7 Reasons Not To Let Chris Fix Your PC

After days of watching and recording various casts, and nothing really being worth a post, we finally have some lulz again courtesy of Mark Gronan and SexyChris.

Watch and cringe as Chris demonstrates how NOT to repair a computer.

* Warning: Do Not Attempt This At Home!




And for the safety of anybody watching who has never built/repaired a pc, we’ll point out the 7 things you should never do.

1) Leave the Power lead in while opening the case.

2) Have a screwdriver in your hand while suffering with Cerebral Palsy.

3) Replace CPU fan without applying some fresh heat sink paste.

4) Screw down your CPU heat sink and fan when it’s not even in place properly lol.

5) Wave CPU fan in the air while pc is powered up and running.

6) Run your pc with the case open 24/7

7) Let Chris within 100m of your pc, tv, radio, keyboard, wife, children, City, Country, Continent…

Though i had to laugh at his “this lead goes to your hard drives..but i haven’t got any”   no, but we know who has got them 😉

Seriously though, who in their right mind would let Chris ‘fix’ anything?









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One Thought to “7 Reasons Not To Let Chris Fix Your PC”

  1. Anon

    LOL thanx for posting! Some people dont use common sense hahahahaha!

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