SexyChris: The Bastids Have My Phone

Well it’s starting to look like the Sexy one could well soon be the imprisoned one. Credit goes to Mark Gronan for the following video, in which Chris rants at the bare faced cheek of the Police force, for taking all his computer equipment and his mobile phone while investigating Paedophilia.

This is just how arrogant and cocksure of himself he has become. You’ll hear him say that he’s in Court in about 4 months time. Now the Police wouldn’t have got permission from the CPS to charge him and give him a Court date if the CPS didn’t think there was enough evidence to get a conviction.


He must know that there a certain files/conversations on his hard drives that are illegal, but still, his ‘i’m untouchable’ attitude to life brings out comments like ” 4 months they are keeping my stuff for, that’s a bit of a wait”

He’s in for one big shock when he realises that the Courts won’t fall for his fake tears and “i’m going to kill myself” routine like AngelStormee and Brian6 do.








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65 Thoughts to “SexyChris: The Bastids Have My Phone”

  1. Brokenmech

    I might be wrong but I don’t think he should even be on the internet right now either. His router was probably taken as well for this reason so he’s taking a real risk by being on-line right now whilst under investigation. The saga of shitty pants continues.

    1. That’s just Chris though. All through his life, he’s got away with everything. Even his fine for attacking his Mum and Stephen, he makes Stephen pay it, on the pretence that he will pay him back.

      He believes his own hype. To Chris, he’s this King of the Internet and nobody can touch him.

      Oh how he’s going to have a reality check now.

  2. Trevor

    If he’s been ordered to stay offline, he must stay offline.

    It is our civic duty to report him to the proper authorities if we see him online. Purely in the interest of justice, and LULz.

    Dung Drawers is gonna end up remanded in custody, life is just about to get pretty rough for poor Pookums.

    1. camerontexas

      rejoice! the thought of chris in jail for 3 months makes me hard! hmmmmmmmmph

      1. Trevor

        The thought of Chris sitting in a cell hmmmmphing gives me a bit of a chubby bang stick as well actually.

        It’s just a pity we won’t be able to see it, but him just being locked up will be good enough.

        What yourselves out there though, AnalSpunkee will be looking for a replacement. There may be dangerous times ahead.

        1. camerontexas

          imagine sharing a cell with the filthy bastard tho haha, we will be able to send him letters tho. find his cell and send him pictures of booze. give him “bad fawtssss hmmmmph”

          i could take angel back i guess…….

          1. Anonymous

            When chris was arrested for beating his mother he told the story of what happened in jail he told the jailer that he was killing himself he said they tied him up in the cell

          2. Jail

            When chris was arrested for beating his mother he told the story of what happened in jail he told the jailer that he was killing himself he said they tied him up in the cell

          3. camerontexas

            i cant reply below for some reason, but ive never heard of that. the thought is hilarious tho i pictured this

  3. Stormin' Norman

    What happened to the live YouTube feed of Mr While????

    1. camerontexas

      yeah i was going to ask that he obviously has a new channel i need that link

    2. He’s probably gone crying to Youtube again. Mark will just make another channel. I’ll have a look around now.

      1. camerontexas

        ive got it

  4. I admire Mark G’s work. This is all good news.

  5. Anonymous

    You should be able to contact the court and find out the day and time of the hearing and the charge. Most courts will allow you access to the transcripts once the case is completed. Many courts have such information dealing with pending cases on the courthouse website

    1. camerontexas

      if he went to court for it i would fucking drive down there. im only a few hours away

  6. mark gronan

    you know there is a video out there of mark gronan confessing to being arrested for raping his sister aged 14

    1. Yes. He has told the story himself plenty of times. The thing is, he was investigated and all charges were dropped as far as i’m aware.

      Time will tell whether the same happens with Chris.

