Happy Birthday AngelStormee

March 18th, the birthday of both Anna (Chris’ Mum) and AngelStormee (Chris’ bank account). So with the two loves of his life both celebrating their birthdays on the same day, you would expect that Chris is running around, thinking of the best way to show them both how much they mean to him. Flowers, a birthday meal treat for his Mum, a public declaration of his love for his bank manager wife to be Angel?

Don’t be silly!

*Credit To The Anon Who Sent This In:


So he owes his Mum £450 and promised Angel he’d pay her back the £50 he borrowed from her in time for her birthday. And how does he celebrate their special days?

That’s right, buy himself another laptop and booze.

Listening to her beg for her Ops back as a birthday present, after all she has given him, was disgraceful. I know there are mixed opinions of her out there, but that was just sad.

When is this woman ever going to wake up to the fact that Chris cares about nobody but himself? He will fleece every last penny she has, then dump her the minute she’s broke.

As for Mum, what did she get for her birthday?

I don’t know for sure, but i’d wage a big fat wad of notes on it that it was fuck all!

So despite the amount of times Angel has kicked me from the chat lol (it’s only the Internet) we wish you a happy birthday from everyone here.










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26 Thoughts to “Happy Birthday AngelStormee”

  1. Anonymous

    I feel embarrassed for angel, how humiliating

    1. linus the taco

      *stupid bitch fee non-fundable.

    2. CrapMoStank

      Indeed, ditched with spending time with her own mother so she could be with Chris, begging literally to be ops, cracking up because she isn’t ops, unable to kick trolls because she isn’t ops. Holy good fuck Angel, no one can get any lower than what you have sounded in being in this video, 5 facepalms for you.

  2. Ben the Bastard

    Chris, you greedy, greedy man, Angel, your just as bad as Chris, “you want ops to kick the trolls out” pmsl Imagine this right Angel, if he’s like that with you now on the net, What if you made that decision to actually live with him. lmao, you be thrown out the nearest door everytime he goes off on one like that. And you be constantly knocking, making a right cunt of yourself begging to be let in.

    1. Anonymous

      This will show my age lol but Ben you made me think of Fred Flintstone banging on the door shouting Wilma let me in, only of course its Angel shouting Chris let me in.

      I do sort of feel sorry for her but on the other hand she brings it on herself, who in their right mind would want someone like him, even forgetting the fact of his bad temper and selfishness how could anyone put up with the stink that must eminate from him and his hovel.

      Angel your not that ugly you seem to have a niceish personality surely you must know someone who would treat you a whole lot better, I know a lot of people in the room like you please wake up and my last piece of advice to you girl is RUN and dont look back get as far away from Shitty as you can.

  3. Anonymous

    All this was because he wanted her to get drunk. This guy is a complete moron, to call someone else a baby is just comical, angel admitted he “took £50 off her last week” and that he said he would give her it back, as if! He spent all his money in one day, as usual, including ANOTHER laptop and ANOTHER pair of headphones, both will be broken by monday. Angel defo has a few screws loose to even bother with this guy, what a birthday lol

  4. Brokenmech

    The bank of angel is open for business.

  5. Anonymous

    Having watched this clip I can’t believe anyone is so stupid as to want to be with this excuse for a human being. Angel must have serious mental issues the way she begged and pleaded with this vile scumbag.

    To call someone he professes to love all these names when most of them applied to himself is a joke.

    I have gone past the stage now of feeling sorry for her anything she gets she brings upon herself and deserves. For god sake woman get some pride and backbone and dump this idiot but she wont

  6. Stormin' Norman

    She is absolutely pathetic, she needs a straight jacket!

    Congratulations Angel on your 53rd birthday.

    By the way where has Chris got money from to buy a laptop????

  7. Anon

    OMG, a growing woman aged 50 plus going on like this, it’s pathetic. Even to have feelings for this poor excuse for a man is pathetic. She is a disgrace handing him money now working to pay the “vile” for super ops. Never seen anything like it in my whole life. She’s either up to something or just plain stupid.

  8. Dusty Bin

    How sad was that,i want my ops……. Angel wake up he’s using you
    The biggest mard arse baby on here is Chris, Angel your turning in to him.
    If you have to beg to this low life piece of scum its time to walk away.

  9. Anglestormee

    He is a peadophile and i am taking him to court for my money!

  10. Anonymous

    Again i say it, he was ordered by the DWP not to take money off the internet or they would take him to court. In the last 30 days he’s collected 80 pounds. This needs to be reported to the benefits office. They said one more DVD showing him getting money and they’d take him to court.

