Is The Mvn Drinking Heavily?

I know he said he used to drink every night but then gave it up, but if you were watching Rockin Ron’s cast last night, you could be forgiven for thinking he’s back on the Whiskey again!

If it’s not alcohol, Mark must be inhaling some wonderful fumes to come out with some of the statements he did last night.

If i wasn’t 100% that his  VL account hadn’t been hacked, i would of swore this was Ryan posting as Mark Vaughn.

Let’s take a look at some of the belters from Ron’s show 🙂

Mark: I don’t get these site vs site drama’s:

Mark - i don't understand site vs site

You could blame his lack of memory on the booze if he is drinking again and he genuinely couldn’t remember when he has attacked Ivlog. But not when a few minutes later, he does this:

Mark - ivlog is VL troll rehab

And this

Mark - ivlog isn't secure


Mark attacks ivlog again

And hey, why not attack while you’re at it?

Mark - is ivlog again

If it’s never going to happen, as Mark keeps saying, what’s he annoyed about?

Although he does at least stay consistent, and has a sly little dig at the original Blogtv:

Mark - looked shit

But yeah, i get when Mark say’s he can’t understand these website v website issues…..

Mark: Giving Out Full Names Isn’t Doxxing:

Mark - first and last names is not doxing

Mark - full names insn't doxing only addresses

Mark - full names insn't doxing only addresses1

Mark - full names insn't doxing only addresses2

Mark - full names insn't doxing only addresses3

Mark - full names insn't doxing only addresses4

Mark - full names insn't doxing only addresses5

Mark - full names insn't doxing only addresses6

Oh yeah. don’t forget the ‘site continues to grow’ story lol. But back to the doxxing issue. So Mark has several times stated that giving out a persons full real name is not doxxing on VL. Now while i agree with him to an extent, ie, casters post on Mark and Scruff’s Facebook page under their real names, so it’s hardly secret information in that respect.

But what confuses me here is, according to Mark,  doxxing on VL is only when a persons full address and phone number are posted. Now i can’t be 100% sure, IP would have to confirm this, but didn’t Scruff and Mark cause a big scene about IP doxxing his Grandmother, and she had to move in fear because of it?

So IP must have posted her full address and phone number i take it? As posting somebody’s full name, is NOT doxxing on VL, correct?

Mark: Daryl Cannot See Your Info Or Ban You:

This one is one of the strangest things he came out with. We all know Daryl bans, there are screenshots out there that prove this. We also know that Daryl does see your info, but first, lets watch Mark make an utter tit out of himself 😉

Mark - Daryl isn't here to enforce the tosMark - Daryl isn't here to enforce the tos1

Mark - Daryl doesn't do that

Mark - Daryl isn't here to enforce the tos2

Mark - Daryl isn't here to enforce the tos3

So there you have it. Mark, lying through his back teeth that Daryl doesn’t ban, and Daryl doesn’t have access to any member information.

Ok, explain this please…

Daryl and Joe dutch 1

Oops. There is Daryl, not only confirming he see’s members info, but muting anybody who questions him as well!

 Sure you want to stick to this lie Mark?

Mark contradicts Daryl having access to user info

Mark contradicts Daryl having access to user info1

So at least he realises that the bullshit he just came out with was laughable, and changed it to Scruff, himself and Daryl have access to members info.

Mark, you may want scrutinize those contracts and your staff a little more, js 😉

Mark: I Only Hang Around The Scrag Because I’ve Met Them:

Another one that made me giggle. Something odd here???

Mark - the scrag are people i've met

Hmm. When he say’s ‘people’ doesn’t he mean just Bubba? Has Mark personally met up with GG? Or Hardwood? Maybe he’s met Electrojed in real life? How about Red Nicole?

Nah, thought not!

Mark:  The Vapers Closing Down Rumour:

Mark lies about the Vapers rumour

Mark lies about the Vapers rumour1

Ok, 2 problems here. 1) it wasn’t from your Vapers broadcast, it was from Scruff:

Mark crying about vapers tv7

Mark crying about vapers tv8

2) How does need any extra money, when all 4 websites are all run from the same server, and all 4 websites use the same video servers?

Don’t believe me? Look for yourself. All you need to do is visit several different casts from VL, Vapers, Breakers, and Instagib, right click on the video, then left click on ‘debug info’ and take a note of the IP address of each server, and you will see that the same servers run the video part of casts across all 4 platforms. So it’s not like if they close Vapers down, they are going to save money on video servers.

Running Vapers costs absolutely nothing extra at all. Are they deceiving people into thinking that running costs extra money?

Only you can decide that.

Mark lies about the Vapers rumour2

Not hard when Instagib is a ghost town so that leaves 3 sites.

