2GB Of DDR3 Crumpet

Lifehacks. We’ve all read them online. Some of them are truly amazing, but i honestly believe that Chris has took centre stage with his lifehack.

Credit Mark Gronan For The Following Video:


That’s right folks. Should you ever find yourself short of a butter knife, simply whip out one of your sticks of RAM and jobs a good’un.








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4 Thoughts to “2GB Of DDR3 Crumpet”

  1. Anonymous

    Yesterday on Mark and Scruffy’s cooking show Mark said how Chris emailed him wanting back on Vaughn to which Mark replied hell no. Miss scruffy then said that Chris shouldn’t be on the internet at all and his family should get Chris help. Pretty much the sentiments of us all.

  2. Anonymous

    He really is a disguesting pig of a man. I take that back pigs are much cleaner and have better manners than him. WTF is wrong with Angel or any woman wanting to be with this garbage can. His place is a tip, it and him must stink, its no good having showers etc then getting back into the same smelly clothes, and he doesnt brush his teeth what did his mum do drag him up, mind you looking at her I wouldnt be surprised, now I ask the question WTF does Steven see in her!!!!!!!

  3. Anonymous

    Chris While is the biggest piece of shit I have ever encountered on the internet. In second place comes Badkitteh aka Gina. In 3rd place is probably warrbuck. What do they all have in common? Mental illness and substance abuse

  4. Anonymous

    Angelstormee is not far behind, she funds his alcoholism. The pain Chris causes her is well deserved

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