  7. raoul duke

    chriss casting now ivlog
    1:05am gmt

  8. tripcode

    case being dropped does not mean mark is not guilty they just did not have enough evidence he was smart! most pedos are like mark gronan

    1. Ryan_Whine_Fi (Deceased)

      Says the guy who is leading on a poor elderly woman and after what 4 years will still not show himself to her. If you are the genuine Tripcode (I doubt it) what are you hiding!!!!!!!

  9. Anonymous

    Chris said he’s never brushed his teeth in his life LOL

  10. rhodilia

    Gronan has to be the brother of slayton sisters of chubby bunny fame

  11. camerontexas


  12. youknowwho

    IF this is true, SHAME ON YOUR PEOPLE – making things personal just because he slagged you off or banned you from his room, etc. Then you act like you’re trying to do this for ‘the public good’, but it’s 100% personal. Whether or not he has files on his computer, what does that have to do with us? If you don’t like a channel, don’t go to it. All of this craziness is insane – first it began with sending take away to his house/apartments just to watch him react. Then, when it became boring and you saw he was getting donation money, you tried to ruin that for him too because you were jealous the money wasn’t going into YOUR pockets. I can see through ALL of this facade and smokescreen. This isn’t public justice, this is a witch hunt to rid the internet someone you don’t like for personal reasons. I suppose you’ll say now “oh Ryan’s a pedo supporter” – no that isn’t it at all. I’m saying I don’t give a flying fuck if someone is or isn’t, they pose no danger to me or my family here so it doesn’t matter. I’m also saying that most people who are pointing the finger have CRIMINAL mindsets. Gronan, Jstevio, etc – all these people have their OWN dark pasts. If Chris gets into legal troubles because of some things people have said and sent in to others, it’s a bad day for the internet community. All that does is reinforce the idea that it’s okay to mess with others when it isn’t. So say what you will about me, but I find this terrible – you’re messing with the life of someone you know absolutely nothing about, only the small percentage that you see on your computer screen when you watch him.

    1. Anonymous

      If everyone had your attitude Ryan of they dont live near me so dont pose a threat to me or my family the world would be a shit place even more than it is now. I’m not saying for one moment that Chris is a pedophile that word is thrown around far too much but what if I lived down the road from you and I knew for a fact that there was a sexual deviant who prayed on children but I thought thats ok I dont have kids so it doesnt bother me and one of your children got attacked or worse. I bet the first thing you would do would say “you knew wtf didnt you say anything”. So saying its nothing to do with me is not the attitude to take.

      1. youknowwho

        You missed the point entirely – you’re focused on how this affects YOU or how this would affect me if I had children and a predator was close by. We could talk about this all day – what if a killer unicorn fell from the sky? We can’t speculate on what is not actually happening, only what IS. What is happening is people want him gone off the internet for personal and jealousy reasons – not because they want to do good for the community.

        1. Anonymous

          Ryan you’re a fucking pussy. Plain and simple.

          1. youknowwho

            a pussy is a nickname for a female’s genitalia – it cannot be a person. I believe you’re trying to say I have no backbone. That’s also false. Are you saying I’m effeminate too? lol

    2. Broken_HiFi

      It never ends with you, you even have to bitch about someone who physically attacks his mother and her partner and who grooms 15 year olds.

      Ryan, the best thing for you to do would to fuck off and not read this blog, it gets to you too much and you seem to have to comment on pretty much every post. I thought you were just a sad cunt at first but now I am actually starting to think you have full blown autism.

      1. youknowwho

        ‘full blown autism’ – is this some kind of insult. I have said before that I am in the autism spectrum – I cannot somehow think just like you, with a pill or a magic switch. It doesn’t make me a bad person, if anything it helps me see more clearly and things that don’t upset most people REALLY get to me, such as seeing others be mean to eachother. If only you knew what it was like to feel this way, then perhaps you’d have sympathy.