Mark - Breakers is our 2nd most popular site

*As above…

Mark: New Features Coming (just don’t ask when)

Mark - i'm making a html5 chat

errr, ok…

Mark - i'm working on video quality

Good luck with that Packrat.

Mark - we are going to have mvn cams

Mark - it's a challenge to code pro cams

Hang on, is Mark admitting that being able to code some guest cams is a ‘neat challenge’? Jesus, every other casting site has this already, even Steve Swetman’s coder can reel them off piss easy.

Are you sure this statement is true Mark?

Mark - i left college coz i knew more than my tutor

I’m not a betting man, but i would fancy my chances that those Teachers would be able to code some guest cams with ease.

Mark:  Micromanaging VL Won’t Work:

Mark and EA talk micromanaging

Mark - Micromanaging nearly killed VL

I’m saying nothing…

Mark: We Don’t Set The Featured Cast:

Mark - we don't set feauture

Of course it’s automatic. That will be how people jump from the people tab to misc, and back again. It also explains how people you don’t like, never move any further than the back 5 on the top bar.

Of course it’s automatic 😉

Mark - we don't fake the viewer count


Mark: We Don’t Get Involved In Casters Beefs:

Mark - we stay out of personal beefs

Errm, Ayyone?

Mark - my version of Ayyone vs GG

Mark - my version of Ayyone vs GG1

But you don’t get involved in personal beefs unless they drag you into it? So did GG drag you into the ‘beef’ then Mark?

Mark - i miss ayyone

Then when asked why the Scrag get away with everything they do…

Mark - my version of Ayyone vs GG2


Mark: Chat Is The Best Thing On Vaughn:

Mark - chat is the best thing on VL

So that’s the chat and video covered. Is there anything else left to be number 3?

Mark: We Have Tens Of Thousands At Any Given Time:

Mark - the site grows bringing more issues

Mark - we have tens of thousands of people on our sites at any given time

Several? Tens Of Thousands? This is stand up material now 🙂

Mark: We Want Folks To Get Along – Even If They Hate Each Other:

Mark - we wnat fols to get along even if they argue

Is that really getting along, if they talk smack back and forth?

Not only was it Mark fabricating stuff, even Rockin_Ron was at it.

Where Ron was wrong here, was the reason that Choppers_metal left Vaughn was because he used to embed his cast on various websites, and when Mark came up with the pointless forcing of Ads on the video, he asked Mark if he could embed without forcing his viewers to be stuck with the video Ad. As usual, Mark said “sorry, my site, if you don’t like it, cast elsewhere”

So he did!

But the most hilarious for me, is the last but not least comment, about his hated VPN’s.

Forget comedy gold, this is comedy platinum 🙂

Mark: We’ve Been Cracking Down On VPN’s:

Mark - i've banned 80m vpns

“80 million VPN’s banned so far”


200 (2)

200 (3)

John eyes_99-165_2nd_optimized

19 Thoughts to “Is The Mvn Drinking Heavily?”

  1. you never understood the website vs website thingie yet youre right there talking smack about those other sites. Were you born that stupid or youre doing it intentionnally ?

    about, eye roll all you want hopefully they don’t get stuck in your unibrow. knowing now whos behind i hope they do a good job and take back the blogtv people you so undeservly acquired when it shut down.

    about the webcams, he’s been promising that for years now and its still not there but the worse comment in regards to this has to be “I dont see the appeal to this”, really ? Moron, it’s not about you anyways it’s about giving what you promised to the people that wanted it.

    speaking of those webcams, oddly enough youll be using the same format as ivlog ? when they’re off you don’t see them. you couldn’t be more original oh mr “better than my teachers” coder ??

    i really wish ivlog would pick up to put you, your mom and your stupid website out of your misery.

    Let’s see what happens when blogtv comes out.

    1. peckerhead

      these streaming sites are like world of warcraft. Highs and lows. Once interesting, people moved onto other things in their life; Chris, Shawnio, Warrrbucks. It’s like .. why even bother trying to be interested anymore. VL is dogshit, we all know it. Why try to make news out of nothing. It’s like Blizzard saying we have XXX # subscribers, but in the end… who gives a shit. it’s boring, old news, and wtf cares anymore.

  2. Billy Bob Cesspool

    Best post ever. Out of the ball park. Just wipe the knife off and throw it in a lake. How anyone can fall for Mark’s Bull shit after seeing this mountain of proof is beyond me. Well done sirs.

  3. Hugh Janus

    I believe that Mark Vaughn is genuinely insane, or severely autistic. I’ve never known anyone lie and contradict themselves as much as Mark does. He belongs in some kind of mental institution. No wonder he can’t function in sociality and is still dependant on his mommy in his 30s… He’d get eaten alive in the real world

    He’s gonna be in a world of shit when Scruffy kicks the bucket.

