Migration Complete

Sorry about the downtime, but due to more and more visitors, we have had to upgrade servers yet again. This new server has a lovely 10Gbps uplink, compared to the old one’s 1Gbps, so even at the busiest times, the site should never run slow anymore.

I have ran through every optimization i can think of, but with it being a new server and all the data being moved over, there may still be the odd bug you come across. If you find a problem anywhere, please don’t hesitate to post it in here and we can fix it asap.

The one thing you might notice is that the Sirensea post as been reposted. That was because like a dildo, i must of done a database dump before i made that post. So there maybe a couple of comments that have disappeared too. Other than that, everything else should be back in place.

Thanks again,







John eyes_99-165_2nd_optimized

11 Thoughts to “Migration Complete”

    1. That link seems dead for me, is that the right link?

      1. JustForLulz

        It was correct but it got scrapped


  1. IP

    Can I purchase a UK Muppets pro account so I can get priority viewing when the servers are at full capacoity?

    1. Yeah of course. £12.95 a month and VIP gets you priority comments, a Ryan free website, Christmas dinner each year (no ETA) your own html5 log in button (no ETA) and as a bonus, all our VIP’s get a PPC (personal porn cam) (ETA late September 2027)

      Let me just write a script that pops up when there are more than 5 people online, so everybody falls for it and buys VIP 😉

      1. youknowwho

        You’ve got your Ryan free website now you tosser….what a waste of time for me to load this only to have shitty comments by morons like you who have no lives and no future…

        1. Anonymous

          Aww, poor Ryan. Go cry into your pillow like you do every night, you pathetic fat fuck.

        2. See you back in a day or two under another name 🙂

  2. Pikeman

    Ryan i do not know why, but every time i see you post something on here this video springs to mind https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIOWJ4rKb_g 😉

      1. Anonymous

        A double whammy there it also reminds me of shitty in one of his temper tantrums.

        Ryan how can this website be free of you as you just posted on it AGAIN!!!!!!!

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