        So, let’s not dwell on personal attacks – my point here is that it’s wrong to be interfering in the personal real life of someone you only know a little about. Don’t be fooled also by people claiming to be in the right or ‘good people’ when they want to get rid of him or get him reported or arrested. These people have other personal matters/issues with him and THAT is their motivation. It’s jealousy…it’s not goodwill…

        1. Broken_Hifi_With_Added_Autism

          Just to let you know, when people see gimps like you try to act the hero it just makes them want to have more lulz, so in reality you are making the situation “worse” XD

          I don’t think you can get that though, with the autism and all.

    3. Broken_HiFi

      Correction, when I said “Bitch about someone who physically attacks their mother…” I meant bitch about how people give him shit over it.

      1. camerontexas

        kill yourself please, nobody will miss you. captain autismo

    4. camerontexas

      just because of this comment i just reported chris to along with a link to todays video, along with his name address online channel and previous videos of him. You may not care about somebody being a pedo but i do. shitty pants is going down.

  13. Ryan’s philosophy in life. Would walk past a 9yr old child being raped in bushes as it’s ‘none of his business’ but will spend days condemning somebody’s negative opinion to a social media caster because it’s ‘immorale’

    1. youknowwho

      I knew it was only a matter of time before you brought forth an example such as this. Nowhere have I ever witness a 9 year old child being raped, I suppose if I did it would scar me for life, no matter what I did or didn’t do about it at the time. So, let’s stop dreaming up imaginary scenarios that aren’t currently happening – and look at the facts at hand instead. The fact is that there are people who want him gone and are MANIPULATING YOU KARL into writing stories supporting their point of view. You yourself have seen nothing but hearsay, in passing comments by him or others on webcam, in screenshots that may or may not even be him. There is no solid evidence stating ‘this guy is a child predator’ – absolutely none. There is only speculation. And based on that speculation, people wanted to use it as some sort of loophole to get him gone. “I don’t like this guy, I don’t like him getting donations, I don’t like what he does – so let’s try to some little thing, let’s dig for dirt to find a reason to get rid of him”. It’s just like back in the 1600s when Salem Massachusetts had their witch hunts. They wanted to rid people from the community they didn’t like under the guise of accusing them of witchcraft. What happened? A bunch of innocent women and a few men were hung and killed for doing absolutely nothing at all except getting on someone’s bad side. This is absolutely no different….

      1. Anonymous

        But Ryan it is imaginery is it he has openly spoken in the room about liking 15 year olds and younger, he has said he has porn featuring young women (ok he didnt say how old), I can assure it is not jealousy that prompt a lot of people it is genuine concern. To be honest what has anyone got to be jealous of about Chris. I work I enjoy my work I earn a good wage, I wouldnt swap that to sit inside day after day on a computer in a room for dole money what sort of life is that to be jealous of. You seem to think that some people like Chris, Mark, Scruffy and the Scrag can do no wrong. Wake up man you are talking like an idiot.

      2. PoltergeistOfBreath

        Karl only posts what he sees on camera, he never outright accuses anybody of anything without actual proof, numbskull.

  14. Stormin' Norman

    Chris puts his life in the public domain and so is there to be shot at. I used to enjoy his casts but they have become boring as hell.

    He can’t boast about getting this benefit and that benefit on camera and not expect grief, youknowwho you are very naive. Chris thinks he is beyond the law….he isn’t!!

  15. Trevor

    You want me to have sympathy for someone who might have child porn on their computer, is that what you’re really asking?

    You really are a fucking Moron.

    P.S. In the rare occasions that I do go into Shitty While’s room I never bring up any of the allegations, I just troll him for being a horrible vile little Cunt in general. If sufficient proof comes out (and not just hearsay) about him having child porn on his computer then I will troll him about it, I will troll him until I see him hanging from his light fitting.

    1. justaviewer


      WE all MIGHT MIGHT MIGHT in life Trevor. I might have a glass of milk. I might have bacon for breakfast. I might go to the gym. All speculation, the only difference is your MIGHT is actually abusive and affecting someone’s real life.

