SexyChris: I Wanna Go Home

Not the usual words you hear from Chris’ mouth when he gets the luxury of staying at his Mums house. Free hot meals, heating on, free electric, normally he’s begging to stay.

But rumour has it he’s buggered up another Router (just how do you break so many routers? i mean you put them in the corner of the room or something, then leave them alone) and due to his Mum’s address becoming the new Barrow pizza express depot, Chris was literally begging to go back to his flat.

Only problem being, he want’s to take Anna’s router with him lol.


I like the way he say’s at the end ” i’ll take your router then, 2 can play that game” like Anna and Stephen had took his lol.










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37 Thoughts to “SexyChris: I Wanna Go Home”

  1. Reader

    Why in heaven’s name did Stephen and Anna allow him back?

    The price of a new router is nothing compared to the inconvenience of having that giant imbecilic poop baby back in the house.

    I’d have driven him to buy a new router the second he broached the subject of coming over.

    1. Why doesn’t he just phone TalkTalk and say his router is broke? They will send him a new one out for next day delivery for free. Only Chris could pay for a new router.

  2. raoul duke

    quick comments, due to some troll activities on the fringes he has fallen out with amy, she has been getting pizza and dox
    Chriss always wants what he wants when he wants and if can hang with that your names anna
    The ammount of piss he took in that cast was insane. Cursing out mum, spending stephens money for him, offering half the money for the router and demanding a ride home in the bargain and finally his perverted sense of justice was to take what wasnt his cuz he didnt get his own way. BIG BABY

  3. CP

    His router didn’t break, the police have it. Steven said so on one cast he said ”the police don’t want you on the internet”

    1. raoul duke

      i want a full write up of this story please say you will

      1. If and when we have evidence that this is all true, then we will. But for now, we have to remember that this is all speculation, even if Chris did say something. We all know Chris lies.

  4. Ask Mark Gronan

    Mark Gronan has said the police took all chris computer equipment pending an investigation. He sent all his files to the cops he got off of chris computer. Days later they took chris to the station for questioning

  5. Reader2

    “Pass us that butter.”


  6. Ben the Bastard

    He wants to go home, wait a minute, he is at home. If he can’t call his own flat a home, then that’s an example that this fella is incapable of standing on his own 2 feet.. He will never learn from his past mistake this fella, this is why I personally can’t see him cope one day when his mother is no longer around to keep him straight.

    As for him coming off with people apparently picking on him, well Chris, it’s called reality of life. You can’t expect a person such as your mother whom of which your very unappreciative towards everytime you can’t have things your own way as a means for an easy life. If he can’t take a stand now to start and make that effort to stand up on his own 2 feet, you never will be able too.

    1. Ben the Bastard

      Ops. didn’t realise fully that he was at his mothers there, the couch looks the same as his own.

  7. amy warbis

    his router never broke the police took it away with 5 hard drives and he was arrested and questioned after mark gronan sent in a video of chris saying on a recording live ” i looked at child porn and it bored me “….

    1. JudasNun

      That was Menellie who said he looked at CP and it bored him, another fucking weirdo who needs to be taken off the internet.

      1. justaviewer

        The irony being many people know Nellie’s dox but of course no one will do anything about him although that could change very easily. Nellie admits to having 70 hard drives in his home and ill be willing to bet there is some dodgy stuff on there too.

  8. Dominos pizza

    If Chris did get nicked and the police have seized his computer/hard drives and router, and i Stephen was heard to say the police dont want you on the computer, Chris buying a router to cast or even get back on the internet will land him in trouble, thats if all the above is true.
    The fact he tried to take his mothers router last night just proves what a selfish little disrespectful person he his.

  9. Trevor

    Shitty Chris said himself yesterday that the police did arrest him and take him in for questioning, then later released him.

    I feel sorry for the poor guy that’s going to be going through the hard drives, he’s gonna see Dirty Julie, AnalSpunkee and Chris all wanking. Besides that, they will also see all conversations that Chris has had with anyone, you worried Menellie?

    1. Eeww, good god, even though they are trained to be able to stomach watching some sick porn, i can see them needing counselling after watching all his Skype sex vids.

      But seriously though, if they have taken his hard drives, he is going to be fucked, because they will find all his conversations to what he thinks is young girls, telling them that he likes them young, or the younger the better as he puts it.

      Plus, like you say, they will recover all his messages and trawl through them regardless of who they were with, to look for any kind of clue’s as to where he has been looking.

      I bet there is quite a few worried people sat at home right now. I’m not suggesting anybody has shared CP with him, but i bet his hard drives hold some very eye opening chats lol.