    1. justaviewer

      Did they? Can you prove any of that?

      Oh that’s right, you can’t cause you know nothing just like a lot of people online. You run your mouth thinking you know everything when infact you know fuck all about anything. Away and sit down.

      1. Anonymous

        And of course you know everything NOT. You run your mouth as well thinking you know it all so you cant moan at people who do when you are doing the exact same thing yourself so stfu and you sit down

      2. Anonymous

        yeah, chris said so himself he said all of that on his cast

  11. camerontexas

    “money is money in this world ya know” Chris Vile 2016. i have no idea why she is still around

  12. Anonymous

    REPORT chris while for benefits fraud, he’s still accepting money off the internet when the DWP warned him not to

  13. Brokenmech

    justaviewer, you are clueless… in this video angel is fuming cause he owes her 50 quid. She says “I had a feeling you weren’t going to give it back” at which point he quickly drops her from the skype call. He says he owes his mom “450 quid”, all this is classed as extra income which is fraud. Between what angel has given him, his mom and other “friends” (saps) on the internet via paypal I’m surprised they have not stopped his money totally. Chris gets PLENTY of free money from hard working people just so he can booze his life away. Plus free rent, doesn’t pay council tax ect… he doesn’t need any more to live on. It’s people like him that makes it hard for genuine people to get it. He will be reported.

  14. Anonymous

    He should also be reported to the council for writing on his wall in marker, I’m sure they’d come out and have a look at it

  15. justaviewer

    Again, both of you are throwing around allegtions. You know what your problem is? You’re jealous. Jealous that you don’t get free and council tax. All speculation on the rest.

    If you’ve got a problem go and report him.

    He was meant to have his money stopped, NOT VERIFIED.

    He was meant to not be on the internet, NOT VERIFIED.

    All the allegations you trolls throw against him, NOT VERIFIED AND CERTAINLY NO PROOF.

    Admit it. You’re clutching at straws again. Just like everything else. What is wrong? You waiting on someone else doing the reporting for you? Are you not able to do it yourself. He can booze his life away all he wants. There’s nothing you can do to stop that. You’re someone who sits back, just like anon. He should be reported, he shouldn’t do this and do that. Go and do something then, stop whinging and complaining like a big girl on this blog site. Do you think talking about it on here’s gonna magically make anything you say come true? Are you kidding? You having a laugh?

    Just face facts. There’s nothing you or anyone else can do about it. Face those facts and live with them. Nothing you people have said has been proven true, everything Chris is supposedly meant to do and not do has been proven wrong thus far. You’ve no confirmation on anything. Get on with your own life rather than worrying about other people’s.

    1. Anonymous

      Justamoaner stfu you are seriously annoying me now with your stupid oh you are jealous comments, change the record. Now I know you are a chris supported you are probably Brian6 and dont be too sure about nothing be done. The wheels of justice grind slowly but now they are being given a helping push I love my new job in the DWP.

  16. Brokenmech

    @justaviewer I have reported him. He has court in 4 months. There’s plenty of proof, from his own words recorded, paypal and bank transaction logs etc… he’s under investigation as we speak. We have to leave it up to the authorities now. It’s nothing to do with being “jealous”, as I said I have no problem with people that are genuine and deserve it. He has demonstrated he is a fraud, he manipulates people (even his own family) for money. He will gain your sympathy and then stab you in the back. So be an apologist for chris, for those that emotionally, physically abuse and manipulate others. I won’t be and will take a stand.

    1. Prince Albert

      Definately jealousy. Fatass mark was tormented as a kid, stoops to committing redneck incest. As an adult, can’t get a woman, so he dedicates the last decade harassing people online. LMAO, that video of Mark’s shitpad? wtf, total ghetto.
      I’ve never been into racism, but I sure can’t stand ignorant white trash. You’re fucking gross to look at, your dad looks like he was inbred too. Whiney ass man-childen trying to prove something. You two motherfuckers are as bad as Mark Vaughn trying to act cool.
      (p.s. vote for donald trump, keep lowlife foreigners like porky pig out)

      1. Anonymous

        And another shitty supporter crawls out of the woodword

        1. justaviewer

          Mark and his Dad certainly look alike. Mark and his tiny little flat lol. You could walk around the whole thing in 30 seconds lol. Did you see the living room? Apart from the couches just a computer and TV lol. That’s his life though. Just on the computer all day lol

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