      Of course you will Trevor cause that is what you are, a troll.

      And just like I said to Jstevio last night and just like he agreed with me. Chris wont go to jail or prison. If he was really guilty of anything they wouldn’t be waiting 4 months to take him to court, he would have been arrested on the spot and they would have him in court within a few weeks.

      The blogs at best have a few short audio clips. They have no proof of anything and that’s why people like Trevor and the rest will start ramping it up in the coming months, it’s as if the more they say it the more it will come true when deep down they know Chris isn’t going to jail or prison. They’re hanging their hat on a few short audio clips and heresay. If Christopher’s computers were really full of illegal wrongdoings he would be in jail right now. There is no proof of anything, there is no sufficiant proof of anything and every time Chris is casting online it hits home to all the trolls that this is the real truth and it makes them more and more angry.

      I’ve seen it done. I’ve seen Mark Gronan do it many times to people. When all else fails. When all the bullying fails, the very last resort is paedophilia, for some reason it’s a recurring trend, they’re obsessed with it. Unfortunately Karl here let his own guard down a few times and now there’s no doubt that Chris While is just another Richard Swann to him, Karl is in full Bring Chris Down mode and the truth is NONE of the blog sites have ever been impartial. They all have their own agendas, they all focus on their own pet projects, UK Muppets happens to be the Chris While Project.

      And i will give Jstevieo some very rare credit. He told the Police his opinion, which was get Chris the help he needs before it’s too late, he never said lock him up. That’s what should happen.

      And like i said before, you all know it’s failed. You know Chris isn’t guilty of anything. If Chris had anything on those hard drives which showed him guilty of the crimes you all accuse him of, he would be locked up just now, he wouldn’t be allowed to walk the streets and you all know that. Deep down you all know that. They don’t let people guilty of those things walk the streets. The very fact Chris is not only walking the streets but is living in his own flat again free to live his own life should tell you everything, he’s guilty of none of those crimes. Back to your MIGHT Trevor. Even Karl said he MIGHT have some Skype conversations, he MIGHT have some images, all speculation and Karl knows aswell if any of it was true, Chris would not be walking the streets because he would be considered a danger.

      So Chris will go to court in 4 months. That much I believe, but not for the horrible crimes you accuse him of. What worries me is the obsession some people here have with him. I thought most of you were so much better than the casters, yet i can’t seem to help but notice every time he casts all of you are either there in the room with him or are watching on a re-stream so that means all of you are at home too? None of you work jobs either? Even Karl once talked about having loads of recordings to go through from shows over a weekend. Seriously? It’s not normal. I even poked fun at Mrs Roper today about the same thing. She’s online casting at 7am, not working? And then the rest of the clan join her. They’re up at all hours of the day sitting in front of computers but they will judge others? Who are they kidding and not once you will see another soul. JStevieo is the only one. Never with anyone else will you see a husband or a wife or a family member. All on their own. Most of you will be the same. Most of you will live alone and that will be your life, sitting on a computer all day watching other people doing the exact same thing, sitting on a computer. No lifes. No partners or spouses or family, nothing to get up for in the morning. Just like Mrs Roper. Up early and what to do? Sit and talk to strangers. WHen i’m up at 7am i’m in the shower for 30 minutes, cooked breakfast, out for a walk, get my paper and i’m back in for 8am ready for the busy day ahead. I couldn’t imagine a life sitting in front of a screen all day talking to strangers or even worse come in after a long day and spend my time watching recordings of other people.

      So tie my post right back to the start and tie it back to you Trevor, you don’t go in his room on rare occasions. You got nothing go on. Nothing. No wife. No girlfriend. No kids. Nothing. No job. No social life. Nothing don’t sit there and BS me and everyone else and pretend you only go in on rare occasions, this is your life, your life is sitting on blog sites like this and casting sites watching other people so didn’t sit and kid yourself.

      1. Anonymous

        Thank you Ryan I was looking for something to put me to sleep.