  4. Anonymous

    Dum & Dummer sorry Mark & Scruffy dont run Vaughn for the people they run it solely for themselves and their hangers-on. VL is a place where scruffy feels powerful and mark believes his own stupid hype. Mark doesnt realise that what he says can and is being used in evidence against him rightfully so. This man lies and changes his story like the wind. His mother just carries out her personal vendettas.

    I was in a cast once when someone playing music was showing the video that goes with Crazy Bitch and scruffy came in and told them to stop showing it as it was against their TOS. Yet there was Sarah62 in her cast with her friend displaying boobs and ass but scruffy never said a word to her strange that.

    Now I know that Ryan will be steaming to read all this and in he will come with his usual they can do what they like they own the site but NO Ryan they are taking money off of people and people are paying (idiots if they are) for a service that Mark keep promising but cannot provide.

    Despite what Mark, Scruffy, Ryan et all say VL is losing viewers and no amount of manipulating the viewer count will work in the end.

  5. ThatFeelingYouGetWhenAFartBubbleGoesUpYourAssCrack.

    Great post, a flurry of blows directly to the mind.

    I know it isn’t nice to enjoy watching people fail (believe me, I normally do not but the Vaughn’s are horrible cunts) but I am actually making preparations for the huge party that I am going to throw for when Mark finally throws the towel in and will have to eat his words. I guess when it happens he will have Bubba and co to skype with on them teary nights, eh?

    RIP Vaughnlive, you never were great but at least you weren’t what you are now.

  6. Ben the Bastard

    lmao at “god bless blogtv, but I disliked the interface of it”

    Seriously could do tons better on his own interface that hasn’t changed since well, since it launched. pmsl

  7. BossHog NY

    Well Well, Mark can tell a lot of lies that for sure.

    When Mark badmouths other sites and says if you don’t like VaughnTurdLive and We’re still GROWING = They are losing viewers & members and failing bad as owners.

    I don’t see other sites owners running their site/chat rooms like a NAZI Camp = Nazi Scruffy.

  8. IP

    ugh, im going to have to reread it again later. i got angry before i was halfway done. i recko he really was on the drink that night, even if you were joking. we dont know how to shut our mouths up when we’re drinking. he pulled an IP that night lol, im even worse

  9. Anonymous

    All Mark did was hack together a basic site over the course of five years using code and ideas he stole from JTV, and code from Stackoverflow (anyone with basic coding knowledge and no life could do that if they had their mommy looking after them). It’s evident that he doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing from the sheer amount of crashes and bugs over the years. The guy is a deluded lying desperate imbecile that surrounds himself with fake people and bans or blocks anyone that tells him how it really is. Talk about living in a fantasy world. One day reality is gonna come crashing down around that idiot.

    1. Trevor

      Exactly, anyone who has built websites or worked on websites would know that Mark is fucking hopeless when it comes to coding.

      Everything about Vaughnlive is dated and amateur, at best. He claims to be working every day (including his Birthday and Christmas) but why don’t we see any of the results of this?… all that’s happened on Vaughnlive in the years that has be opened is some subtle changes to the look of the site, which could be done in under 10 minutes via the Websites Style sheet.

      He’s a fat Retarded fucking joke, and he’s more delusional than Steelie.

      1. Jesus christ, I near spat my dinner out over that Steelie comment LOL, it’s so fucking true.

  10. youknowwho

    I don’t know what to say here, I disagree with everything written and with every comment written. I don’t see a single lie, I only see a guy working hard and having fun while treating GOOD community members with respect. GOOD community members don’t complain and write shit about him or his site behind his back. Good community members address issues they have directly, not passive-aggressively with resentment..

    1. Reader

      “I disagree with everything written”

      Ryan Hifi in a nutshell.

    2. Anonymous

      That’s a good boy, Ryan you loyal little asslicker. Mama Scrubby will give you an extra piece of cake at dinner tonight.

    3. Trevor

      Ryan I’ve not written anything here, that I haven’t told mark personally several times.

      Now go jump in front of a train or something, please.

    4. Ryan_Whine_Fi (Deceased)

      Right on que Ryan. Mark and scruffy refuse to answer direct questions whether it be on email or facebook. I have asked time and time again for an answer to one question and nothing why because they have no answer and they cocked up but refuse to admit it. But you continue to defend them Ryan and continue to make an idiot of yourself.

      You are not liked you know I made up a name Ryan Whine Fi and when I went on vaughn GG, Bubba, Hardwood etc laughed their heads off (I dont like those people btw) even Mark found it funny until of course someone (i wonder who) complained and now the name is banned.

  11. raoul duke

    19:38 GMT chris recieves pizza and blames it on Amy1000. It appears a rift has occured between the two as of last night, why is this? Id like to know why

  12. raoul duke

    oo hes is ragiing now rage!

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