      1. Trevor

        Well he was using the screen share thing on iVlog months ago, and accidentally showed a suspect Skype conversation with Menellie where he suggested that Chris checked out has some very questionable shit on there, so that won’t go in his favour and I’m sure that’s not the only conversation he’s had with Menellie about dodgy porn sites. If I were you Menellie I would be very jumpy any time my door knocked right now.

        I have a strong suspicion that Chris and the people after Chris are into some dodgy shit, this could turn out wonderfully.

        P.S. With Chris’ personality the way it is he no doubt indulges in porn like he does with booze. His hard drives are going to be bursting at the seams with porn.

        1. youknowwho

 is a legitimate legal website….stop being paranoid. They don’t have any webcam captures of anyone under the age of 18. And I might add, it’s the point of view of the people who write and comment on blogs like this that ‘if they cast it, it’s their fault for putting it out there’ and that the person has no right to bitch about their videos being put on the website.

          1. Trevor

            From what I’ve heard about you Ryan, I will use my own judgement on what is legitimate or not.

            You do not surprise me as a Motherless user though.

          2. youknowwho

            Okay Trevor, keep on dismissing the truth if it comes from someone you don’t respect….

          3. Anonymous

            You’re next, Ryan. I wonder what interesting things the police will find on your computer.

        2. camerontexas

          yo trev hmmmmph, as much as i think autismo ryan is a fool, he is right motherless is a legal website.

          1. Trevor

            Hmmmmmph, maybe I’m just old fashioned when it comes to porn.

            Anymore updates on the Beast of Barrow?

          2. He was on Ivlog this morning, casting from his flat again. He didn’t stay long though, said he had to go and make some money (which i think was a direct hint to AngelStormee who was in there) because he had no gas and was freezing. Which strangely, today is the warmest day in the UK since last Summer.

  10. raoul duke

    so its all due to a comment he made about videos of child sexual abuse or is it relating to anything gronan actually found on chris PC?
    personally i dont think they will find anything unless hes been keeping records of conversations with young girls, one of the most famous on the blogs which i believe is a fake.
    lol @ the trips to counselors caused by trawling through thousands of hours of chris wanking.
    not so lol if he hurts himself and nothing is found.

    1. The problem Chris will have now, is that the Police don’t care if it’s a set up or not. The Crown Prosecution will say that any normal man would of backed away from the conversation once the age was given. Not, like Chris did, and say ‘it’s fine, i’ll still be your boyfriend’ when the person told him she was 15.

      The Police do stings like this every day. Now you are correct in that if those screenshots we all saw were faked, then yes, the Police will just give him a slap on the wrist. But if they are real, it’s not going to look good for Chris, and that’s putting it mildly.

  11. raoul duke

    “there he goes one of gods own prototypes. A high-powered mutant of some kind never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die.”

    if chriss has a case to be answered for im sure it will be brought, in the meen time i sincerely hope chriss is not bullyed to the point where he hurts himself.

  12. Judge

    UPDATE: watching mark gronan’s recast of chris on youtube you will hear chris say that he has a court date for the computer seizure in 4 months.

    1. Really? Have you got a link for his YT channel?

  13. BossHog NY

    It won’t let me on the link on here.

    1. I found it anyway thanks. If you want to post a link, you need to type the full address, ie etc…

      Back to Chris though. I’ve just read that they have found some horrific pre-teen porn and the Police have banned him from the Internet. Be aware this is only Internet gossip so don’t take it as gospel, but if it’s true, he’s going to go to prison for a long long time.

  14. raoul duke < at 4 mins sexy chriss reveals he has to go to court in 4 months relating to his computer seizure by the cops relating to indecent images

  15. Trevor

    The video has been removed by the user?

    Do you think they’d really lock him up for a long time if they did find anything?… The legal system seems to go pretty light on Pedo’s and even lighter on Spackers, like Chris. And I’m sure that Chris and his equally scummy family will conjure up some shit to make Chris look like some innocent victim.

    If he’s been ordered to stay offline though and he still comes online, the police would have no other alternative than to remand him in custody until his hearing. Wouldn’t that be fun? lol

    1. Just as well i recorded it first 🙂 It’s in the Sexychris – bastids have my phone post.

      Even though he does have some slight mental issues, you have to remember that most of it is tantrums because he’s not getting his own way. The Courts will have seen all this and worse before, so he won’t be able to play the ‘i’m getting bad thoughts now’ routine with them.

      He’s in for a big shock to his system. Only now, will Christopher While enter the real world.

  16. Trevor

    Yeah, I just realized I never seen the new post and I just watched it.

    Lovely stuff, it’s a good time to be online.

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