        1. youknowwho

          no, that comment isn’t by me – but I agree with it 100%

          1. Anonymous

            I realised I got the two of you muddled up so thank you justaviewer i slept well you both talk outa your asses.

        2. It does have all the hallmarks of Ryan i agree, but it’s definitely not him 😉

          Justaviewer is either trolling again, or has no concept of real life at all. First off, he talks about Chris must be innocent because if they HAD found illegal porn on his hard drives, they wouldn’t be waiting 4 months to bring him to Court. Ok, let’s just pretend that this isn’t a troll, and as misguided as they are, they honestly believe that. Google Gary Glitter, Google any Paedophile that’s been convicted, and you will see they all had Court dates months after the initial charge. This is to give the Police more time to dig into the suspects lives and interview any possible victims.

          Also, they claim that Chris is in Court in 4 months, but not for anything serious. Ok, so why have they took and kept all his hard drives, his computer, his mobile phone, and even his router?

          They don’t do that if they have only found ‘normal’ porn. Believe me, i’ve been hauled in front of the Courts more times than i can remember, and there is no way that the CPS would of given the Police permission to charge him and therefore appear in Court, if they found nothing illegal on his hard drives. It’s a waste of tax payers money so they have to evaluate the chances of getting a conviction, and as they have charged him to appear before Court, they must feel that a prosecution will be successful.

          So yes, he more than likely WILL be going to prison i’m afraid. I will be interested to hear your reaction should he be found guilty of being in possession of any under age material. But don’t expect an actual case any time soon. The first Court date will just be a plea hearing. Then he will be ordered back when he has an official date that the case will begin.

          1. justaviewer

            Karl, if there was anything dangerous on his hard drives, they would not let him walk the streets. The difference between Gary Glitter and Chris While is Gary Glitter has the media following him so they not he’s not gonna approach anyone or try and do anything, are you telling me they’re seriously gonna let Chris walk the streets and do as he pleases for 4 months if there’s stuff on his computer basically showing there’s a chance he could be a danger? Of course they’re not and you keep talking about CONVICTIONS and CONVICTIONS and MIGHTS and MIGHT BE A CHANCE.

            What is there to convict? If you have illegal porn on your computer you are guilty as sin and you go to jail so tell me Karl, you tell me what they are gonna try and convict him of if he has that stuff on his computer? You make it sound like it’s ok if you have all that stuff on your computer because we still need to prove you’re guilty. WRONG. If you have that stuff on your computer, there is no trial, YOU ARE GUILTY EITHER WAY, you don’t get to say i’m not guilty and try and prove you’re innocent, YOU’RE GUILTY, it’s that simple, there is no way around it, there is no talking your way out of it.

            Now if we are talking about other things, maybe donations of money that have went unclaimed, maybe boasting about benefit money despite showing you are capable of doing certain physical things you said you can’t do then that’s a different story, then you get your chance to talk, you get your chance to defend yourself and give your side of the story and you GET A CHANCE.

            But you saying they must feel a prosecution will be successful. Please explain that to me. I’m sure everyone else wants to know your side. If you have that porn on your computer, how can anyone feel a prosecution will be successful? You make it sound like the person with that kind of porn has a way out or can possibly get off? The fact is if that porn is there, then that person is guilty, there’s no ifs or buts about it. You’re guilty and that’s it. There’s no way of talking your way out of it.

            Now Karl i get it, i get your site here, i get you have all these trolls in your ear and they’re feeding you all the things you want to hear but come on, join me in the real world for a second, like me and JStevieo. You know he’s not going to jail for anything. You know that. Whatever the court date is for, the absolute worst that will happen to him is getting sent to an institution. All this other talk, all this bits and pieces of things, and he’s not meant to be online and this and that. If that was true they would have been right round to his house and removed his stuff again because no doubt many will have jumped at the chance to report him again and there he is now on Ivlog casting again. You’re all jumping at any little bit of info you can get to bring him down and if any of it was true something would have been done.

