, i work like you, i’m a humble man, i don’t ask for much etc etc but as you know, they have their favourites, they pick their sides, they backstab.

      That’s why good people like myself and probably you too, we don’t need accounts on any casting site, we don’t need to own webcams, we’re content sitting from afar because the truth is they all have issues. No one with a perfect life sits in front of a camera talking to strangers, it just doesn’t happen. They ALL have their real life issues. They are not your friends. They are not the type of people you want to get involved with in real life or online. A lot of these people have serious issues going on.

      And with JStevieo and Mark Gronan, lets not forget there was some talk of things that went on in JStevieos life with his kids. A lot of these types of people tend to protect each other. They cover for each other and what they do is PROJECT, that’s one of things Mark does, he PROJECTS, Mark Gronan has been talking about paedophiles since 2009. His excuse then was he was protecting people from BlogTV an underground cult that was on there and his job was exposing it so he had to deal with it all, it’s all lies. Even after his sister accuses him of rape, 2 years later what’s he doing with Chris While? Back to the allegations. It’s in his mind. It must be in Mark Gronan’s mind all the time, when he wakes up, when he’s eating dinner, it’s in his mind all the time. 7 years now this has been going on and it’s the same with his Youtube buddys, same story, all this talk of paedophiles and of course it was all accusations but that shows you what goes on in their minds and his last video gave the game away. Admitting on camera that he had access to Chris While’s Facebook because SOMEONE ELSE WANTED TO KNOW SOMETHING and SEE IF SOMETHING WAS TRUE………not even admitting that him and Nelson (MeNellie) and Nathan were taking the piss out of him for months all the while being friends to his face and people like myself saw it coming a mile away, the end result was always gonna be paedophilia because that’s what Mark Gronan does best.

      That’s the truth. That’s why Chris While is ok because if Chris While had done anything wrong the police would have investigated him, if the police really listened to Mark Gronan they would have done something. The police know Chris is not guilty of anything. These blogs know Chris is not guilty of anything. Most of the guests in his chats know this but they wont admit it.

      At the end of the day, many of these people are scum, various forms of scum and they know they’re scum. They know what they are, they know what they’ve done in real life. They hate that we know that. They hate the fact that people like me and you know that, they hate that we know these little things about them and they’re real life and they can’t stop it, they’re addicted to it, in 10 years time most of them will still be haunting the castings sites and sure enough will have done more horrible nasty things to each other. That’s how they are. They’re not gonna get married. These people aren’t gonna have families of their own. They’re scum and they keep each other in line. That’s how they get along.

      1. Anonymous

        They have their favourites, they pick sides, they backstab and I thought you didnt know the Vaughns very well at all.

  5. Anon12

    LOL Is this a replica of Scuttlebutts dead website? I mean I haven’t been here and I am not judging but I for one think there is so many things wrong with Jstevio.. Me and IP have been through a lot with the whole church of potato and shit…. Anyways, yea I don’t exactly agree with the antagonism of Jstevio but he’s a sick fuck.

  6. grass mr stevio

    Stevio is nothing but a druggie grass but will always be protected by the easily fooled massive ..

  7. jstevieo

    thanks for the post Karl.

    1. IP

      was nice having you in the show earlier bro

  8. I think we are missing the point here though. I did say in the OP that forget whether you like him or not on a personal level, the way he talks about being able to be free with expression without getting censored is what casting sites should be like. Take Blab.im for instance. They way that is run, in my opinion, is great. No Mods lurking and secretly banning, no moody owners ready to ban just because they don’t agree with you. None of that over there, just the people to do their thing, and if others don’t like it, their view is, leave for another channel.

    I’m not saying jSteveo doesn’t do any of the accusations above, and if he does censor then yes, he is being a hypocrite. But i can only confirm what i see, and although i don’t catch all of his casts, the ones i watched when he was on VL, he always seemed to let people have their say and i never saw him attacking or speaking bad of the Vaughns.

    1. IP

      you should watch him on more drugs. the message was to steveo, he was lurking my room earlier, i buried him, and he cammed up to ‘prove’ he wasnt there. i know how the snake works.
      he wants to be everyone’s friend before he stabs them in the back. at least im consistent. jsteveo licked scruffy’s boots. the reeal him came out last night, very vindictive off his head on crack. now the ‘thanks karl’ is a way of him being ‘the bigger man’ and showing matuirity. he’s a pure scummer. i wasn’;’t saying you were choosing either side, i was just expressing an opinion.
      this dude is proper vile, and people will see it soon. the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree when your family are murderers.
      he’s the ultimate hypocrite, he’s got a million more faces than scruffy, he’s pure putrid vile

  9. ToSquireOrNot

    On the topic of the English saying “squire”, I’ve asked Mr. Ryderbak and this was his response: http://prnt.sc/acu4yh

    1. lol, Simon lives in Blackburn, where they think ‘squire’ is that furry animal that hides all his nuts and lives in trees 🙂

      1. Anonymous

        Squire is more a london/eastend saying. When I visit london on the odd occasion and go down east street market on the walworth road i still hear it used although nowhere near as much. Ryderbak make me laugh when he was pretending he works for the MoD he couldnt even tell me where the MoD headquarters were, then he tried to say he was MoD police. Someone said he was a security guard at a shopping centre who knows actually who cares.

  10. raoul duke

    the only thing that really matters is that chriss has slipt the drag net and is at large in the greater barrow area FIND HIM

  11. raoul duke

    here we can witness brian6 giving and recieving a rimjob in chat and chriss head over heels in love prntscr.com/acvih4

    1. Yeah i was in there for a bit earlier and it’s a lovefest lol. There is definitely some fetish going on with Brian6 and younger, drunk males.

  12. raoul duke

    brian6 seems to be buying the sexyboys booze prntscr.com/acvk8a

  13. Clusterfook raised a valid point there. Ryan contradicts himself on nearly every sentence he types. First he say’s nobody should be talked about if it’s a negative view, but calls us all abusive names on a near daily basis. Then he say’s that the Vaughns can say whatever they want because it’s on their site ( but nobody else can on their own site) and then he tries to claim that expressing an opinion of somebody who comes across to you as a drunk, unhygienic abusive thief (ie SexyChris) is illegal, immorale and should be banished from human life.

    But never mentions this http://prntscr.com/ad0dxj or this http:// prntscr.com/ad0eh8

    Strange that 😉

    1. youknowwho

      You own this domain, you can say as you wish on this domain. You can publish abusive comments made by others toward me (and you DO)…

      You do not own vaughnlive.tv, you cannot control what happens there.

      This is the point I’ve been trying to make with you since day one of our interaction. You expect that you should be able to go live on vaughnlive.tv or any other website and say whatever you please, do whatever you please and expect and demand that nobody interfere or shut you down – but it’s NOT your domain. It’s THEIRS.

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