Sirensea Want’s Balls (Reposted)

I don’t know who’s pissed in Sirens’s cornflakes today. but some bastid has been winding her up.

Me? What do you mean it’s me?


I missed most of it because i was watching Ivlog and it was only when i got an email asking what have i done to Sirensea that i knew she was on.

Either somebody has been winding her up, or it’s that dreaded ‘time of the month’ because she was in a foul mood with me lol.

We wouldn’t tell lies about Siren, or about anybody for that matter. Let’s just hope it was ‘women’s problems’ and she doesn’t hate us too long.







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3 Thoughts to “Sirensea Want’s Balls (Reposted)”

  1. Farmer Giles

    LOL What have you done Karl.
    Someone must be winding her up, I’ve seen nothing about Sirensea on your Blog that’s Bad.
    The Trolls like to play head games.

    1. I know lol, if anything, we’ve praised her. Like you say, probably somebody pretending to be me and trolling her lol 🙂

  2. IP

    yeah, she’s a real nice lady as i’m sure you know. i reckon that it was someone impersonating you bewforehand. there’s no way she’d bring you up out of nowhee like that

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