            We will see what happens when he goes to Court. I’ve no doubt that more lies will be manufactured over the next 4 months against him to really stack the deck against him walking away but I think you are all gonna fail. Here’s the thing I worry about. You’re all accusing him of having bad stuff on his computer, yet he’s casting just now with a computer. Don’t tell me that Mark Gronan and the rest haven’t been on complaining. If he’s that much of a danger then why is he still online? Shouldn’t that be a concern, if there’s really stuff there to get him arrested then shouldn’t they be demanding his new router and computer be removed just now incase he’s doing any more bad things online?

            But yet there he is day and night casting again. Problem free. Doesn’t make sense does it? And you know what else wouldn’t surprise me? It wouldn’t surprise me if Mark Gronan and his cronies have had a reply back basically saying that. Saying that they don’t want him online, but they can’t stop him being online but of course they would never admit that.

            Terrible what some people will do to ruin another persons life. Someone that they’ve never even met in real life. No proof of anything, just speculation and for many of you speculation is enough to brand someone as guilty as charged. You said you want to see my reacion after he goes to court, you will see my reaction but i think the most interesting reaction by far will be yours Karl, with a site dedicated to a man you’ve never even met, dedicated to photos and videos and audio basically making fun of him and ridiculing him and showing him in a bad light, your reaction will by far be the best one of the lot because you have made your opinion very clear on Chris While, he is guilty in your eyes, you’ve done the best you can to make him look as guilty as you can without any proof, the rest of us are merely commentors, you have an actual website dedicated to it, a website i bet your family don’t even know exists cause it’s not the kind of thing you could explain away is it? No. I have issues with JStevieo on a few things but I will say this, like JStevieo i just give my opinion on how i see things. If i’m wrong i’m wrong but i say it how i see it. That’s all i can do with anything in life and if i’m wrong i’ll admit i’m wrong. I don’t think i’m wrong with this.

          2. Ok, you are obviously wanting to troll, which is fine 🙂 But not even the most gullible are going to believe that if you are found in possession of illegal/underage content, you don’t go to Court to enter a plea lmfao…

      2. Trevor

        That cut me like a knife that did, you selfish little Bastid!!!

        You must have missed the part where I said I hadn’t trolled Chris about the recent allegations, and neither will I until I see proper proof of any of it being true. All we have right now is Mark Gronan’s word on it and I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him. (Insert you’re own fat jokes here if you like)

        For the record I’m not that harsh on poor Pookums when I do troll him. The extent of my trolling is maybe taking the piss out of what he’s wearing or whatever, like “You’re looking sharp today Chris, I like the way that your trouser pockets are hanging out”, etc. For the most part it’s nothing sinister, unless he does something to annoy me.

        Do I think he has child porn on his computers or hard drives?… I don’t know, if I’m being honest I doubt it. I’m sure there is some very suspect stuff on those hard drives, maybe history of him stalking his ex (or other people) and there’s no doubt some conversations on there involving underage girls, as well as a shit load of porn.

        Chris is a Scumbag as far as I’m concerned, he was a likeable Scumbag at one time, but that’s long gone now. He deserves a bit of trolling for being the horrible little Shithead that he is. Does he deserve the Police coming round and taking away his computers and shit?… Unless there is actually child porn on his computers or he’s arranging to meet underage girls, no.

        And I work 40 hours a week most weeks, thank you. As for the rest of it that is none of your business, Nosey Little Bastid!! xxx

        1. justaviewer

          No Karl, no one said you don’t go to enter a plea.

          What would happen if you had that content on your hard drive is you wouldn’t wait 4 months to enter your plea, you’d be up within a few weeks. Not 4 months.

  16. Anonymous

    Chris is casting right now having a lovely time with his “friend” Amy. He keeps asking for Ruby, hope she doesn’t cave and go back for the 57873678687365786385 time.

