An Example Of Freedom Of Speech

After the intended message behind the jSteveo post got lost in personal feuds, so to speak, i’ll explain what i was trying to point out, with this video.

It’s not the fact it’s FoxmanShawn, or Joe Walsh, or even a self confessed FALN member/supporter. It’s not the case of who is casting, it’s the fact that 3 grown men can debate/argue or even attack each other and there is no Mod or Admin watching over them like a child in a school playground.

No Staff ghosting, ready to ban at the slightest thing. No over zealous ‘Community Manager’ waiting to decide who can stay in that channel and who can’t, regardless of what the host wants. No censorship regarding what some would call a very controversial subject, and no Ryan Hifi to spam the chat with ‘stop the bullying campaign’


Freedom of expression –  isn’t it a wonderful thing 🙂


Again, it isn’t a case of whether you like Fox, JW or Pedro, or if you hate them. The point is, you are completely free to say whatever you want over there, without ever worrying if you’ll be ‘shuffled’ to the back of the class until you email the owners and ‘beg’ to have your channel back.


** waits for Ryan to pop up and claim that such sites should be banned*







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14 Thoughts to “An Example Of Freedom Of Speech”

  1. Fox man is HIV positive has been positive for a number of years but kept it secret

  2. youknowwho

    I understand your point of view Karl, I just don’t agree. You feel that a website or server should host content even if they feel it’s harmful. You think people should be allowed to freely abuse and hurt each other with no intervention. I think that’s awful. This doesn’t happen on ivlog either, so it’s not just vaughnlive. JTV didn’t allow it, blogtv didn’t allow it, etc. I cannot fathom how allowing this kind of thing is good…

    Let’s say I owned, and I shut down a channel for this kind of content. In your eyes I’d be a ‘party pooper’ or ‘ruining the fun’. But that would be MY call to make, because I own the domain. You own THIS domain. See how that works?

    1. SocialJusticeWallaby

      Lol, sorry to tell you, but if you shut down a channel with “that kind of content” people would begin leaving your site in droves (cough Vaughnlive).

      try to think of it from the perspective of someone who isn’t a social justice warrior such as yourself and your online experience will be much easier.

      1. youknowwho

        My point is it’s the site owner’s choice how they handle their website, and how they let channels run. It’s not up to the average chatter or caster…and it shouldn’t be…

        1. Trevor

          When the website relies on people being there to cast, and for others to come watch/interact with those casters then it should be.

          And that is where Mark and Scruffy has fucked up. Mark saying “if you don’t like the way we do things here you can fuck off” will come back to haunt him, and a lot sooner than later and it’s going to pretty special.

          Mark is a Retard who can’t code for shit (trust me on that, I know that for a fact) if he did his website wouldn’t run or function how it does, and has been doing for years. It wouldn’t be running on fucking Flash, if he knew what he was doing. And lastly, that list of “things to be done” would have been done by now.

          Mark got lucky with sites like BlogTV closing down, he should have got someone in who knew what they were doing to work on this site and bring it up to date and also told his Mother to fuck off in the process.

          BlogTV will be back soon enough and the Vaughn’s can keep their stinking site, hopefully Mark sticks around though so that we can laugh at him.

          P.S. Can’t believe that I actually replied to an absolute Twat like you, I’m going to go and re-evaluate my life now.

        2. Anonymous

          But without the average chatter or caster there would be no website and for your information Ryan you say that its awful that people freely abuse each other with no intervention but that is excactly what scruffy does and dont give me they can do it because they own the site. You are so like the Vaughns you have one rule for them (where if they committed murder right in front of you then you would say it was the victims fault) and another rule for anyone who dares to say something bad about your beloved scruffy.

          1. youknowwho

            It’s not awful what Miss Scruffy does – her and her son own the servers and domain. Just like Karl owns this UKMuppets domain. He can post whatever he’d like, he can allow hateful comments, he can remove comments if he chooses, he can mess with anyone he pleases. If you want a site run a certain way, start one up. It’s completely unfair to ask someone else to run something YOUR way. Especially if you won’t even pay for a few months VIP and support the place…

        3. SocialJusticeWallaby

          Oh, they sure do have the right to run their site how they like i.e shadow IP bans for petty reasons and personal disagreements, favouritism etc.


          1. youknowwho

            Vaughnlive is a success, look at all the people using it and having fun. I’d say maybe 10% at most of all the users that have ever used their website feel as you people here do. Most people think it’s a wonderful place and well run / handled. It’s only because you likeminded people congregate together in your group of 50-100 people maximum that you feel you have some sort of massive movement against vaughnlive going on. In truth, it’s just a club / place to bitch about shit and people you don’t like, it’s not any kind of anti-vaughnlive movement.

  3. Nunyaz

    The thing about pointing anything out means youre gonna be subject to many diff varying opinions. Mine might not be the same as dipshits, and it might be wildy diff then the next diff dipshits. Cant win, but I CAN have my own opinion.

  4. freedomofspeech

    I like how the term ‘freedom of speech’ now seems to be taken to mean that you can say anything even if it is intended to be malicious with no comeback. Free speech is about people ‘feeling’ free to speak, hard to do if you are bullied and trolled.

  5. AutisticRyan

    I love the way Ryan changes his name, as though his comments aren’t a dead giveaway. 😀

  6. AutisticRyan

    Can someone please update on why Chris is at his mother’s? This morning people were talking about police being involved and Chris issued bans straightaway.

    1. Not sure. Somebody emailed us earlier saying the Police confiscated his pc and Router, but can’t see it. Why would the Police take a Router lol?

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