    1. camerontexas

      He has been recorded and reported. here is half hour of shitty today

      1. peckerhead

        ^^^^^ PLZ Karl or someone. In this video what is the song name at 6m18s – 6m30s ?? I’ve heard it so many times on cast before and never can figure out the name.

  17. Anon

    When you guys put sexychris in jail, you won’t have nothing to watch except the fuckers on Vaughnlive like GG, Sarah62 and Bubba, Jed. Maybe the Vaughn’s cooking show will give you a hard-on Mark Vaughn and his wife Missscruffy are the ones who should be in jail. These website like ivlog and Vaughnlive are allowing it!!!!! Get them shut down.

    1. Anonymous

      They may just be next so dont blow a gasket at losing Chris and please dont call shitty sexy he is one of the most unsexiest things on the planet.

  18. Brokenmech

    Ryan the pedo apologist strikes again… “it doesn’t effect ME therefore it’s fine”… your autistic ass showing much? and don’t go on about that being a “personal attack” because autism doesn’t effect me so it’s fine right? if anyone has missed the point it’s you…

  19. benefit fraudster

    Chris While has been told by the benefits office that if they ever again get a DVD showing him taking money off the internet they’ll take him to court. Yet he still asks for money and accepts pay pal donations. He got a 25 pound donation just last month he stated. This needs to be recorded and reported to the DWP

  20. BossHog NY

    YOU people just go by hear say,YOU have no proof… SO STFU

    1. He wasn’t suppose to be on the net… You’re WRONG on that one.

    2. YOU all know/said there’s kidding on his hard drives…You’re WRONG again.. Where is the PROOF ?.
    3. He was going to be arrested or taken to jail at 17:50 yesterday… That didn’t happen….WRONG again
    4. He’s playing YOU fools for all he can. Shitty Chris = Story time = MORE DONATIONS… LOL

    1. Anonymous

      BossHogNY you STFU idiots like you really fuck me right off. You may want to defend that lying piece of scum I DONT. He has cheated the tax paying public for to long and I for one am sick to death of my taxes being given to a drunken oaf because he is too fucking lazy to get off his backside and work for a living.

      There is nothing wrong with him and I know the bleeding heart do gooders like Ryan and that other fucking tosser that goes on and on Justaviewer will crawl out of the woodwork and defend him.

      You like him that much have the vile odious smelly stinking little creep come live with you. I fucking hate him and the wankers that stick up for him, go crawl back under the rock you came from take shitty with you and all die.

      Yes i am in a fucking bad mood how did you guess

    2. BossHog NY

      I’m NOT sticking up for Shitty, But you guys are just dreaming up shit that even a retard wouldn’t believe.

      Nobody knows what really is going on with him, You guys are just playing the guessing game by saying shit you know nothing about.

      How come shitty is still casting ?. How come He’s NOT in jail ?.

      Keep dreaming up shit and believing it in your dream world.


      1. Anonymous

        You dont understand the UK justice system for a start as you are an american. The wheels of justice in the UK grind slowly benefit fraud is considered serious but not enough to have you in jail until the court date, you also have a plea & directions hearing or whatever it is called now and contrary to what has been said it can take up to 4 months before this happens.

        With regard the porn they will not do anything until the have conclusive evidence which could me a substantial amount of time passes before anything is done.

        No one know what he was taken in for by the police his story changes everyday. Maybe he needs help more than anything but i think any sympathy he had has long gone i know i used to feel sorry for him but now i dont give two hoots what happens to him.

        Sometime Boss fact is stranger than fiction i feel a speel in jail maybe just teach him he is not made of teflon after all.


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    Your access to this service has been temporarily limited. Please try again in a few minutes. (HTTP response code 503)

    Reason: Fake Google crawler automatically blocked”

    It then asks me to enter a password for the site for an ”unblock email”

    1. Can you send us the IP that is getting those messages from and i’ll have a look. Just email it in so nobody can see it.



        I’m contacting you on FB

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